Re: [DNS] Undesirables on this list

Re: [DNS] Undesirables on this list

From: David Uzzell <duzzell§>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:44:28 +1000
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Here Here. 

Some one want to post Be upfront about it. You want to get baned as a
Sudo Person on a Free Email Host then the real person should be

- From personally watching this list since it started in the background
I would have to say that most people identify themselves without to
much trouble. Why should this list then not be restricted to Non Free
Mail providers which would mean that atleast you could chase it back
to a Real Domain with a Real Owner.

I am happy to say who I am and it is in the footer of this email. I
also generally sign my Emails so if people want to make sure I am the
one sending them from mye email accounts it really is me.

Anyway, I think a lot of what is said on this list is constructive.
but there are distructive users and they should be removed as you
have with the fake email address, with hard proof that it belongs to
someone else they too should be baned, It was them making the
comments not the email address. They were just unprepaird to have
their say as them seleves.

That has to say to me one of 2 things.

It was all mis-truth or they have not got the courage to say what
they believe in. Either way it is not why this list is here for.

David Uzzell

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Subject: [DNS] Undesirables on this list

All and Chris

Recently an individual posting to this list was banned from posting
due to
inappropriate remarks and personal attacks.

My question is this. Does the ban apply only to their false identity
- - or
does it apply to the individual.


Chris, can you respond to this?


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