Re: [DNS] Something to really have a whine about

Re: [DNS] Something to really have a whine about

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 21:55:04 +1000
Hi Mark and all,

I tend to feel the extensive delay in registering's shows a scant
regard for the types of organisations who apply for these domains - mostly
non-profit entities acting on behalf of a community, and in some cases on
behalf of a very real crisis.

We can only speculate on why the Red Cross was granted the generic
"" name, though it is unlikely they would have been prepared
to wait months for "" in light of the reason this domain was
established - to help victims of the recent terrorist attacks.

I hope that in the seemingly urgent desire of some to further commercialise
the domain name system, that the very ethos of the Internet itself is not
forgotten - a system to enhance global communications and to promote the
common good.

We desperately need our charities and NFP's, yet once again they are the
forgotten entities amongst those who can't see behond the $$ potential.

Rgds, Don

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