Re: [DNS] What is this?

Re: [DNS] What is this?

From: Andrew Hennell <ahennell§>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 14:10:24 +1000
I suspect the list is old.

I have several clients.  Those who were more recent
clients are not on the list, while those who registered with them years ago
are.  From that basis, I figure the list possibly pre-dates the locking down
of aunic.

Also interesting is that of those clients domains (both new &
old), I recevied junk (snail) mail for many of them from 3 or 4 hosting
providers.  One even said "endorsed to take over hosting clients".
Based on that experience, I figured that the administrator (or an ex-staff
member) gave away/sold the list of hosting clients.

Whatever value a list like that had, it is gone now - every ISP & hosting
business can now spam & junkmail & call those poor people & offer better
services than wherever they're currently happy with.  In the end, it's only
marketing - the big issue for me is how such a list became so public, and
which company has a serious security flaw/hole to allow such a leak.


(trendy interests disclaimer: web host, web developer, consultant, ina/inww
cp, search engine, travel directory & all round good guy ;o)

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