RE: [DNS] FW: Important Information Regarding Your COM.AU Domain Names (fwd)

RE: [DNS] FW: Important Information Regarding Your COM.AU Domain Names (fwd)

From: <David.Goldstein§>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 11:17:22 +0200
Hi all

Canada is currently going from a 'restrictive' domain name space to one that
is more or less open slather at the moment. See

And from a news release at
"Under existing rules, organizations are only allowed one Domain Name; the
Domain Name must refer to the organization's legal name, operating name, or
registered Canadian Trademark; top- level domains ( are only
available to federally incorporated organizations; and registrations are
only available to Canadians. 

Under the new rules: 

-        Anyone meeting basic Canadian Presence Requirements can register a
.ca domain name 

-        Organizations and persons can register more than one .ca name 

-        Top level domains ( are available to anyone on a first come
first served basis 

-        Generic domain names are accepted".

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