Re: [DNS] BHP's OneSteel

Re: [DNS] BHP's OneSteel

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 21:37:17 +1100 (EST)
] Today's Sydney Morning Herald's Business section reported:
] " . . . BHP's shareholders voted to proceed with the spin-off of BHP's steel
] distribution and long products manufacturing business into a separate entity,
] OneSteel."
] In between, on 27 April 2000, a DEBORAH RYDER in Harrisburg, PA registered
]  A little later, on 5 June 2000, a SYED HUSSAIN in Closter, NJ
] registered the remaining  Neither appear to be related to BHP or
] OneSteel Limited.
] At the time of writing, the domain name, has not been
] registered.
] I don't know when the shareholders met but I find it most surprising that a
] billion dollar corporation like BHP:
]     (a)    nearly lost
]     (b)   did lose and
]     (c)    hasn't cleaned up
] Perhaps some of these big corporations need to get their act together.  I also
] wonder how INWW allowed the registration without an ACN as required.
] Regards
] Patrick Corliss

Am I missing something here?  I don't understand this analysis.

I would have thought that an obviously commercial company who has a sensible and com domain name would only have 3 reasons to care about other 
similar net/org/ domain names :-
(1) It wants to change its main domain name to look less commercial
(2) It is concerned that consumers might not think of it as or com
    and may look for it in other gTLDs/2LDs first
(3) A competitor is actively using another domain to "pass off" as OneSteel.

1 and 2 seem very unlikely in this case.  And you can't just avoid 3
by registering and  A determined competitor
could use,, or for
example.  And then there is,,,,, ...

So if OneSteel has and, I can't see why
they would care whether anyone had,, etc.

One of the positive things which may come out of ICANN's new gTLDs in
the long term is the realisation that you can't "protect" your name by
registering it in all possible gTLDs.  But I'm not holding my breath.

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