RE: [DNS] the road ahead

RE: [DNS] the road ahead

From: Steve Thompson <Steve.Thompson§>
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 09:18:49 +1000
> At 1:27 AM 1998/06/29, David Keegel wrote:
> >So, let's start with, and tackle any issues we need to along
> >the way, identify any other issues so that we can come back to them
> >after we have sorted out and (and any similar domains).
> >
> No lets not. Start with .au

Have to totally agree there, we need to make sure that we have the top
policy correct otherwise getting the lower levers to fall into line will be
more difficult.

To all interested parties.

	I am willing to setup a public video conference between Melbourne,
Sydney and Brisbane for people to get to talking about this on my penny. If
there is enough interested parties, and we can agree on a time, I will set
the link up so we can all communicate in a quicker method.


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