Re: [DNS] Something to really have a whine about

Re: [DNS] Something to really have a whine about

From: Jonathan Ah Kit <jonathan§>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 22:11:29 +1200
> Any one have any ideas on if Mr Elz is still doing it or has just
> spat the dummy and gone altogether? It would be good to get this
> fixed soon for the general community sake. Your all worried about the
> auction of the space but at least worst case it takes 2 days
> to get a yes or no. With you have no idea!
As far as I'm easily able to see things, you do have some idea, it's
currently free. I can't seem to find anything on time estimates. Surely that
(as in being free) would form some kind of SLA?

However, though, some warning would be nice I suppose. I recall I didn't get
my for a while, which I recall offhand was forewarned
somewhere in the policies or the template.

Dunno. NZ2 when I'm about to fall asleep, though.

Jonathan Ah Kit.

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