Re: [DNS] The Problem of Domain Name "Hoarding"

Re: [DNS] The Problem of Domain Name "Hoarding"

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 15:35:17 +1000
Hi Bill

> How about a 'removal for non-use' in the terms and conditions.
> For example, a requirement that the domain name be delegated (this is
> just a suggestion) within three months of registering the domain name?
> If there was a default, the name would be deregistered, with the
> proportion of the fee lost refunded to the registrant.

That's similar to what are doing with the domain names -
they have to be delegated at the time of registration.  Diff'rent strokes for
diff'rent folks :).

It's a nice try but it's still only money.  My ISP will delegate a name for me
for $10 (which is very cheap) but whatever the cost it is only filtering out
those who can't afford it.

It actually raises interesting technical arguments about use.  For example if
a name is just used for email and there is no website, is that good enough?

The "harm" that is being addressed is domain name "hoarding".  Any economist
will tell us that there is really only one solution to a question of supply
and demand - and that is to have an unlimited supply of domain names.

Otherwise it just gets reflected in the price !!

Patrick Corliss
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