Re: [DNS] Something to really have a whine about

Re: [DNS] Something to really have a whine about

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 15:39:35 +1000 (EST)
Something which may be useful is the delegation queue status page: 
(There is a link to this from the delegation web page

Although you are asking about a "registration" rather than a "delegation",
I believe that Robert Elz usually handles straight-forward registrations
around the same time as delegations.

So it sounds like your registration application wasn't straight-
forward to determine easily whether it should be accepted or rejected.

This kind of thing usually happens when the application form does not
give enough detail to prove that the organisation applying for the
domain name does exist in a legally recognised sense (remember, it
is organisations that apply for *.au domain names, not individuals,
except for *, or it is not clear whether the organisation is
part of a larger organisation, or could fit in another *.au domain.

If you want to send me some details (eg: the domain name) then I can
have a look and may be able to make a suggestion about what is missing
or unclear from your application, or what you can do instead.

] It has been over a month since  I put in an application for a
] and it is still in pending state.
] Any one have any ideas on if Mr Elz is still doing it or has just
] spat the dummy and gone altogether? It would be good to get this
] fixed soon for the general community sake. Your all worried about the
] auction of the space but at least worst case it takes 2 days
] to get a yes or no. With you have no idea!
] David Uzzell

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