[DNS] Melbourne IT / auDA - Where are you?

[DNS] Melbourne IT / auDA - Where are you?

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§businesspark.com.au>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 07:10:37 +1000
The entire discussion on names list abuse was hijacked by personal
sensitivities, defensiveness, acrimony, and some pontificating along the
lines of "Trust us, we won't let it happen again".

This is utter bullsh*t.  One or more lists are now circulating.  One or more
disreputable businesses are abusing the information, thence OUR customers
and sometimes colleagues.  Stopping access is now wholly irrelevant - it's
too late for that - it's the abuse that has to be stopped, because otherwise
it will surely continue and grow.

It's apparent to me that contributors to this forum (i.e. the industry
served by auDA / MIT) want these practices stopped and the perpetrators
punished.  Now!  But to no avail.  One of two possibilities therefore
exists.  MIT / auDA either will not, or cannot take steps to act on our, the
industry's, behalf - despite channel partner contracts and/or codes of

If the former, MIT / auDA are tacitly endorsing the abuse of which many of
us have complained, in which case we might as well all do it - and our
customers and the industry be dammed.  If the latter, we're clearly
incapable of self-regulation and the Government's faith in our ability to do
so is severely misplaced.  What's more, if our representatives and industry
icons fail to heed member's calls, we don't even deserve the honour and
responsibility of self-regulation.

Whatever way it's looked at, the industry can only degenerate into a dirty
free-for-all where anything goes - and we'll all be losers because of it.

MIT and auDA - are you endorsing names list abuse, or can't you stop it on
behalf of the industry you purport to represent?  Because in my book, both
are totally unacceptable and the industry deserves the appalling reputation
it's acquiring.

Ron Stark
Business Park Pty Ltd
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