Re: [DNS] Personal attacks and defamatory comments

Re: [DNS] Personal attacks and defamatory comments

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 17:15:05 +1000
I agree with Larry totally here... this list has gone off the rails.

Since when did attacking an individual (shooting the messenger) become a
reasonable and accepted means of addressing an issue? People will always be
passionate about issues they believe in, so surely the task of managers and
administrators is to diffuse the passion by focusing on the issue.

Numerous people have voiced concerns that are highly pertinent to the
administration of the Australian namespace, however baring a few notable
exceptions, the issues have been totally overrun by blatant attempts to
discredit the people concerned.

(PS Larry - I did note your valuable and welcome response to my specific
concerns - and thank you for changing the wording on your site - my only
concern about was that it should not be equated to, or in any way
affiliated with the namespace - they are totally different entities,
and it is right that they remain apart. I certainly did not infer that should be "banned" (or worse), and agree that you have just as much
right to profit from selling third-level domains as anyone else. End of
story on my part).

However I remain concerned that the policy of this list does seem to be one
of "attack the messenger and the issue will go away". Doesn't anyone read
history books any more?

PPS - My vote goes to informed discussions and self-moderation... if someone
is so offensive that they truly need banning, the list should be capable of
managing this by sheer weight of membership opinion. Though having said
this, Harry, if you do have any further concerns, maybe you could try being
a little less confrontational to specific list members. It does work both

Don Cameron

(Affiliations - Formerly ran an ISP however nowadays has nothing to do with
Domain registrars other than being another bunny trying to convince people
just why they SHOULD purchase a domain... though unfortunately it's
getting increasingly hard to convince myself why they should).

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