RE: [DNS] Response to Larry Bloch's comments on ""

RE: [DNS] Response to Larry Bloch's comments on ""

From: Glenn Powell <Glenno§>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:15:16 +1000

I couldn't help but notice that you have your name servers listed for
the AU.COM domain as both being on the same subnet. My understanding of
DNS is that this is bad Karma. Given the hieracherial nature of DNS if
this subnet is bought to its knees by say Codered/Nimda etc the name
resolution of the sub domains will fail. I would have thought
that having at least one dns server for outside of Australia
would be justified based on the size of the AU.COM namespace

Not being a DNS guru I stand corrected if this is not the case.



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1. I agree that the term Top Level Domain when applied to both
and is misleading. We followed existing literature describing in
using his term. I'm happy to amend our literature to remove it.

2. The rights enjoyed by people who register domain names are
same as registrants under The exact nature of domain name
has never been fully established. Essentially, domain name registrants
a licence to use the name subject to ongoing payment of renewal fees.
don't actually _own_ a name - you licence it - same as you do a name

3. Larry Bloch does not own - get your facts straight:
NetRegistry PTY LTD (AU40-DOM)
   PO Box 2088,
   Sydney, NSW 1043

   Domain Name: AU.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
      Main, Dominic  (MD437-ORG)  dmain&#167;NETREGISTRY.AU.COM
      NetRegistry Pty Ltd
      PO Box 2088
      Sydney, NSW 1043
      +61-2-9699 6099
      Fax- +61-2-9699 6088

   Record last updated on 05-Feb-2001.
   Record expires on 02-Oct-2009.
   Record created on 01-Oct-1999.
   Database last updated on 25-Sep-2001 07:51:00 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


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