[DNS] domain name news - 10 February

[DNS] domain name news - 10 February

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Iceland hosts internet governance forum today
Reykjavik will host the first one-day Internet Governance Forum today (Tuesday), 
on International Safer Internet Day. The free-to-attend forum features 
international experts and government ministers alike.

Update on ICANN Board/GAC Consultation on New gTLDS
There is a considerable amount of interest in the upcoming Board/GAC 
consultation on new gTLDs to be held in Brussels on 28 February and 1 March 
2011. This message is intended as an update to information we have already 
posted on the consultation.

ICANN pushes on with gTLD plans
ICANN is hoping that it will soon be able to begin proceedings on an expansion 
of the generic top-level domain (TLD) system.

New TLD rulebook unlikely to get March nod
ICANN?s new top-level domains Applicant Guidebook is unlikely to get its final 
approval at ICANN?s March meeting, according to the senior staffer responsible 
for the program.

ICANN Considers Bringing Whois Escrow In House
Domain Name Wire has learned that ICANN is considering handling whois escrow 
services internally.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
auDA wins Bottle Domains wind-up case
The Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) has won a winding-up order 
against Australian Style Pty Ltd, parent company of troubled domain provider 
Bottle Domains, in the Victorian Supreme Court.

Australian Style in liquidation
Australian Style, which traded as domain name registrar Bottle Domains, has been 
place in liquidation.

Oz companies buying misspelt internet addresses to stop others from using their 
brands [ANI]
Australian companies are reportedly buying misspelt Internet domain names with 
the intention of stopping others from gaining profit from their brand names.


Yes to Secure Internet! - DNSSEC Is Coming for .de
DNSSEC (Domain Name Security Extensions) shall improve security for .de domains 
too in the future. This is the result of the broad-based test phase that ended 
with today's concluding meeting.

Denic to offer DNSSEC from 31 May
German internet domain name registrar Denic has tested DNSSEC (Domain Name 
Security Extensions) for its domain names.

Microsoft Scores Bi.ng Domain Name
Microsoft registered the short URL Bi.ng on February 4 thanks to the 
liberalization of Nigeria?s .ng domain name to allow limited second level 

ccTLD Competition: Somalia?s Regional Entities Bidding for their Own ccTLD-- 
another Domain Issue
Somalia is one of the young African countries to get connected to the Internet 
after the country established its first ISP in 1999. But today some preferred 
regions of the country have internet connectivity close to 73%, while Southern 
and Central Somalia has connectivity of 0-3%-- this is despite the booming of 
the Internet business and the existence of central government in which 
systematically encourages price discriminations and lack of regulations. 
Currently, a young Somali student or internet user in the South and Central 
Somalia or some parts of the North pay skyrocketing fees, and while the rest of 
the country pays less ? this is the courtesy of few greedy government officials, 
and lack of governmental intervention.

99 super-short .uk domains registered
Nominet, the .uk registry, has allocated 99 one and two-letter .uk domain names 
to trademark holders including the Financial Times and Manchester United.

Internet is growing this year
Kieren McCarthy, the general manager of .nxt, speaks about the conference that 
will examine the new process ICANN is set to approve that will create an 
unlimited number of domain names. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency today and 

Jothan Frakes, Domain-Name Guru, Offers Tips on the New "Internet Land Rush"
So you want to be a domain-name millionaire? Now's the time. The obscure 
California nonprofit that controls the domain names of the world--known as 
ICANN--is about to authorize an unlimited number of new suffixes. 


Rush is on for custom domain name suffixes
The pillar of the basic Web address - the trusty .com domain - is about to face 
vast new competition that will dramatically transform the Web as we know it. New 
Web sites, with more subject-specific, sometimes controversial suffixes, will 
soon populate the online galaxy, such as .eco, .love, .god, .sport, .gay or 

Web battle rages for .gay
The internet might soon be overrun with new suffixes ? and the race is on to 
secure and protect .gay.

Veto Power For Governments Against Any Internet Domain Name?
The United States Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and 
Information Administration (NTIA) is proposing possible veto power for 
governments against applications for new top-level domains. NTIA is asking for a 
change to domain name system management that would allow governments to object 
to any proposed internet address for any reason, which has not surprisingly 
stirred debate among observers.

U.S. Seeks Veto Powers Over New Domain Names
The Obama administration is quietly seeking the power for it and other 
governments to veto future top-level domain names, a move that raises questions 
about free expression, national sovereignty, and the role of states in shaping 
the future of the Internet.

U.S. Proposal Raises Questions About Control of Web Addresses
With billions of people accessing the Internet, the Web's governing body has for 
years been working on a plan to expand the number of available Web addresses. 
This includes increasing the number of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) so that 
Web sites are not restricted to things like .com or .edu, but can expand to 
anything from .technology to .yams.

Governments Should Promote Cultural Diversity on the Internet by Nacho Amadoz
The entire new gTLD applicant community is awaiting, patiently, the forthcoming 
Brussels meeting between the ICANN Board and the Governmental Advisory Committee 
(GAC) to take place from February 28th. After years of delays to the new gTLD 
process, ICANN and the GAC will try to reach an agreement on how and when to 
launch the new Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) programme. The expectations for 
the outcome of the Brussels meeting is huge among potential new gTLD applicants. 
Despite this, the media attention will be negligible when compared to the news 
coverage that the next ICANN public meeting in March will receive.

ICANN chief cancels .nxt keynote
With the first-ever .nxt conference on new top-level domains just hours away 
from opening its doors, it looks like star speaker Rod Beckstrom has canceled 
his appearance.

Neustar wins .gay contract
Neustrar has signed a deal to provide back-end registry services to DotGay LLC, 
one of the companies hoping to apply for .gay as a new top-level domain.

us: Hatch To Reintroduce Cybersecurity Bill
Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said Wednesday he plans to reintroduce cybersecurity 
legislation designed to boost international cooperation to confront digital 

Defence groups set sights on cyberspace
The call by William Hague, foreign secretary, on Friday for an international 
agreement to set rules that will protect countries from ?the darker side of 
cyberspace? underlined the speed with which cyber security is climbing up the 
political agenda.

Verisign to bolster .gov security
The U.S. federal government's ongoing effort to improve the security on its Web 
sites may get a boost now that Verisign has taken over operation of the .gov 

Legal Brief: Personal Jurisdiction: A new European rule could affect domain 
owners by Andrea Christensen, Legal Intern, Sedo.com
A recent European Court of Justice decision gives new meaning to personal 
jurisdiction and could have potential implications for domain name owners. 
Personal jurisdiction determines when a court has power over a defendant and 
when it can hold a person to a ruling. It is also what requires a defendant to 
travel long distances to defend against infringement claims in different courts. 
The court examined two cases and issued one ruling.

UDRP Cases Spike in 2010
The number of Uniform domain-name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)cases filed at 
the two largest arbitration providers increased over 25% in 2010 compared to 
2009, a Domain Name Wire analysis shows.

 - IPv4/IPv6
New bugs for feds to fight in transition to Internet 2.0
The Internet's administrator last week finished allocating space for new 
Internet subscribers and Web-enabled devices, bringing federal agencies closer 
to the culmination of a half-decade of preparatory work to make systems 
compatible with Internet 2.0. Still, the transition will not be without risks 
that will require immediate attention, many federal officials say.

APNIC ready for IPv6 transition
As the last blocks for IPv4 addresses have already been allocated, the Asia 
Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) said it is prepared for the 
transition to IPv6.

New internet will leave older modems behind
CONSUMERS need to prepare for changes to the internet as the authorities switch 
address systems to cope with the load.

Changeover to IPv6 is no time to panic, as addresses run out
IN about three months, Australia will run out of its last batch of internet 
addresses under the old IPv4 naming system and experts say we should panic, a 

Suddenly everybody's selling IPv6
For IT professionals and network industry vendors alike, the events of last week 
represent a game changer regarding IPv6, which was developed in 1998 but has 
scarcely been deployed.

The Internet As We Know It Is Under Attack
The Internet was never supposed to be as big or successful as is it today. This 
has been hammered home by two recent events that show the Net is creaking at the 
seams. Such weaknesses mean the Net as we know it is open to attack from all 

Sedo.com Releases 2010 Market Trends Study
Sedo.com releases 2010 Market Trends Study with Q4 highlights revealing steady 
growth in the domain market and opportunities abound for businesses and 

Sedo.com: Our Story A Decade of Domains by Jaclyn Jordan, Marketing Assistant, 
We have often been asked how it all started at Sedo. How did the idea to create 
a domain marketplace begin? How have we grown over the years and how have we 
come to measure success today? As we celebrate our decennial anniversary, we 
have a special opportunity to share our story with you.

Bing searches more accurate than Google's, study finds
Microsoft's search engine Bing, and even Yahoo, are providing users with more 
accurate searches than their rival Google, according to a report out this week.



Newspaper publishers warn Apple over iTunes sales
Apple is being warned against trying to squeeze cash out of the newspaper 
industry by controlling subscriptions for iPads and iPhones.

us: Report: Hispanics Lag Behind In Technology Use
A new report released Wednesday from the Pew Hispanic Center found that while 
Hispanics have much lower levels of home broadband use compared with whites, the 
gap narrows when it comes to cell phone use.


au: Alarm sounded over Dr Google's diagnosis
Doctors are warning of catastrophic consequences after new research revealed 
four in five Australians are turning to the web for health information and 
nearly half of those are using Dr Google to make a self-diagnosis.


Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know
Facebook?s privacy settings are extremely detailed, giving you the ability to 
fine-tune the privacy aspects of almost every little part of your Facebook 
account. Unfortunately, for most users, this level of micromanagement makes 
Facebook?s privacy settings a convoluted mess.

Smart phones outsell PCs for the first time [AP]
For the first time ever, smart phones such as Apple Inc.'s iPhone are outselling 
personal computers, according to a report by research group IDC that was 
released Monday.



Digital Agenda: Commission to step up efforts to safeguard children online [news 
On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2011, the European Commission today 
announced that it will step up talks with ICT industry and children's 
organisations to encourage the design of safer products to help keep children 
safe online. Moreover, the Commission will shortly review the 2006 
Recommendation on minors and how to protect them in audiovisual media and 
Internet and on the 2008 Communication on the protection of youngsters from 
harmful content in video games. Children are going online from a younger age and 
not just from computers, but also games consoles and mobile phones.

EU children still exposed to Internet risks
Only 14% of Europeans use web filtering software to prevent children from 
accessing inappropriate websites, despite the European Commission having carried 
out multimillion-euro awareness-raising campaigns in the last decade.

Take a stand on Safer Internet Day! It's more than a game, it's your life! [news 
Today the Insafe network, European network of Safer Internet Centres, is 
celebrating Safer Internet Day for the eighth consecutive year. This is the 
occasion of the year to join our efforts in making the internet a better place 
for our children and young people. Since the first edition of SID in 2004, 
interest has grown tremendously world wide to reach all five continents and 
almost 70 countries, from Canada to South Korea and Russia to Kenya, including 
all 27 countries of the European Union.

au: It?s more than a game, it?s your life??ACMA supports Safer Internet Day 2011
With more Australians using social networking than ever before, staying safe 
online is the core message of tomorrow?s Safer Internet Day. Almost 9 million 
Australians accessed social networking sites from their home computers alone in 
June 2010, and up to 25% of these users were under the age of 18.

au: More than two-thirds of girls under 10 bullied: survey
More than two-thirds of girls under the age of 10 have been bullied, according 
to a survey of Girl Guides.

School filters coddle kids, are ineffective
Preventing cyberbullying using Internet filters in schools is ineffective due to 
the popularity of Internet-connected mobile devices, says Australian 
parliamentary committee on cyberbullying.

au: Online predator sought 'vampire sex'
A young Melbourne university student who preyed on nine girls that he met online 
has been jailed for more than four years.

nz: Phone ban in school changing rooms to stop 'sexting'
Some secondary schools are banning cellphones in changing rooms to try to stop 
students photographing and then texting images of their peers without their 

at: Safer Internet Day 2011: More than 200 schools are taking part in a month of 
This year in Austria, online safety is not only promoted on Safer Internet Day, 
but during the whole month of February through a variety of activities. In 
cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, 
all Austrian schools were invited to come up with their own safer internet 

de: Celebrating Safer Internet Day with a broad range of activities and events
Safer Internet Day 2011 is celebrated in Germany with over 100 events, 
workshops, online activities and broad media participation. Activities range 
from a conference of the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection via 
information events of ministries of the states, through to workshops for pupils 
and parents? evenings at schools all over Germany. It also sees the launch of a 
new pedagogical resource: 'Let?s talk about porn - adolescent sexuality, 
internet and pornography'.

Grid: the new home for web safety online
Buried among the less imaginative announcements for Safer Internet Day is an 
incredibly impressive project produced by Fosi, the Family Online Safety 
Institute based in Washington, US. What Fosi released today - Grid, the Global 
Resource & Information Directory - is a rare and well-executed model for 
policy-level global information, and we're struggling to think of a comparable 

uk: Kids lie about their personal details on the web
Half of kids aged 11 to 18 lie about their personal details on the web, says 

uk: Police launch website to protect children online
West Mercia Police has launched a website aimed at keeping children safe when 
they are online.

uk: Anti-pornography campaigners claim 'favourable consensus' on internet 
A Conservative backbencher has claimed there is a "scary degree of favourable 
consensus" between campaigners, the government and ISPs on introducing filters 
that would mean internet users would have to opt in to access pornography.

In Tokyo, a Crackdown on Sexual Images of Minors
In a manga comic book that is well known here, ?My Wife Is an Elementary School 
Student,? a 24-year-old teacher marries a 12-year-old girl as part of a 
top-secret social experiment.

us: Lawmakers urge FTC to investigate free kids games on iPhone
Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday asked the Federal Trade Commission to 
investigate potentially deceptive practices on Apple's iPhone that allow makers 
of free children's games to charge users.

us: L.A. school devotes a day to the battle against bullying
Officials hope the 'Stand Tall Day' program of presentations, videos, 
self-defense sessions and student-written sketches at Hale Middle School in 
Woodland Hills can be a model on combating bullying.

Safer Internet Day: "Es fehlen Ideen und Konzepte"
Zum f?nften europ?ischen Safer Internet Day veranstalteten das 
Bundesverbraucherministerium und der IT-Verband Bitkom gemeinsam eine Konferenz 
in Berlin, bei der insbesondere auch technische L?sungen f?r einen besseren 
Verbraucherschutz im Netz diskutiert wurden.

ACS:Law told file-sharing case must continue by court
A controversial law firm that sent letters to alleged illegal file sharers has 
been told it cannot drop its cases to "avoid public scrutiny".

uk: Filesharing prosecutions will face serious problems, says judge
A senior court judge has pointed to severe problems with the way the Digital 
Economy Act enables copyright owners to prosecute people accused of illegal 

Re-thinking peer-to-peer file sharing: charging the pirates for the ship and not 
the plunder
A decade of lawsuits, particularly in the US, has failed to curb the vast scale 
of copyright infringing activity occurring on peer-to-peer file sharing 
networks. In Australia, last year?s iiNet decision arguably shields internet 
service providers (ISPs) against claims by copyright owners that, by failing to 
take action against their infringing subscribers, ISPs authorise those 
infringements. As a result of this decision (currently the subject of an 
appeal), many Australian ISPs now simply forward infringement notices received 
from rights holders to users, or take no action at all. 


Nokia Chief Sees Company on 'Burning Platform,' According to Leaked Memo
The new chief executive of the mobile phone maker Nokia, preparing the company 
for a wide-ranging shake-up, has reportedly compared its plight to that of a man 
standing on a ?burning platform? and trying to decide whether to jump into icy 

On the Menu: Future of Mobile Apps: Entrepreneurs Gather in New York to Discuss 
Wireless Trends
Moments after the fettuccine with duck confit appetizer was served in New York's 
Gramercy Tavern, Mark Ferdman dissed Apple Inc. chief Steve Jobs.

Mobile cybercrime threat rises
Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices as they look to 
exploit consumer ignorance of potential security risks associated with 
smartphones and tablet PCs.

Cellphone security threats rise sharply - source
Cellphone security threats rose sharply last year as a proliferation of 
Internet-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets provided new 
opportunities for cybercriminals, security software maker McAfee said.


Android Smartphones Gain Market Share as Nokia, BlackBerry Lose, IDC Says
HTC Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co., smartphone makers that sell handsets 
running on the Android operating system, gained market share worldwide last 
quarter as the Google Inc. software became more popular.

Android drives big smartphone growth in 2010, IDC says
Worldwide smartphone shipments were up 75%, to 302 million in 2010, a trend 
driven by impressive Android growth in the fourth quarter, market research firm 
IDC said.

Android outranks iPhone in latest US comScore data
Google's Android outranked Apple's iPhone in total smartphone subscribers in the 
U.S. at the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, according to survey data released 
Monday by market research company comScore.

German IT body sees 2011 mobile phone sales up
Sales of mobile phones in Germany are set to grow 4.3 percent in 2011 to 29 
million units, a third of which will be more expensive smartphones, German 
technology and telecoms association Bitkom said on Monday.

International cellular network industry association releases Privacy Principles
Hot on the trail of the FTC's recent report on privacy, the GSMA, the 
London-based industry association representing over 800 cellular network 
operators worldwide, released its "high-level" Mobile Privacy Principles (the 
"Principles") on January 27, 2011.

Manufacturers deliver the common mobile phone charger
Have you ever been annoyed for not being able to borrow a friend's or a 
colleague's mobile phone charger because it wasn't compatible with your phone? 
This era is coming to an end. A common charger compatible with mobile phones of 
all brands is the simple idea that the Commission has been pushing for many 
years. Thanks to the cooperation between fourteen companies and the European 
Commission the solution is there: onechargerforall.eu. New technical standards 
for data-enabled mobile phones were published on 29 December 2010. Today, Vice 
President Antonio Tajani receives a sample of a compatible common charger from 
Bridget Cosgrave, Director-General of DIGITALEUROPE, the largest Association of 
European digital technology industry.

Europe's virus victims revealed
Almost one third of internet users in the European Union caught a PC virus 
despite the majority having security software installed, statistics show.

us: Super Bowl cyber attacks
For many people, Super Bowl Sunday is an opportunity to get together with 
friends, eat some good food and knock back a few cold ones.

Anonymous hackers attack US security firm HBGary
Online activist group Anonymous has targeted an American security firm that 
claimed to know the identities of its leaders.

Austria: Avoiding "Genericide" Of Your Trademark
On February 3rd, Schoenherr will present its Roadmap 2011. Now in its fifth 
edition, the Roadmap is an annual publication which presents an overview from 
our lawyers of recent and upcoming legal developments in our core practice 
areas, as well as critical insights and analyses of those developments. This is 
one of the articles that will appear in the upcoming edition

us: Hatch To Reintroduce Cybersecurity Bill
Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said Wednesday he plans to reintroduce cybersecurity 
legislation designed to boost international cooperation to confront digital 

Defence groups set sights on cyberspace
The call by William Hague, foreign secretary, on Friday for an international 
agreement to set rules that will protect countries from ?the darker side of 
cyberspace? underlined the speed with which cyber security is climbing up the 
political agenda.

Twitter and WikiLeaks, Firefox Do Not Track, Google and Facebook users have 
privacy concerns
Twitter is at the heart of a debate in a WikiLeaks hearing as a judge considers 
whether or not Twitter account information from WikiLeaks volunteers can be 
obtained by the Justice Department. 


Syria to set Facebook status to unbanned in gesture to people
Syrian authorities are to lift a five-year ban on Facebook in a move seen as an 
apparent "appeasement" measure, aimed at staving off unrest in the country 
following recent political developments in Egypt and Tunisia.

us: Tim Wu, Creator of the Term ?Net Neutrality,? Joins the Federal Government
The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday named Tim Wu, author of the book ?The 
Master Switch,? a senior adviser for consumer protection and competition issues 
that affect the Internet and mobile phones.

EBay Says Big Growth Is Not Over
EBay was growing so fast early in its history that Meg Whitman, its former chief 
executive, liked to joke that ?a monkey could drive this train.?

Betting on News, AOL Is Buying The Huffington Post
The Huffington Post, which began in 2005 with a meager $1 million investment and 
has grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country, is 
being acquired by AOL in a deal that creates an unlikely pairing of two online 
media giants.

Huffington Post-AOL, a marriage made in SEOland
Arianna Huffington remade the media landscape this morning when she became 
content leader for AOL, which purchased her 5-year-old Huffington Post website 
for $315 million.

au: Taxpayers lead the world in funding Labor broadband bill
The Gillard government faces pressure to greatly increase private sector 
involvement in the National Broadband Network after international research found 
it was spending more taxpayer funds to connect each household than any other 

au: NBN takes the cake in terms of public costs
For Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, the government's $36 billion 
National Broadband Network is the best money can buy, a "first class" network 
that will future-proof Australia's internet needs for decades.

$36bn price for NBN slammed
The $36 billion national broadband network has come under attack in a new global 
survey, which ranked Australia below many of our peers because of the project's 
''exorbitant'' price tag.


au: NBN to cost 24 times South Korea's faster network, says research body
The National Broadband Network will cost taxpayers 24 times as much as South 
Korea's but deliver just one tenth the speed, according to one of the world's 
most respected economic research organisations.

NBN costs taxpayers 24 times South Korea at one tenth the speed: report
Australia's national broadband network will cost taxpayers 24 times as much as 
South Korea's but deliver services at just one-tenth the speed, new research 


Conroy slams anti-NBN report as 'ideological dogma'
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has slammed as "ideological dogma" a 
report that claimed the national broadband network would cost taxpayers 24 times 
more than South Korea's network for one-tenth the speed.


nz: Broadband plan 'lags behind world'
The Government's plans for fast internet lag behind broadband initiatives in 
Europe, Asia and Australia, according to a global report.

Full speed ahead: The government broadband index Q1 2011
With ambitious targets for both the speed and coverage of next-generation 
broadband networks, the developed countries of South-east Asia score highest in 
the gBBi, the first-ever index to assess countries on the basis of government 
planning, as opposed to current broadband capability.

Telstra deal to boost NBN rollout, says Stephen Conroy
The Gillard government has hailed a commercial agreement with Telstra for the 
use of its network by NBN Co, saying it will deliver a more efficient rollout of 
optical fibre.

Telstra nets NBN deal
Telstra and NBN Co have finalised the key commercial terms for a deal allowing 
NBN Co to use Telstra's infrastructure to build the national network, Stephen 
Conroy announced in Canberra this morning.

nz: Slower rural broadband plan cops flak
Debate over broadband technology flared up this week as the Government opted for 
a slower, more stable internet service for rural New Zealand.

InternetNZ: Telecom-Vodafone has no incentive to upgrade to 4G
InternetNZ and Kordia are trying to keep the acid on Steven Joyce as the 
government enters negotiations with Telecom-Vodafone for its $300m rural 
broadband initiative.

Tiny device could transform mobile communications, says its creator
Mobile phone base stations no bigger than a golf ball could help to bridge the 
digital divide and bring mobile broadband to distant areas both in the 
developing and developed world, the networking company Alcatel-Lucent has 

Alcatel-Lucent plans smaller cells for mobile networks [IDG]
Alcatel-Lucent's next-generation mobile networks will use slimmed-down base 
stations that can be placed almost anywhere in order to improve coverage and 
mobile broadband performance, and cut costs for operators, the company said 

Risky Bets on War-Torn Countries Bring Rich Returns for Mobile Operators
Emad Makiya, chief executive officer of Zain?s Iraqi unit, has had to contend 
with suicide bombings, kidnappings, curfews and a network sometimes jammed by 
U.S.-led forces to prevent insurgents from communicating.

us: Billion Dollar Expenditure for Broadband Proposed for 2012
The FCC could make up to a billion dollars or more available to telecom carriers 
beginning next year to encourage them to expand high-speed Internet connectivity 
to rural areas that lack service.

Cuba welcomes new internet cable link with Venezuela
Cuba has welcomed the arrival of an undersea fibre-optic cable linking it to 
Venezuela as a blow to the US economic embargo.

in: Vodafone hits at spectrum price plan
Vodafone and India?s Bharti have criticised a proposal by the country?s telecoms 
regulator to increase the price of mobile spectrum, saying it discriminates 
against older operators.


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