Re: [DNS] re what is this

Re: [DNS] re what is this

From: Andrew Hennell <ahennell§>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 18:13:04 +1000
The source of the "spreadsheet" was an ISP simply doing it's marketing.  I'm
sure we all have databases, spreadsheets, etc of clients, potential clients,
sales leads, etc... well, those who do any form of marketing would.  The
source of the "data" in that spreadsheet was AUNIC.  imho, AuDA should have
issues with the collection of the original data, and not with the
spreadsheet as it stands.

But I have to say I agree with the comments by Paul Brooks - this list off
the rails & needs to be brought back to what it's purpose was.

Everyone has their own opinion about - so be it.  Whilst I don't
particularly like the concept, I have admiration for Larry & Net Registry
for creating, delivering and sustaining an internet product, and
particularly for it being so successful.

In the end, the decision on will rest with clients - who will
stay and continue paying, or leave and the problem will go away.  It's
called "market forces".  Sofar it seems to be working fine, and I really do
not see why anybody has a problem with it other than perhaps jealousy.  If
you feel NR are being truly deceitful or misleading with, call Fair
Trading, ASIC or the ACCC and get it investigated.  I don't believe they are
at all - they're simply marketing a product and they have customers - good
on them.

A long weekend is coming up - how about everyone takes a nice break.  Get
outdoors, relax, mow lawns, get drunk, whatever it is you do.. and come
Tuesday let's discuss the future of .au again, not continue these childish


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