Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

From: Reagan Blundell <reagan§>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:44:56 +1000
> > --
> > Check out the Australian ISP List ..
>   You have a problem nere however.  This may be resolvable in Australia,
> but that is about it.  This URL is not a valid DN as far as the Legacy
> Root structure is concerned outside of Australia.  So I find you other
> conclusions scepitical at best.

Not sure what you mean by 'not a valid DN as far as the Legacy Root structure
is concerned'

I did a quick query of,  and

both of them were able to tell me the nameservers for .au

Thos nameservers were able to point me in the direction of the 
nameservers, which in turn were able to give me the nameservers for

This of course, held authoritive data for

All of this was done from the shell prompt of a machine located in San Jose.

That particular machine has only been set up to use the legacy root servers...
so I'm not sure how else it would have gotten the data back when I did an
nslookup on

Perhaps I've misinterpreted why you were trying to say...
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