Re: [DNS] Undesirables on this list

Re: [DNS] Undesirables on this list

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 18:58:02 +1000
Harry, to an outsider to all of this foreplay, your tone and manner of
attacking individuals is become tiresome... your points are made. There are
no "ringleaders" here, and this nonsense has gone on long enough.

Larry, more than few people "in the trade" raised an eyebrow or two when
Netregistry became involved in AuDA, because we remember the campaign to get
people to scrap .au in favour of as a somehow viable alternative to
a true TLD. You can hardly blame anyone for questioning your companies

Have I stated the issues succinctly enough? - Can you blokes now find middle
ground? It's water under the bridge and time to move on.

Don Cameron

(affiliations with AuDA or domain registrants = none ... and after reading
recent postings I think I should keep it this way.)

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