Re: DNS: Get ISOC-AU Involved (was Mailing-list white noise)

Re: DNS: Get ISOC-AU Involved (was Mailing-list white noise)

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 09:38:57 +0930 (CST)
>  >that is better. Remember the DNS forums (I notice the noisy one never
>  >attended them) - ADNA was formed from those meetings. Get your public
>  >support - but be careful because there are lots of people willing to shout
>  >from the sidelines but NEVER actually have the guts to give things a go
>  >themselves.
>  But the public are yet to be directly invited to the (Closed door meetings)
>  of ADNA.

If the noise generated on this list in any indication of what would happen
at a public meeting of ADNA then I can understand that, it would be an  
all day (as opposed to half a day !) and nothing would get done. People
have better things to do than attend meetings where they may be jeered and
abused as having done something wrong when all they are trying to do is
what is best for the group they represent.

>  >As for critisim of ADNA - well that is easy. Why not try to help it
>  >instead.
>  I would like to help, but my involvement would be a direct conflict of
>  interest as I will be putting together a proposal to become a DNA when the
>  time arises.

We all have conflicts of interest - as long as people know that who cares.
ADNA wants registrars involved and I would say that that group have a
rather large conflict. Go out - join IIA, WAIA, SAIA or one of the other
interest groups that are members and get real noisy. SAIA will have you
for $50 per year as an individual. I hear there is also a spare slot on
the board for SAIA !

We all need to wear different hats at times (except for those ethically
pure noise makers) - we need people to deal with that, accept it and get
on with it. 

I think not many people realise that if ADNA fails there is no other (non
government imposed) chance at this. Who would honestly give it another go
in light of the ADNA effort ?
(May be the fish mongers, DJs and mattress fluffers would be game if you
can educate these people in the technical implications of any ideas they
have for managing such a devisive area - but I doubt it.)

>  >I notice the message from Kate from asking people to filter noise - I did
>  >and have enjoyed the peace ever since resigning - has he been as annoying
>  >as usual.
>  Filtering the so called noise is fine. But what if the noise maker has
>  something constructive to say and you miss it. A better approach is to read
>  the first few lines to see if it is important, then trash it. But as is the
>  case in this world each to their own.

People who choose to start their own alternate system have no right to
partake in mainstream conversation. Efforts to fracture a technically and
administrativley working system should be looked on with disdain. If you
chose to go it alone down your own road then please do not try to merge
into our lane !

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