[DNS] NetRegistry lie and cheat - here is proof!

[DNS] NetRegistry lie and cheat - here is proof!

From: Dominic Main <dominic_main§start.com.au>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:54:59 +1000
Dear auDa,

Please go to http://www.au.com/about.html

On this page NetRegistry blatantly lie to the Australian public
claiming crap.au.com domains are top level domains just like .com and


Under "What is a domain name?"

third paragraph:

There are many 'top level domains', such as .au.com, .com, .org,
.co.nz, .edu.au, .net.au, all of which signify different things - for
example, .edu.au would be the domain ending for an educational
institution in Australia.au.com is an international address, but
located within Australia. 

I rest my case, fo now that is.

Dominic Main
NetRegistry Hosting

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