Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 11:35:33 +1000
David, I would like to respond to your questions...

>And some questions for Giles/Larry/NetRegistry.
>(A) Is NetRegistry's position that all anyone had to do was notify you
>    (NetRegistry) of the content of these faxes, and you would then
>    take it up with reseller and tell them to stop?
>(B) When did you first become aware of the content of the faxes?
>(C) When did you request the reseller to refrain?  (Or how long after B?)
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(A) Definately. We do not condone this sort of behaviour and have strict
internal policies about what information a potential customer must have to
be able to make an informed decision. Any suspect practices should be
reported immediately to NetRegistry. We will make a swift decision and
remedy the problem if required.

In the wake of this affair we have contacted our lawyers who are redrafting
relevent sections of our reseller terms and conditions to assist us in
applying our criteria to the decision on how to manage errant resellers.

In a broader context we do and always will do all we can to ensure that
common sense codes of practice are maintained. After all, is too
closely associated with NetRegistry for us to really profit from geat sales
via a huckster.

(B) We became aware of the nature of the faxes earlier this week after a
number of phone calls from confused customers. When it became apparent that
there was a problem we contacted the reseller concerned. From acknowledging
that there was a problem to taking action and contacting the reseller took
about 24 hours. We in no way ignored or encouraged this reseller as Clive
of MIT/INA seemed to imply.

(C) We gave the reseller specific details of the parts of his fax that we
were unhappy with on the 15th. He did ammend his fax but the subsequent
version was little better. We contacted him again late on the 16th at which
point he ceased sending any faxes and we formally suspended his reseller
status on the 17th.


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