Re: DNS: ADNA Board meetings

Re: DNS: ADNA Board meetings

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 00:30:22 +1100
At 11:54 28/02/98 +0800, you wrote:
>> >Michael Malone (domain name administrator for ASN.AU)
>> Owner of an ISP - Profit Making.
>A fine line, but my activities in ASN.AU are not profit making.
>ASN.AU is delegated to my personally, not to my employer, and
>I do not charge for registrations or make any profit from being
>a DNA.

Sure, I accept that.

>What I do in my "day job" isn't really relevant.

And I accept that too.

Problem is, it doesn't change the percetion of a conflict of interest.
There are few people who are truely capable of wearing multiple hats.
There are few people in Management roles capable of being good managers.
I's a fact of life, but if we all start somewhere to try and show
credability in these kinds of afairs then the areguments go away.

Currenlty I see no means to differentiate YOU as IINET and YOU as ADNA
board member.  I'm sure IINET isn't going to sit back if/when ADNA offers
REgistries and let everyone else take up a position?

Would it be possible then that a Conflict of Internet might arise between
Your position on ADNA and YOUR position with IINET?

If you were called to question, could you uncategorically show that in
neither case did you influence the decisions or your own vote towards an

>The same applies to Steve Baxter, Luke Carruthers and others.
>They are elected to ADNA on behalf of the non profit organisations,
>not on behalf of their day time employers.

I'ts a very very fine line.  I need to be convinced.

Currently I remain unconvinced that most people concerned are capable of
wearing mutliple hats.  

I know I'm constantyly appointed to positions because I can partition my
roles with different organisations and thus it's a major benefit, but this
is normally recognised and I'm REQUESTED to the position.  I do not
nominate myself in such situations and have in all cases noted in the
minutes of nomination that a conflict of interest might been seen by some
and that I'm happy NOT to accept the nomination.

It's all ethics and morals. There are not many in this industry, so what
can the public judge the decisoins of ADNA where clearly almost every
member has a Commercial interest?

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