Re: [DNS] Response to Larry Bloch's comments on ""

Re: [DNS] Response to Larry Bloch's comments on ""

From: Adrian Chadd <adrian§>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:59:00 +0000
On Wed, Sep 26, 2001, Peter Ostenberg wrote:

> Notwithstanding, the fact remains that Mr Bloch is misleading the
> general pubic. The questions put forward my Mr.Hoholis are warranted,
> fair and reasonable.
> Let's imagine grasping the concept is not a difficult one;
> - is a top level domain. 
> -   .com is a top level domain.
> -    one may purchase and they are purchasing  a "top level
> domain"
> -    one 'cannot' purchase as it is owned by Mr Bloch.
> Therefore, availability to register must extend beyond, to,
> which is clearly not a top level domain, and this my friend is what Mr
> Bloch is marketing to Australian consumers under the guise of a "top
> level domain", which is ultimately deception and warrants questioning.
> Reference:

Ok, I just checked and the snipped in the reference is still on
the webpage.

Larry obviously knows what _he_ is doing. Why not take a legal stance?
Is there a legal stance? Can you get enough people with you to
actually do something about it, or are you just going to complain
on this mailing list?

If it were printed in a newspaper or shown on TV, would you still
be complaining on this mailing list?

What if Larry were mis-reporting what some tangible tool could do?
Would you still be complaining on this mailing list?

Here's one more for you - if you "owned", what would you
do with it?

Bring something new to the table, or stop complaining.


Note: pet hate - people who just blindly reply to emails without
spending a minute trimming out the "crap". There were a little over
350 lines in the email I'm replying to. It took me about 5 seconds to
start trimming, realise there was a lot, figure out how many lines to
delete, and speak the magic incantation to vi to make it happen.

Its called "courtesy" . People may take you more seriously if you
use it. :)

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