Re: [DNS] why not just make available

Re: [DNS] why not just make available

From: Aristedes Maniatis <ari§>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:32:30 +1000
on 13/9/01 5:41 PM, Harry Hoholis at webmaster&#167; wrote:

> There is no mention of auction on that page whatsoever.>
> Really not that hard to see that you did not read that page.

Sigh. Why is there so much angst on this list? Given that most of us should
have parallel goals in preserving the integrity of the domain system we
should be talking about the details on how that might be done. Is everyone
here just trying to work out how to make money from the changes?

Take a look at the link I gave you, it is a summary which links to detailed
reports, including treatment of the auction process.

Here is what you asked in your original email:

> I would like a public statement from auDa as to who stands to
> benefit the most from auctioning domain names.
> I would like to know how it is possible that this was perceived
> to be the fairest option and how this decision came about.
> It is clearly an unfair process and should be seriously
> reconsidered. Why not release previously generic tagged
> domains in a similar fashion to the .biz release process.

Why don't you come up with a better proposal? You asked who stands to
benefit: it is all in the report.

> As such we have the right to this information, and I suggest that you
> respond
> appropriately. I will not tolerate sidestepping of these issues much longer.

Actually you don't have a right to anything very much. You might have a
little better claim if you were actually a member of AuDA but the current
membership list does not contain you or your company.

So if you are not involved in the formulation of policy through membership
of the organisation, and you don't read the detailed panel reports, how
would you like the members of this list to react to your demands?

> 4. Why is the process, that you state, information for is all there, hidden?

I presume this means you don't have enough information. Have you read the
minutes of each meeting available on the AuDA web site? (I haven't, but they
are there if you are interested).

When you have gone away and read all this:

Then come back and complain about not enough information.

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