[DNS] domain name news - 20 December

[DNS] domain name news - 20 December

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 22:03:26 -0800 (PST)
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UN Mulls Internet Regulation, Draws Criticism From Google, Others

Governments sidestep fight over multi-stakeholder Internet by Kieren McCarthy

Calls At UN For An International Body To Prevent Internet Control

Extension of Public Comment Period on New gTLD Proposed Final Applicant 
Guidebook and Economic Study Phase II Report

Apply Now for ICANN's Leadership Positions

Possible new TLDs timeline revealed

ICANN Extends Public Comment Period for New TLD Guidebook

Expressions of Interest for Review into Governance of .au

auDA consults public on .au domains

.COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU, .ASN.AU [news release]

US to target fake online pill pedlars

Analysis: Cybersecurity's Double-Edged Sword

au: DDoSing after school? Think again: AFP

au: Woolworths buys hardware.com.au for $33,000, as domain market heats up

Hardware.com.au achieves record price

Woolworths buys domain name from Bunnings

Woolworths buys Hardware.com.au domain name for $33,000

UN Mulls Internet Regulation, Draws Criticism From Google, Others
Together with word this week that the Federal Communications Commission will be 
voting on net neutrality rules comes news that the United Nations is mulling new 
efforts that could shape Internet regulation.

Governments sidestep fight over multi-stakeholder Internet by Kieren McCarthy
Governments carefully sidestepped a fight over how the Internet should be 
governed earlier today in Geneva by appearing to compromise with groups 
representing business, civil society, and the technical community.

Calls At UN For An International Body To Prevent Internet Control
Opinions were divided in a United Nations consultation yesterday in New York on 
enhanced cooperation of public policy issues pertaining to the internet, whether 
two bodies on the issue are needed.

Google Criticizes UN Web Body for Including Only Governments [Bloomberg]
Google Inc. criticized the United Nations for what it said was a plan that 
excludes companies and other non-government groups from a panel discussing 
improvements to an Internet governance body.



Google's Cerf says governments shouldn't control the Web
Governments shouldn't be allowed to monopolize the governance of the Internet, 
according to Google Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf in a statement released 

Google?s Vint Cerf condemns death of open internet
One of the internet?s founding fathers, Vint Cerf, has condemned the decision by 
the UN to only allow governments to sit on a working group to improve the 
influential Internet Governance Forum.

Google's Cerf Slams UN 'Monopoly on Internet Governance'
Google on Friday criticized the UN Committee on Science and Technology for 
excluding academics, non-profits, and other tech companies from a working group 
that will examine improvements to IGF, an Internet discussion forum.

UN mulls internet regulation options
The United Nations is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental 
working group to harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the 

UN talks on Internet Regulation labelled "offensive"
... Cert called on concerned stakeholders to sign a petition penned by, amongst 
others, Australia's top level domain regulator, auDA, The Internet Governance 
Caucus, the Internet Society and the ICANN, the International Chamber of 
Commerce, ICANN.

Extension of Public Comment Period on New gTLD Proposed Final Applicant 
Guidebook and Economic Study Phase II Report
Taking into account public comment and decisions made during ICANN?s Cartagena 
meeting, the public comment period for the Proposed Final Applicant Guidebook 
and supporting documentation have been extended to 15 January 2011 (1200 UTC).

Extending Public Comments: Fast Track Review
Per community request the first annual review of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track 
Process has been extended. Comments can be submitted to 
fast-track-review-2010&#167;icann.org through 31 January 2011.

Apply Now for ICANN's Leadership Positions
ICANN's Nominating Committee (Nom Com) invites Statements of Interest and 
candidate recommendations from the Internet community for key leadership 
positions to fulfill ICANN's technical and policy coordination role. Interested 
individuals are invited to submit a Statement of Interest to the 2010 Nom Com 
for the following positions:

Possible new TLDs timeline revealed
ICANN?s decision to delay the approval of its new top-level domains Applicant 
Guidebook last week in Cartagena left one big question hanging:

ICANN Extends Public Comment Period for New TLD Guidebook
ICANN frequently extends the deadline to submit public comments on both major 
and minor issues. But this is done prior to the comment period ending to give 
people more time to consider how they want to weigh in.

Some countries not paying ICANN for their IDNs
ICANN may have to fund some of its IDN ccTLD Fast Track program out of its own 
pocket, due to at least one country not paying its full fees, judging from 
information released this week.

ICANN's NomCom Goes Transparent With Its Own Blog
ICANN's 2011 Nominating Committee has taken the idea of transparency and pushed 
it along and started up a blog to better communicate with the wider ICANN 
community on its actions, and how it can be better.


Wellington man re-elected to help run internet [The Dominion Post]
Wellington barrister Peter Dengate-Thrush has been unanimously re- elected 
chairman of Icann, the worldwide body that administers the internet.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Africa Union joins .africa debate [Computerworld Kenya]
The African Union (AU) has expressed interest in playing a key role in selecting 
the operator for the .africa and .afrique generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

.at-Report with focus on technology
Did you know that the domain 
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.at plays a very 
special role for the zone transfer? Or that nic.at has already overseen over 
700.000 domain transactions this year? Which .at nameservers are queried most 
often? And how many .at domains are in fact filled with content? Get to know 
more interesting facts and eye-catching figures from the world of .at in the 
third .at report with a special focus on technology!

InterNetX: Almost 1 million registered .AT domains [news release]
As 2010 draws to an end, the ccTLD looks set to break the magical barrier of 1 
million registered domains. The Austrian registry nic.at is the official 
authority for the allocation of all domains with the extension .AT, as well as 
.CO.AT and .OR.AT. With AutoDNS 3.0, the domain management software developed by 
InterNetX, .AT domains can be registered and managed in real time ? and this can 
also be carried out within the framework of a special offer.

Expressions of Interest for Review into Governance of .au
auDA is seeking Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified and experienced 
organisations and individuals, to undertake an independent review into aspects 
of the governance arrangements for Australia?s ?.au? Internet domain.

auDA consults public on .au domains
Australian domain name regulator auDA has invited the public to comment on the 
allocation and use of .au domain names.

.COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU, .ASN.AU [news release]
Australia is booming - and online business is surfing the wave too. Clever 
investors realize that this is the perfect time to stake their claim in the 
flourishing Australian market or strengthen their activity there. InterNetX is 
supporting this trend with an exceptional offer for .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU 
and .ASN.AU domains. Make the most of our special price and register now!

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) proposes reduction of 
fi-domain name fees
FICORA has proposed to the Ministry of Transport and Communications that the 
fees collected for fi-domain names are dropped as of 1 January 2011.

Did .jobs win or lose in Cartagena?
Employ Media, the .jobs registry, had a victory in Cartagena last week, when the 
ICANN board voted not to overturn its August decision to allow .jobs to relax 
its registration policies.

rf: The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia has set a new date to hear the 
case of registrars? unscrupulous activities
On 16 December 2010 the FAS held hearings in the framework of initiated 
proceedings on infringement of the federal law ?135-FZ ?On Protection of 
Competition? in the course of domain names registration in ccTLD .??. The 
defendants were registrars accredited by the Coordination center for ccTLD .??: 
ANO ?Regionalny setevoy Informatsionny Tsentr?, ZAO ?Regionalny Setevoy 
Informatsionny Tsentr? (trde mark RU_CENTER), OOO ?RELKOM.DELOVAYA SET?, ZAO 
?Demos-Internet?, ZAO ?Registrator?, ZAO ?Elvis-Telekom?.

si: New rules for use of WHOIS
New rules for use of WHOIS were published today and will be valid from 15. 
January 2011. Command line WHOIS (textual WHOIS) will have an additional way of 
data protection.

US to target fake online pill pedlars
Online stores that sell fake drugs or pills without prescriptions are being 
targeted by the US government. ... Together, the firms hope to tackle every link 
in the chain that keeps unlicensed pharmacies operating by stopping them showing 
up in search results, taking their websites offline, delisting the domains they 
use and stopping payments reaching them.

Analysis: Cybersecurity's Double-Edged Sword
New guidelines requiring continuous monitoring of federal networks are based on 
a wealth of real-world experience and highlight the necessity of using new tools 
to push agencies' cyber defenses to the next level. As envisioned in guidance 
released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in June 2010, 
continuous monitoring enables organizations to proactively identify security 
issues that can be mitigated or plugged in advance of cyber intrusions or 

Pro-WikiLeaks DDoS reprisals overrated, says expert
Headlines to the contrary, the WikiLeaks hacktivist attacks against Visa, 
MasterCard, PayPal and others last week were relatively small and disorganized, 
a security expert said.

Size of DDoS group 'doesn't matter', security agency says
A European security agency has said that the numbers needed for a successful 
denial-of-service attack are significantly lower than those typically reported

au: DDoSing after school? Think again: AFP
Young hackers who participated in the Wikileaks revenge attacks against PayPal, 
Visa and MasterCard are jeopardising their futures and face serious consequences 
because of their actions, according to a member of the Australian Federal Police 

Internet Domain Name Theft Conviction May be First in U.S.
In what prosecutors are calling the first U.S. conviction for theft of an 
Internet domain name, a Union Township, N.J. man pleaded guilty Monday to 
stealing a web address and selling it on eBay to an innocent buyer: former 
professional basketball player Mark Madsen.

Industry Makes Rapid Progress on DNSSEC by Ram Mohan
DNSSEC is being rolled out quickly in top-level domain registries around the 
world, but there's still some way to go to encourage other Internet stakeholders 
to adopt the new security technology. That was one of the key takeaways from a 
day-long, comprehensive session on Domain Name System Security Extensions 
implementation worldwide, held during ICANN's public meeting in Cartagena, 
Colombia, last week.

Tucows Not Liable for Porn Spammer
Domain name registrars cannot be held responsible for spammers who hide behind 
Whois privacy services, a California appeals court has ruled.

.Me Is All About You - And All About Security - With DNSSEC
The .Me Registry and partner, Afilias, a global provider of Internet 
infrastructure services, announced today that .ME domains are now enabled with 

More than 60 domain names have been registered in the name of Santa Claus, 
offering children a wide range of opportunities to persuade St. Nick via email 
that they were not at all naughty in 2010.

Web warning for Santa sites: Wish lists shouldn't require too much info
Kids don't have to sit on Santa's lap or mail him a letter to deliver their wish 
lists. In the computer age, a couple clicks and you've got an internet 
connection directly to the North Pole. More than 60 domain names are registered 
to Santa Clause, many offering up a chance to email him personally. But 
officials from a child advocacy group want to remind parents not to share too 
much information on these sites.

A Study On Omitted-Letter Domain Name Typos
SUMMARY: In the past on these pages, I have been hard on Apple Inc. for apparent 
missteps in securing trademark rights to some of its more well-known products 
(iPhone, iPad). Last week, Apple landed a victory on the domain name front, 
winning a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Procedure ("UDRP") decision for 
the appl.com domain name.

us: The Details Behind The Government?s Recent Domain-Name Seizures
When Immigrations & Customs Enforcement agents seized 82 web domain names over 
the Thanksgiving weekend, it was an unprecedented event?not just because of the 
scope of the seizures, but also because the web sites grabbed included a search 
engine and some well-known music blogs. That?s outside the scope of the 
intellectual property issues ICE has traditionally dealt with, which involve 
counterfeit goods.

California ISP Guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
A World Intellectual Property Forum panel has found California internet service 
provider Webpass, Inc guilty of reverse domain name hijacking in its attempt to 
get the domain name WebPass.com. The ISP uses Web-Pass.com as its web page.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Planned Changes to IPv4 Reverse DNS Infrastructure
ARIN and ICANN are planning changes to the infrastructure which supports the 
IPv4 Reverse DNS, the part of the DNS which provides the ability to look up an 
IPv4 address and convert it to a name.

InterNetX cracks the 3 million mark
InterNetX manages more than 3 million domains and as such belongs to the top 
registrars worldwide! There are only a handful of registrars worldwide that 
manage more than 3 million domains. InterNetX is now one of them! On December 5, 
2010, the Regensburg Internet Service Provider cleared the magical hurdle of 3 
million managed domains!

Whistleblower alleged shenanigans at DirectNIC
A former employee of a company allegedly affiliated with domain name registrar 
DirectNIC claimed the company operated a fraudulent domain arbitrage scheme 
using Yahoo ads and Parked.com.

GoDaddy Auctions Posts $350,000 Sale and Sedo Set to Close Another Six-Figure 
GoDaddy Auctions staked their claim as a viable high end marketplace this past 
week when they closed a huge $350,000 sale of Color.com to take the pole 
position on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. Color.com was just part 
of the GoDaddy story too. They went on to ring up four of the eight biggest 
sales reported this week - the best performance ever from their venue.

au: Woolworths buys hardware.com.au for $33,000, as domain market heats up
The domain name market in Australia is heating up as SEO competition becomes 
even more fierce and the number of innovative URLs being created dwindles, one 
expert says, following a move by Woolworths to buy hardware.com.au for over 

Hardware.com.au achieves record price
In an auction conducted by Drop.com.au yesterday, domain name hardware.com.au 
sold for a record $33,333.

Woolworths buys domain name from Bunnings
Woolworths Ltd has moved into the hardware space by acquiring the domain name 
hardware.com.au from rival company Bunnings for over $33,000.

Woolworths buys Hardware.com.au domain name for $33,000
Woolworths has bought the Hardware.com.au domain name for over $33,000 as the 
supermarket chain prepares for the launch of its hardware warehouse big-box 
chain with Lowe?s hardware from the USA.

Google creates a tool to probe 'genome' of English words for cultural trends
How many words in the English language never make it into dictionaries? How has 
the nature of fame changed in the past 200 years? How do scientists and actors 
compare in their impact on popular culture?

Word-Wide Web Launches: New Google Database Puts Centuries of Cultural Trends in 
Reach of Linguists
Language analysts, sifting through two centuries of words in the millions of 
books in Google Inc.'s growing digital library, found a new way to track the arc 
of fame, the effect of censorship, the spread of inventions and the explosive 
growth of new terms in the English-speaking world.

In 500 Billion Words, New Window on Culture
With little fanfare, Google has made a mammoth database culled from nearly 5.2 
million digitized books available to the public for free downloads and online 
searches, opening a new landscape of possibilities for research and education in 
the humanities.

Online generation gap is narrowing, Pew report finds
The generation gap is narrowing online, according to a newly released report by 
the Pew Research Center.

Generations 2010
Overview: There are still notable differences by generation in online 
activities, but the dominance of the Millennial generation that we documented in 
our first ?Generations? report in 2009 has slipped in many activities.

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales: 'It's not about how many pages. it's about how good 
they are'
It?s not yet the tenth day of Christmas and time for lords to start leaping, but 
one of the great aristocrats of the internet, Jimmy ?Jimbo? Wales, can be 
forgiven for having a spring in his step as he walks the London streets.

The Angry Birds smartphone game seeks new platforms
In Washington, D.C., on Saturday morning, in the Metro Center station, on the 
Red Line platform, two kids?tweens, perhaps, or teenagers?ducked, jostled, and 
kicked in a brief moment of karate-type activity. The platform was crowded. 
Nobody noticed. Apparently, the two were not practiced flash-mob participants: 
If you are going to create a chain of leap-froggers in a busy subway, 
overwhelming force is probably a good strategy. But across the world, others 
joined in more successful, effervescent public demonstrations?such as one in 
Trafalgar Square, London.

Can Google break the computer language barrier?
Google Translate is chasing the holy grail of machine learning, but there's a 
long way to go before accurate translation is a reality

Parents see TV, internet the same [AP]
No TV for a week, the time-honoured punishment for misbehaving children, has 
been enhanced. Now, parents are also withholding internet access to punish their 
kids, further sign that the web has become as important to families as 


Biz Stone Gives Stephen Twitter's First Golden Tweet Award -- Watch Now!
Twitter founder Biz Stone presents Stephen with the first-ever Golden Tweet 
Award for writing the most popular tweet of 2010.

CSIRO trials TV aerial Wi-Fi broadband
The CSIRO has started testing its wireless broadband technology, which uses 
existing TV antennas, at the first National Broadband Network roll-out site of 
Smithton in Tasmania.

Cyber-Bullying: It's Not Cool to Be Cruel by Ronald Alexander, Ph.D., Author of 
Wise Mind, Open Mind and Executive Director of the OpenMind Training Institue
We've all heard the horror stories of young adults and children having hurtful 
or embarrassing photos, videos and/or speech about them posted on the Internet 
for the world to see. But did you know that cyber-bullying can be as simple as 
sending an e-mail to someone who has indicated they do not want to have any 
further contact with you? I also have a personal dislike for all the chain 
e-mails that go out, especially those that indicate that something will or won't 
happen if you don't forward it on to 10 or more of your friends.

us: Parents to kids: No Internet for you
Today's parents are trying another form of punishment for their misbehaving 
kids: no Internet. A new report from the folks at the USC Annenberg Center for 
the Digital Future found that three in five American households restrict their 
kids' access to TV as punishment, a figure that's been virtually the same the 
past 10 years.

au: School bully victims paid $1m
SCHOOL bullying victims have received almost $1 million in compensation from the 
Department of Education since January last year.

nz: Walking to save kids
MOST university students want to spend their summer holidays relaxing. But Kate 
Medlicott and her boyfriend Tim Geaney are walking the length of New Zealand to 
raise awareness and funds for a charity protecting children.

nz: Spending risk on Facebook
An 8-year-old Auckland boy used his dad's credit card to buy credits for a 
Facebook game using a loophole the family are warning parents to be aware of.

uk: All internet porn will be blocked to protect children, under UK government 
plan [NewsCore]
The UK Government is to combat the early sexualization of children by blocking 
internet pornography unless parents request it, it was revealed today.


CAMPAIGNERS yesterday welcomed Government proposals to protect ?children from 
internet pornography by blocking explicit websites.

Britons 'downloaded 1.2bn illegal tracks this year'
Britons downloaded 1.2bn digital music tracks this year, the BPI claimed today, 
as it produced research showing online piracy is still growing.

Study sees 1.2 billion illegal song downloads in '10
At least 1.2 billion songs will have been illegally downloaded by the end of 
2010 in Britain, a study for the recording industry lobby group the BPI said on 

uk: Illegal music downloads are 'on the rise'
Around 7.7m people have illegally downloaded music this year, according to 
research commissioned by the British record industry's trade association.

au: TV the real business of the NBN
The NBN business plan due to be released today by the Communications Minister 
Stephen Conroy probably won't describe the network as a TV distribution system. 
But that's what it will be.

Nokia Sues Apple for Patent Infringement in Europe
In the latest salvo of a protracted legal battle, Nokia sued Apple on Thursday 
in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands, alleging that the U.S. technology 
company used 13 of its patents, including a basic touch-screen maneuver, without 
its permission.

Nokia Apple patent row escalates
Nokia has extended its legal action against Apple by filing 13 more patent 
infringement claims.

ITU Softens on the Definition of 4G Mobile [IDG]
After setting off a marketing free-for-all by effectively declaring that only 
future versions of LTE and WiMax will be 4G, the International Telecommunication 
Union appears to have opened its doors and let the party come inside.

Santa via Cellphone: Shopping Online Without a Computer
This holiday season, consumers are beginning to shop and make purchases on their 
mobile phones. The shift from buying presents in front of the computer at home 
or work to doing it during bus commutes or while standing in line at cafes is 
small, but, for the first time, noticeable and even significant.

US to target fake online pill pedlars
Online stores that sell fake drugs or pills without prescriptions are being 
targeted by the US government. It has set up an initiative that will try to shut 
down the web stores and educate people about the dangers of buying drugs from 
such places.

EU could turn to 'crowd sourcing' in cyber crime fight
Millions of internet users across the EU could be encouraged to join the fight 
against cyber crime if a ground breaking experiment in "crowd sourcing" goes 

Who's afraid of the interweb? Judges to rule on Twitter in court: new media 
threatens a revolution in judicial reporting
Should journalists be allowed to tweet from court? It's become a question of 
some urgency since Tuesday, when district judge Howard Riddle gave the nod for 
reporters to tweet proceedings from inside Westminster Magistrates' Court during 
Julian Assange's bail hearing. It is a matter of such importance that the Lord 
Chief Justice has already announced there is to be a consultation on live 

WikiLeaks: infosecurity approach a danger to the Internet
Whether or not you think leaking confidential internal government messages is a 
good thing or not, there is little doubt that the recent events around the 
WikiLeaks saga are testing the Internet and governments. There are more 
fundamental questions, such as threats to an open Internet, mixed amongst the 
constant daily flow of news about actions and reactions.

Analysis: Cybersecurity's Double-Edged Sword
New guidelines requiring continuous monitoring of federal networks are based on 
a wealth of real-world experience and highlight the necessity of using new tools 
to push agencies' cyber defenses to the next level. As envisioned in guidance 
released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in June 2010, 
continuous monitoring enables organizations to proactively identify security 
issues that can be mitigated or plugged in advance of cyber intrusions or 

au: Stay safe and secure online this festive season [news release]
The Australian Government today encouraged Australians to stay safe and secure 
online this festive season. The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the 
Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy said: ?Australians use the internet for 
banking, shopping, buying tickets, booking holidays and keeping in touch with 
friends and family. These things become even more popular during the festive 
season. However, there are risks associated with online activities.

Your Apps Are Watching You: A WSJ Investigation finds that iPhone and Android 
apps are breaching the privacy of smartphone users
Few devices know more personal details about people than the smartphones in 
their pockets: phone numbers, current location, often the owner's real name?even 
a unique ID number that can never be changed or turned off.

Web warning for Santa sites: Wish lists shouldn't require too much info
Kids don't have to sit on Santa's lap or mail him a letter to deliver their wish 
lists. In the computer age, a couple clicks and you've got an internet 
connection directly to the North Pole. More than 60 domain names are registered 
to Santa Clause, many offering up a chance to email him personally. But 
officials from a child advocacy group want to remind parents not to share too 
much information on these sites.

U.S. proposes online privacy bill of rights
A Commerce Department task force calls for Internet businesses to develop 
principles to protect consumer data and for a new government office to oversee 
privacy efforts.

A Call for a Federal Office to Guide Online Privacy
A Commerce Department task force called for the creation of a ?Privacy Bill of 
Rights? for online consumers and the establishment of an office within the 
department that would work to strengthen privacy policies in the United States 
and coordinate initiatives with other countries.

Commerce Department's Online Privacy Report a Positive Step, But Self-Regulation 
Isn't Enough
Online privacy continues to be a hot topic in Washington, D.C. A few weeks ago, 
the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a staff report calling for greater 
protection of online consumer privacy. A House subcommittee heard testimony on 
the increasingly popular idea of ?do not track? for the Internet. Soon 
thereafter, Microsoft announced a new tracking protection mechanism for Internet 
Explorer 9.

U.S. Seeks Web Privacy 'Bill of Rights'
In a reversal of the federal government's hands-off approach to Internet privacy 
regulation over the past decade, the Obama administration said Americans should 
have a "privacy bill of rights" to help regulate the commercial collection of 
consumer data online.

Privacy Groups Critical Of Commerce Privacy Report
Privacy advocates were skeptical of the proposals outlined in a privacy report 
released by the Commerce Department Wednesday.

European Parliament demands that Commission protect web users from advertising
The European Parliament has asked the European Commission to come up with plans 
to control online advertising more closely; give internet users more control of 
their privacy; and stop companies publishing advertising masquerading as 

Google refuses Connecticut attorney general's request for data
Google Inc. has declined to meet a deadline set by Connecticut's top prosecutor 
to provide detailed records on any information it may have collected from 
unsecured wireless networks in his state while taking photographs for its Street 
View feature. StreetView

Connecticut Jabs Google Over Data
Connecticut's attorney general said Friday his office may take legal action 
against Google Inc. after the Internet company rejected his request to turn over 
personal data it inadvertently collected from wireless networks.

Granting Anonymity
Transparency is secretive business. WikiLeaks, the swashbuckling new-media 
organization whose motto is ?We open governments,? relies on a technology of 
extreme reticence called Tor Hidden Services ? a part of the Tor Project, a 
nonprofit organization dedicated not to light and clarity but to shadows and 
opacity, to the increasingly difficult art of keeping secrets online.

Opinion: Net freedom 'at stake' on WikiLeaks
Since the release of the 'Collateral Murder' video in April of this year, Julian 
Assange has been a hunted man, with calls for everything from treason (rather 
ineffective, given that Assange is an Australian citizen) to vigilante justice. 
Now, in the wake of Cablegate, it is no longer just Assange and his cronies, or 
WikiLeaks, but Internet freedom that is at risk.

Not-So-Gentle Persuasion: US Bullies Spain into Proposed Website Blocking Law
It?s no secret that the US government has used its annual Special 301 Report to 
intimidate other countries into adopting more stringent copyright and patent 
laws by singling out particular countries for their "bad" intellectual property 
policies, and naming them on a tiered set of "watch lists". Listing results in 
heightened political pressure and in some cases, the potential for trade 
sanctions, which encourages foreign trading partners to change their laws to 
mirror those in the US. But now some of the cables provided by WikiLeaks to 
Spanish newspaper El Pais confirm that the US government has pushed other 
countries to adopt measures that go beyond US law, unleashing the fury of 
Spanish Internet users.

Comic fans protest 'extreme sex' manga bans [AFP]
Japan's capital city is to restrict the sale of manga comics and anime films 
with extreme depictions of rape, incest and other sex crimes, a plan that has 
brought cries of censorship.

European Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Is Broadened
The European Commission has widened its investigation into Google by taking on 
two German cases involving complaints from a powerful group of newspaper and 
magazine publishers and an online mapping company, officials said on Friday.

us: Editorial: Protecting the Internet
The intensely competitive nature of the Internet is vital to the American 
economy and democracy. So we worry that rules proposed this month by Julius 
Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, to guarantee 
the Internet?s openness may not be able to guarantee the survival of that 

Is Google Too Big to Shop?
This week, Steve Pearlstein, a columnist for The Washington Post, locked horns 
with Google over the thorny subject of the search giant?s dominance and its 
quest to spread into new corners of the Web by buying other companies.

Google Will Respond to "Valid Requests" for Data From India [IDG]
Google recognizes the legitimate investigative needs of law enforcement agencies 
across the world, including in India, and will respond to valid requests for 
information that are received in accordance with applicable laws, the company 
said on Thursday.

FCC's Dems Narrowing Net Neutrality Gaps
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is making progress 
in narrowing gaps with his two Democratic colleagues over his controversial plan 
to adopt sweeping new rules for the Internet, National Journal has learned. But 
with the talks very fluid, and differences remaining, there's still a 
possibility that the regulatory initiative could be pulled at the last minute 
from the agenda of Tuesday's commission meeting.

U.S. Internet road rules near FCC vote
A controversial proposal for Internet traffic rules that would allow providers 
to ration access to their networks is scheduled to come before U.S. 
communications regulators for a vote on Tuesday.

TV's future: FCC decisions on Internet access, Comcast-NBC merger approaching
America's beloved television is getting an extreme Internet makeover, and 
questions over what shows viewers will see online and how much they pay for them 
could soon be resolved by the Federal Communications Commission.

au: Major retailers to copy miners in campaign over GST brawl for online 
purchases abroad
Australia's biggest retail and shopping centre owners have joined forces to 
launch a mining tax-style campaign.

au: Online buying sparks retail inquiry [AAP]
The growing trend to shop online has prompted a government inquiry into 
Australia's retail sector amid complaints by traditional retailers that shoppers 
are avoiding paying GST by buying goods from overseas websites.


InternetNZ is already planning NetHui 2011
NetHui 2011 will be a conference that brings together everyone involved with 
Internet issues in New Zealand. NetHui is based on the format of 
multi-stakeholder collaboration successfully introduced by the global Internet 
Governance Forum (IGF).

InternetNZ to launch NetHui 2011 conference
New Zealand-based internet advocacy group InternetNZ's planning is underway for 
NetHui 2011, a conference that brings together everyone involved with internet 
issues in New Zealand.

Telecom NZ welcomes broadband deregulation
Telecom NZ has welcomed a New Zealand regulator's decision to remove some of its 
pricing obligations for wholesale services.

NZ's broadband services getting better [BusinessDay.co.nz]
Broadband services in New Zealand continue to improve, with web speeds becoming 
more consistent across peak and non-peak times, according to the Commerce 

Austrian police smash child pornography ring
A huge child porn ring involving more than 100 men has been smashed, according 
to Austrian police. Pornographic material was seized from raids of 107 homes 
after a tip-off from Luxembourg.

Austria child porn suspects held after nationwide raids
More than 100 people have been charged with child pornography offences in 
Austria after police seized material from computers across the country.

Over 100 charged in Austrian child porn sting
Police in Austria have charged more than 100 men who are suspected of 
downloading child pornography.

100 arrested in Austria porn probe [Press Association]
Austrian authorities have seized child pornography from 107 men, including five 
teachers, officials said.

Austrian police smash huge child porn ring [AFP]
A huge child porn ring involving more than 100 men, including four teachers and 
a kindergarten worker, has been smashed in Austria, police said Sunday.

Child porn ring smashed in Austria
A huge child porn ring involving more than 100 men, including four teachers and 
a kindergarten worker, has been smashed in Austria.

107 ?sterreicher sahen Kinderpornos an
107 Verd?chtige aus allen neun Bundesl?ndern und allen sozialen Schichten, 
durchwegs M?nner von 18 bis 70 Jahre, die meisten davon (32) leben in Wien. F?nf 
M?nner haben direkt mit Kindern zu tun, vier davon als Lehrer, einer als 

nz: Child porn man fights to conceal identity [Manawatu Standard]
A Rangitikei man who downloaded child pornography, including pack rape, sadism 
and defecation, is fighting to keep his identity secret to protect his family.

New Zealand caught up in child porn sting
An internet child porn sting operation has caught out a man from New Zealand

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