Re: DNS: P Montgomery Report in CW

Re: DNS: P Montgomery Report in CW

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 19:58:33 +1100 (EST)
You, Peter Gerrand, shaped the electrons to say:
+What I have claimed, and continue to claim, is that the DNS Forum has
+approved our Pricing Policy, which explicitly included the renewal fees;
+and for your information, that approval specifically occurred at the DNS
+Forum public forum meeting in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on 25
+October 1996.  

I wasnt there, I didnt approve it.. and I think there are a LOT more people
involved and aware than there were last october.. some half a year ago.

I DONOT recognise anything that occured at that meeting, since it was VERY
under-reported, under advertised, and did not make it very easy for people
outside melbourne to be involved.

If you had the same meeting in sydney, or somewhere where there was a greater
cross-section of the industry.. i think you would have found a very different

The same can be said for the early days where the meetings were held by 
INTIAA and were not open to the public.

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