[DNS] FW: Chris Disspain???

[DNS] FW: Chris Disspain???

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§auda.org.au>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 11:43:13 +1000
Off list email from Dominic Main (?) and my reply FYI.


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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From: Chris Disspain [mailto:ceo&#167;auda.org.au]
Sent: Thursday, 13 September 2001 11:42
To: Dominic Main
Subject: RE: Chris Disspain???

I am not saying that list members cannot question the actions of people in
the industry. However your comments are inflammatory and clearly based on a
personal issue which should have been declared up front. This is evidenced
by your use of the alias Dominc Main and your address of

Your tone, comments and language taken together with the aliases etc.
indicate a concerted 'sledging' campaign and that is not what the DNS List
is for. I would not allow it against anyone irrespective of the role, if
any, that they play in the industry.

You say 'I simply wish to remain anonymous'. With respect, your actions give
the lie to this. If you simply wished to remain anonymous you would not have
gone to the trouble of setting up an email account using 'Dominic Main' and
neither would you have registered www.netregistry.com.

In general terms whilst I cannot stop people coming on to the list
'anonymously' the list has agreed that contributors should identify
themselves and declare any interests they have. On that basis I will not
re-instate 'Dominic Main' to the list.

Since I do not know who you are and I am not prepared to communicate with an
alias please do not contact me again unless you are prepared to do so openly
and honestly as the 'real' you.

Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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From: Dominic Main [mailto:dominic_main&#167;start.com.au]
Sent: Wednesday, 12 September 2001 17:48
To: ceo&#167;auda.org.au
Subject: Re: Chris Disspain???

Dear Chris,

Well you should have said so. I would have then happily stated my
questions in the appropriate manner.

I was never told that I could not question directly the actions and
intentions of individuals in this industry.

I would like to be re-instated in the list and guarantee that I will
not make any further such comments. In fact any postings on the list
will simply ask for others opinions as to what I perceive are areas
which need much improvement.

If you still feel that I should not be on the list, so be it, and I
thank you for your time.

As far a courage or coutesy, I think you are making the same mistake
there as I did. You are accusing me based on assumption. I simply wish
to remain annonymous. I am active on the list under another email
address where my identity is plain for everyone to see, when I wish it
to be so.

I await your response.

Original message from: "Chris Disspain" <ceo&#167;auda.org.au>
>You are off the list because you have neither the courage nor the
>to declare who you are and declare any interests you may have.
>I will not tolerate people who hide behind fake addresses and
>Controversial comments are fine (in fact, encouraged). Derogatory
>and defamatory statements are not.
>Chris Disspain
>CEO - auDA
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Dominic Main [mailto:dominic_main&#167;start.com.au]
>Sent: Wednesday, 12 September 2001 17:25
>To: auda-dns&#167;auda.org.au
>Subject: Chris Disspain???
>Wow I have been removed off the list.
>A few controversial comments, non of which are addressed and thats
>Its good to see that you are right behind Larry Bloch, Chris.
>Not toooo close I hope
>Dominic Main
>NetRegistry Hosting
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