Re: [DNS] IANA Proposal to NTIA

Re: [DNS] IANA Proposal to NTIA

From: Leni Mayo <leni§>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 10:07:27 +1000
Narelle Clark wrote:

> Kate Lance wrote:
> > The initial IANA board has been announced - Greg Crew from ACIF is
> > one of the board members.
> >
> > Kate
> this seems like a bolt from the blue? Has ACIF shown an interest in
> the issue thus far?

The key phrase here is "international industry self-regulation"...

Also, the board members are required to act in a personal capacity, not as
organisation representatives. See Article V, Section 8 of


    Directors shall serve as individuals who have the duty
    to act in what they reasonably believe are the best
    interests of the Corporation and not as representatives
    of their Supporting Organizations, employers or any other
    organizations or constituencies.

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