[DNS] An example - pub.au - was [DNS] Progress so far.

[DNS] An example - pub.au - was [DNS] Progress so far.

From: <me§Tony-Barry.emu.id.au>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 18:33:11 +1000
At 3:06 PM 1998/06/25, Larry Bloch wrote:
>Can it be taken that this forum is tasked with debating all issues relating
>to management of the entire .AU space and that part of this is determining
>a body to action this lists wishes?

I assume as a first stage this only involves how the lower level domains
will have their existance and maintenance determined,  moved to new bodies
and new ones created. ie

1. How it is decided to have a blah.au

2. How it is decided who will run blah.au

3. How it will be decided that blah.au is not running too well and it
should be withdrawn and given to some other body to support

4. And what the sort of organisation that does this might be, so that
potential operators of blah.au are happy, and we the people, individual or
corporate as we may be, accept this governance of the namespace as

Initially that we are NOT talking about (and may not) how blah.au is to be
run, other than general principiles of stability, longevity, equity etc.

These seems to me to be the big questions.

Perceptions of how com.au is operating, whether alternatives such as au.com
are confusing or not, how to make com.au lovable by all, whether we need
firm.au etc etc goes down windy roads without a map.

Lets be specific.

Suppose I have a great idea. I would like to have created, and my firm to
maintain, pub.au - and sell names to pubs (very Australian). I want to go
to Keeper-of-au and ask to do this, and how much I might have to pay, and
what are the rules to do so. I also want to know what my obligations are
under the rules that Keeper-of-au might set, and, as I'm a good chap, I
would like to ensure that I could keep faith with my customers and pass
pub.au onto somebody else should I go broke.  For instance pub.au gets sold
as an asset by my receivers or Keeper-of-au takes it over and puts it out
to tender.

What does Keeper-of-au do?  Say no we are not dividing au further? Check
with the pubs to see if there is a market? Rely on my market surveys?
Ensure that I am finacially viable? And so on and so forth.

If I want to set up pub.au what sort of organisation is required to say yes
or no. If no, be able to justify the decision. If yes, regulate and monitor
what I do?

What sort of organisation would be acceptable to the internet community to
develop policies to answer such questions?

Should the same body administer the resulting actions that are required or
does the community want separation of policy from administration?


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