Re: [DNS] Contacts

Re: [DNS] Contacts

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 10:50:33 +1000 (EST)
] Hi
] My company, DHS International Pty Ltd ( was recently
] contacted by a representative of a small Africian nation with respect to
] assisting them with web and email facilities and other services revolving around
] their gTLD.

I presume you mean ccTLD.
] I would like to know if anyone on the list has a contact email address for some
] one in the Australian Government that I could discuss this matter with to ensure
] the company is acting within international policy as defined by the AuG and
] possibly some contacts for grants to assist this Nation with their Internet
] activities.

I'm afraid the Australian Government does not set international policy
in the DNS area.

If you're interested in a Governmental perspective on international DNS
policy, you can have a look at GAC:
GAC doesn't set DNS policy either, but it can make suggestions to ICANN.

You can find international DNS policies under:
The IANA function is performed by ICANN.
This page also links to:
which is a list of the official ccTLD managers (including Africa).

An organisation which has been active over many years helping
developing nations to get connected to the Internet is ISOC.
But I think ISOC's focus has been more on education & training.

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