[DNS] re what is this

[DNS] re what is this

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§auda.org.au>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 18:48:43 +1000
This will be my last post to the list on this topic for some time. I am
making it in an attempt to ensure that everyone is clear what is going on.
auDA is concerned that this data appears to have been obtained from AUNIC in
breach of our copyright and terms and conditions. auDA attempts to ensure
that this sort of thing does not happen. auDA is rigorously investigating
the matter. Speculation and ad hoc commentary do not assist us in our job.
As I said in my previous post, it appears that our initial 'culprit' whilst
certainly guilty of breaching our copyright etc may not be responsible for
the spread sheet the release of which started this whole saga. When we have
completed our investigation we will take the action that we deem
appropriate. Whether the results, the conclusions we reach and the action we
take will be made public will depend upon the circumstances.

I have received a number of off-line comments from people who are
un-subscribing from this list and numerous off-line requests to shut the DNS
list following the posts of the last few weeks. I do not intend to do so but
ask that you all respect the normal rules of etiquette one would expect on a
list of this nature.


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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