Re: [DNS] Place Names

Re: [DNS] Place Names

From: <m§>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:34:08 -1000
>on 18/10/00 8:07 PM, m&#167; at m§ wrote:
>> What interests me more is why we even bother with second-level domains like

>> or whatever - I'd much rather have and do away with

>> the whole, crap.
>There are many countries who have gone down this path, but there are some
>significant problems:
>1- no distinction for government (.gov) and educational bodies (.edu). It
>makes sense to give them domain suffixes of their own. They are then not
>competing in the same namespace.
There would be nothing to stop people from using these 2nd level names if they
want to. You can still have and

>2- Even lower supply to meet the demand. At the moment, just having both
> and almost doubles the amount of space available to
>businesses. is being used more and more by non-networking businesses.

See above. Allowing domains directly under .au actually increases the supply,
as you put it.

>I would actually advocate in the opposite direction. The current high US
>prices for generic word domains, and the strong pressure here is because
>demand is greater than supply. Another person pointed that out recently on

>this list.
Sorry...I'm new here, and the archive feature of the listserv doesn't seem to
be working properly. :)


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