[DNS] Undesirables on this list

[DNS] Undesirables on this list

From: <larry§netregistry.au.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:36:17 +1000
All and Chris

Recently an individual posting to this list was banned from posting due to
inappropriate remarks and personal attacks.

My question is this. Does the ban apply only to their false identity - or
does it apply to the individual.

The individual in question used the name Dominic Main (a NetRegistry domain
administrator role account), a Start email address and admitted he posts to
the list regularly under his real name. I find it distasteful to say the
least that this individual is allowed to continue posting to this list,
having already been kicked off.

For those interested, its actually fairly easy to identify who this
individual is, as one needs look only at who started becoming active soon
after the pseudo Domenic Main was banned. My opinion is that the tone of the
two postings leaves little to the imagination. NetRegistry has hard evidence
as to the identity of the postings.

In any event, it is my expectation that the ban applies not to the virtual
moniker assumed by the individual, but in fact to that individual. Or are we
to attribute the substance of an individual to an email address rather than
to the person?

Chris, can you respond to this?


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