[DNS] international domain news

[DNS] international domain news

From: David Goldstein <DGoldstein§comslaw.org.au>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 13:17:03 +1000
Taking a domain in vain
As British Telecom prepares to split itself up to help reduce its
mountain of debt, it will have to choose the names for its new divisions
very carefully.

Already net smart individuals are snapping up the domain names that
might be used to name future spin-offs from the company.

Cyber Law Journal: Hacker Gadfly at Center of New Suit
Eric Corley is in the legal soup again.
The man at the center of the landmark DeCSS case - a federal court
battle over Corley's posting of and linking to software code designed to
decrypt DVD movies - is now being sued by the Ford Motor Company in a
separate cyberspace matter.

At issue in Corley's latest role as a defendant is his registration in
1999 of a piquant domain name that contains the phrase "generalmotors"
-- preceded by a vulgarity that will not be included in this article.
(The site can be reached directly at its IP address: A
preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for this afternoon in
federal district court in Detroit. Ford's complaint arises from the fact
that Corley recently configured a Web server so that when an Internet
user types in the domain name in question, the user is forwarded to Ford
Motor Company's home page.

FTC Consumer Alert!
What's Dot and What's Not: Domain Name Registration Scams
   December 2000
What's in a name? Plenty, if you want to register a website. A new scam
is targeting would-be website owners by offering the opportunity to
pre-register new top level domain names. Domain names, such as
"ftc.gov," are the unique terms that enable Internet users to locate a
specific website. The top level domain is the final extension, such as
".com" or ".org."
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