Re: DNS: ADNA Board meetings

Re: DNS: ADNA Board meetings

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 02:13:29 +1100
>Are the six initial Full Members and the two initial association members of
>ADNA still members?
>The Australian Internet Alliance (AIA);
>The Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG);
>The Internet Industry Association of Australia (INTIAA);

AIA and INTIAA are (???) one and the same now.

>Michael Malone (domain name administrator for ASN.AU)

Owner of an ISP - Profit Making.

>Melbourne IT (DNA for COM.AU)

COmpany Making Profit from Selling Domain Names.

>and are there representative directors
>Luke Carruthers (INTIAA)

Owner of an ISP last time I looked.

>Mark Hughes  (Tradegate)

>Allan Horsely (ATUG)


>Kevin Dinn (AIA)

Kevin Dinn is Zip Internet if I recall.  That's a Profit ISP.

>Steve Baxter (SAIA)

Owner of an ISP Company.  That's a Profit Generating.

>Peter Cooper (WAIA).

I don't know of Peter Cooper.

>Michael Malone (ASN.AU)

Again, Profit Making owner of IINET. (ISP)

>Peter Gerrand (Melbourne IT)

Well Peter isn't as such making a profit, but MIT is.

>Will the board meeting scheduled for 7 April 1998 be held on that date?
>If so at what venue?
>Can the general public attend? (ie: Me)

Probably not.  Like the IAHC, it's a Public open process held behind closed

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