RE: [DNS] Response to Larry Bloch's comments on ""

RE: [DNS] Response to Larry Bloch's comments on ""

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 09:44:45 +1000
Hello Peter,

> Let's imagine grasping the concept is not a difficult one;
> - is a top level domain. 

Actually "" is a second level domain, as is "".
They are at equivalent levels of the domain name hierarchy,

> -   .com is a top level domain.


> -    one may purchase and they are purchasing  a "top level
> domain" is a second level domain. and are both third
level domains.

> -    one 'cannot' purchase as it is owned by Mr Bloch.

Well strictly speaking domains are not "owned".  Mr Bloch has a licence to
operate the domain "" until 2 Oct 2009.  He will have the right to
renew this domain for another period up to 10 years, and so on.  He may
create any domains below "", in the same way as the licence holder for can also register third level domains.

".au" was delegated to Mr Robert Elz.  Mr Elz created the second level
domain "" for an indefinite period.  Mr Elz transferred the
responsibility for "" to auDA.  Domains are permitted to be
registered within "" for a fixed period of two years.

> Reference:
> There are many 'top level domains', such as, .com, .org,
>,,, all of which signify different things - for
> example, would be the domain ending for an educational
> institution in is an international address, but
> located within Australia

Strictly speaking this would be better stated as:
"There are many domains within which the public may register subdomains,
such as .....,,, are second level domains
.com, .org, .au are top level domains.

Bruce Tonkin

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