[DNS] domain name news - 16 December

[DNS] domain name news - 16 December

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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 16:09:44 -0800 (PST)
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Calls At UN For An International Body To Prevent Internet Control

The New Internet Nation State: speech by Rod Beckstrom

The ICANN Colombia Conference by Nathalie Dreyfus

Jordan To Host ICANN June 2011 Meeting

Public comment period: Review of .au policy framework

Vers une prochaine lib?ralisation du .AU?

Go Daddy proposes fake pharma site shutdown body

WikiLeaks.org back in the USA

us: Man pleads guilty in internet domain name theft [AP]

au: Dot dashed as domain name lapses

Woolworths Buys Hardware.com.au for $33,333 After Rival Lets it Expire

hardware.com.au: ??????????????????

Calls At UN For An International Body To Prevent Internet Control
Opinions were divided in a United Nations consultation yesterday in New York on 
enhanced cooperation of public policy issues pertaining to the internet, whether 
two bodies on the issue are needed.

ICANN Board Resolutions Wiki Launched
Wondering how many resolutions ICANN?s Board of Directors approved on new gTLDs 
before this year? Researching historic ICANN Board actions on IPv6? Looking for 
the status of IDN ccTLD fast-track resolution implementation? Have we got a new 
tool for you!

The New Internet Nation State: speech by Rod Beckstrom
Introducing a new model for all nation states to consider ? a "New Internet 
Nation State" reflecting the transformative effect of the Internet on society ? 
ICANN's CEO Rod Beckstrom addressed the United Nations Department of Economic 
and Social Affairs Open Consultation on Enhanced Cooperation on Internet policy 
issues. Read the speech here.

2011 Nominating Committee Opens Up
ICANN?s 2011 Nominating Committee (NomCom) has taken the words of the ATRT to 
heart, and will communicate more often and openly with the global Internet 
community. As we move through our nine-month recruitment and selection process, 
this year?s NomCom will give regular updates and invite the community?s comments 
on the process via our new blog.

The At-Large Advisory Committee Announces Incoming ALAC Officers, 
Representatives, and Liaisons, and At-Large Regional Officers and Thanks 
Departing Members
The ALAC is pleased to announce the incoming ALAC Officers, Representatives, and 
Liaisons, and At-Large Regional Officers.

The ICANN Colombia Conference by Nathalie Dreyfus
Friday December 10, 2010 marked the end of ICANN?s most recent five-day 
conference in Cartagena, where the Internet regulatory body devised plans to let 
groups apply for and manage new Internet domain extensions called generic Top 
Level Domains (gTLDs), thereby allowing for the creation of any TLD with up to 
64 characters, including regional suffixes, generic words and brand names. The 
creation of these new gTLDs will enable large brand owners with sufficient funds 
to become TLD registries.

ICANN Moves Forward On New gTLDs by Roland LaPlante
The introduction of new gTLDs to the Internet moved a step closer Friday, when 
the ICANN Board laid out its plan for the final stages of approving the new gTLD 
program. In a lengthy resolution, passed unanimously at the conclusion of a week 
of consultations in Cartagena, Colombia, the Board sought to draw a line under 
some policies where it believes the community has reached agreement, while 
highlighting others where further discussions are needed before the doors are 
opened to applications next year.

What next for new TLDs? Part 4 ? GAC Concerns
Like or loathe the decision, ICANN?s new top-level domains program appears to 
have been delayed again.

What next for new TLDs? Part 3 ? The .xxx Factor
Like or loathe the decision, ICANN?s new top-level domains program appears to 
have been delayed again.

What next for new TLDs? Part 2 ? The GAC Bottleneck
Like or loathe the decision, ICANN?s new top-level domains program appears to 
have been delayed again. But for how long? And what has to happen now before 
ICANN starts accepting applications?

What next for new TLDs? Part 1 ? Unresolved Issues
Like or loathe the decision, ICANN?s new top-level domains program appears to 
have been delayed again. But for how long? And what has to happen now before 
ICANN starts accepting applications?

ICANN director slammed vertical integration
ICANN really shook up the domain name industry last month when it said it was 
dropping rules that prevent registrars and registries from owning each other.

ICANN chief gets bonus
ICANN chief executive Rod Beckstrom is to be paid a bonus potentially as high as 
$195,000 this year.

Jordan To Host ICANN June 2011 Meeting
Amman, Jordan, was selected to host ICANN?s second meeting in 2011, the meeting 
slated for the Asia Pacific region. The meeting will be held from 19 to 24 June. 
The Jordan meeting will be the 41st of its three meetings each year held around 
the globe.

Domainers Need to Bring Professionalism to ICANN San Francisco
San Francisco event could be good for domainers ? if they bring their 

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Vers une prochaine lib?ralisation du .AU?
Le registre de l?extension australienne vient de lancer une consultation 
publique sur l?opportunit? d?enregistrer directement un nom en .AU. Les 
int?ress?s ont jusqu?au 21 janvier 2011 pour se prononcer.

Public comment period: Review of .au policy framework
Every couple of years auDA's Names Policy Panel (the Panel) conducts a periodic 
review of the policy framework underlying the allocation and use of domain names 
in the .au domain space. The Panel has released a Discussion Paper which is open 
to public comment until 21 January 2011.

Swiss Registry Outlines Why Wikileaks.ch Cannot Be Deleted
With the registration of wikileaks.ch, the registry for .CH domain names, 
SWITCH, has been receiving what they say have been a large number of enquiries 
as to the circumstances where they would delete the domain name.


Last Nine Short Domains Now Released for Registration - Start 12 January 2011
On 12 January 2011, 10:00 CET, the central German registry DENIC is going to 
make available nine short domains for registration which were previously blocked 
due to temporary injunctions: dw.de, e.de, f.de, g.de, hr.de, sr.de, x.de, y.de 
and z.de.

ICANN Board May Approve Dot-XXX Over GAC Objections
YNOT ? Whether or not its Governmental Advisory Council approves, early next 
year ICANN plans to approve the registry contract handing dot-xxx to 
Florida-based ICM Registry, according to a video posted to ICANN?s homepage 
Monday morning.

ICM Registry Launches Founders Programme
ICM Registry, who has applied to ICANN for the controversial sponsored Top Level 
Domain (sTLD) .XXX, a TLD exclusively for adult websites, has developed a 
?founders? programme to allow adult webmasters to secure premium .XXX domains if 
they proactively develop and maintain domains with the .XXX extension prior to 
the General Launch, most likely in Summer 2011.

uk: 'Prepare for all-out cyber war'
Whitehall is preparing for a crippling attack on government websites as evidence 
mounts that the backlash against the arrest of the WikiLeaks founder Julian 
Assange is rapidly growing into a mass movement that aims to cause widespread 
disruption on the internet.

UK Government websites may be next pro-Wikileaks focus
The UK's national security adviser Sir Peter Ricketts has warned that government 
websites could become the next target for pro-Wikileaks hackers.

UK on alert for mass cyber attack following Julian Assange court appearance [AP]
Britain's government has been put on alert for a mass cyber attack on its 
websites following the court appearance of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Go Daddy proposes fake pharma site shutdown body
A cross-industry body that will make it easier for web sites selling fake drugs 
to be shut down is forming in the US, led by Google and Go Daddy.

WikiLeaks.org back in the USA
The restored site has been hosted by Silicon Valley Web Hosting since Friday 
night, but does not appear to be serving any of the leaked cables or other 
content that it used to hold. Instead, the site immediately redirects visitors 
to a WikiLeaks mirror hosted in Russia.

WikiLeaks.org domain back online
The main WikiLeaks Web site, WikiLeaks.org, is back up in the U.S. less than 10 
days after domain name service provider EveryDNS terminated the whistleblower 
organization's domain name, citing stability concerns.

us: Man pleads guilty in internet domain name theft [AP]
A New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to stealing a valuable internet domain name 
and selling it on eBay for more than $US111,000.




 - IPv4/IPv6
Interview: Africa must be ready for IPv6
ITWeb: What is AfriNIC? Akplogan: AfriNIC is the Internet registry for the 
African region. It performs a critical function in terms of Internet 
infrastructure, even though that is not well known by the general public. 
Firstly, it makes sure IP addresses are well managed and given to network 
operators fairly, according to need. It also manages the Internet resources for 
the continent, making sure they are properly managed and fairly distributed. 
That position gives us the privilege to see with factual data how Internet is 
doing in the region.

Planned Changes to IPv4 Reverse DNS Infrastructure
The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and ICANN are together 
planning changes to the infrastructure which supports the IPv4 Reverse DNS ? 
that is, the part of the DNS which provides the ability to look up an IPv4 
address and convert it to a name.

au: Dot dashed as domain name lapses
WOOLWORTHS paid $33,333 for an expired domain name previously owned by rival 
Bunnings at an auction on Sunday.

Woolworths Buys Hardware.com.au for $33,333 After Rival Lets it Expire
Australia?s Woolworths Limited got into the domain name drop catching game 
recently by picking up the domain name Hardware.com.au for $33,000 AUS.


VeriSign Has $44 In Sight If Domain Name Renewal Stays Strong
An encouraging trend for VeriSign over the last few quarters has been the 
increasing renewal rates of its .com and .net domain name business. We expect 
that the declining market share trend for VeriSign in the .com and .net domain 
business could see a temporary stabilization in 2010 mainly due to healthy 
renewal rates. If VeriSign manages to maintain its market share in the long term 
as well, there could be an upside of 12% to our $38.82 Trefis price estimate for 
VeriSign stock.

OECD Information Technology Outlook 2010
Information technology (IT) and the Internet are major drivers of research, 
innovation, growth and social change. The 2010 edition of the OECD Information 
Technology Outlook analyses the economic crisis and recovery, and suggests that 
the outlook for IT goods and services industries is good after weathering a 
turbulent economic period better than during the crisis at the beginning of the 
2000s. The industry continues to restructure, with non-OECD economies, 
particularly China and India, major suppliers of information and communications 
technology-related goods and services. 

 [E-book download]

These astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet democracy by George 
As I see in threads on my articles, the online sabotaging of intelligent debate 
seems organised. We must fight to save this precious gift

American Internet Use Catches Up With TV Use
Americans are now spending as much time using the Internet as they are watching 
television, and the amount of time people spend on the Internet has increased 
121 percent over the last five years, according to a survey published Monday by 
Forrester Research.

Average American spends equal time online and watching TV, report says
For the first time ever, the average American spends as much time online as 
watching TV offline -- about 13 hours a week, according to a report.

Americans now spend same time online as watching TV [IDG]
For the first time, U.S. residents are devoting on average as much time to 
online activities as they are to watching TV, a new Forrester Research study has 

Wikileaks, web to revolutionise reporting - Pilger
Revelations on the WikiLeaks website which have enraged governments around the 
world should force the traditional media to rely less on official sources, 
award-winning journalist John Pilger said.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook named Time's person of 2010
Time magazine has picked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as its annual Person of 
the Year, the figure it believes had the most influence on events in 2010.

Techies as the Person of the Year Are Rare
At just 26, Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and chief executive of Facebook, is 
joining a select group of presidents, kings, popes, dictators, freedom fighters 
and other influential people selected by Time magazine as Person of the Year.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg named Time magazine's person of the year
Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire co-founder of Facebook, was today named Time 
magazine's 2010 person of the year.

Twitter Financing Raises Its Value to $3.7 Billion
Twitter has raised a big new round of venture capital, $200 million, valuing the 
company at $3.7 billion.

Bieber tops Facebook's Australian most mentioned list
What do Justin Bieber, cancer, Zumba, iPads, Julia Gillard, the World Cup and 
Toy Story 3 all have in common?

Bing: Still Trying to Keep Up With Google
It may be impossible for Microsoft to catch up to Google in search. But it still 
keeps trying.

Australian doctors ready for online consultations
Australians can expect a rapid rollout of online health consultations when new 
Medicare tele-health rebates commence next July.

Facebook Wrestles With Free Speech and Civility
Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and chief executive of Facebook, likes to say 
that his Web site brings people together, helping to make the world a better 
place. But Facebook isn?t a utopia, and when it comes up short, Dave Willner 
tries to clean up.

Report Finds Global Embrace Of Social Networking
On the same day that Time magazine announced it has chosen Facebook CEO Mark 
Zuckerberg as its "Person of the Year," a new study confirms the growing 
importance of social networking by Internet users around the globe.

Pakistan bans cricketers from Facebook and Twitter [AFP]
Pakistan has banned its cricketers from social networking sites Facebook and 
Twitter in the latest effort to exert discipline following a series of damaging 
scandals, an official said Wednesday.


Social networking sites can help prevent pandemics: experts [AFP]
Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter greatly help in detecting 
and containing the spread of pandemics, experts at a global health conference 


Policing predators: vigilantes blast Facebook for failing to protect children
Paedophiles are brazenly sharing child pornography pictures and videos on 
Facebook, and internet safety experts believe the social networking site has 
failed to curtail the practice.


Rising Computer Prices Buck the Trend - Average Prices Rose 6% in November
For the first time in several years, people shopping for personal computers are 
doing something new: paying more.

Study reveals nearly all European children are not bothered by what they find 
The final results of a Europe-wide study of children's behavior online are 
presented in Berlin. Researchers suggest children might be able to help their 
parents learn how to use the Internet more effectively.

Agreement to review planned Australian internet filter laws
The federal government is on track for an April start to its review of 
classification laws for its planned internet filtering legislation.

au: Policing predators: vigilantes blast Facebook for failing to protect 
Paedophiles are brazenly sharing child pornography pictures and videos on 
Facebook, and internet safety experts believe the social networking site has 
failed to get a handle on the practice.

nz: Filter reveals high numbers seeking child pornography
A government filter to block access to child pornography online has revealed a 
large number of New Zealanders trying to access illegal sites.

nz: Stamping out child porn requires worldwide effort
More resources are needed to tackle the availability of child pornography online 
after alarming numbers of attempts to access illegal material were revealed, 
internet watchdog Netsafe says.

nz: Child Pornography
After an internet filter found almost 9000 blocked child pornography attempts a 
month from New Zealand users, Breakfast asked Martin Cocker from Netsafe if this 
was only the tip of the iceberg.

nz: Text bullying victim tells lover 'see you in heaven'
"I love you I'll see you in heaven," a 15-year-old girl wrote in a text message 
to her married, 27-year-old lover.

uk: Children to be placed on at-risk register before they're even born
Unborn babies are to be given greater protection from the threat of abuse, under 
national guidance unveiled by the Scottish Government. ... Changes cover new 
areas of practice, including keeping children safe online and child trafficking.

us: Iowa prosecutors, principals warn against sexting [AP]
Federal prosecutors and some Iowa high school principals are joining forces to 
warn that sexting is dangerous and can lead to prison.

Study: 1 in 4 Spanish teens cyberbullied this year
A new report out of the University of Valencia in Spain finds that roughly one 
in four teens studied have been bullied by cell phone and/or the Internet at 
some point over the past year.

Cyberbullying said on rise among teens
Cyberbullying is becoming common, a Spanish study found, and 25 percent of 
teenagers surveyed say they've been bullied via their cellphone or on the 

YouTube is letting users decide on terrorism-related videos
Nudity. Sexual activity. Animal abuse. All are reasons YouTube users can flag a 
video for removal from the website. Add a new category: promotes terrorism.

Piracy Fight Shuts Down Music Blogs
Thanksgiving Day had barely begun when Kevin Hofman?s BlackBerry buzzed. It was 
one of the technical operators of OnSmash.com, Mr. Hofman?s popular hip-hop 
blog, telling him that the site had gone mysteriously blank just after midnight.

uk: 'Viacom v. YouTube' Appeal May Decide Future of Web
A long-simmering copyright dispute between Hollywood and the web has hit the 2nd 
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals -- and the outcome could set a national precedent 
regarding the scope of potential liability for nearly every business on the 
internet that posts infringing content.

More than 8m Britons have downloaded podcasts
Once listening to the radio was a strictly linear experience. Miss a programme 
and you had to wait for a repeat, in the unlikely event that it was repeated at 

Security, is there an app for that? EU?s cyber-security agency highlights risks 
& opportunities of smartphones [news release]
A new ENISA report identifies the top security risks and opportunities of 
smartphone use and gives practical security advice for businesses, consumers and 
governments. Top risks include spyware, poor data cleansing when recycling 
phones, accidental data leakage, and unauthorised premium-rate phonecalls and 

U.K. Mobile Phone Operator to Offer Unlimited Internet Access
A British mobile phone operator said Tuesday that it would offer unlimited 
mobile Internet access, bucking the industry trend of charging based on the 
amount of data consumed.

Mobile firm Three backs all-you-can-eat data tariff
Mobile operator Three has scrapped its mobile data caps in an effort to gain 
more smartphone customers.

Phone Makers Shift Focus: Under Pressure From Apple, Rivals Cut Prices to Target 
Midrange of Market
This holiday shopping season, the smartphone battle is going mainstream. Having 
ceded much of the high end of the smartphone market to Apple Inc., slower-footed 
rivals such as Research In Motion Ltd., Nokia Corp. and Motorola Inc. are 
jostling for what remains up for grabs: cheaper cellphones that still provide 
Internet capabilities.

nz: No regulation for national roaming fees
The Commerce Commission has dropped its probe into national mobile roaming 
services after phone operators Two Degrees Mobile and Vodafone NZ cut a deal for 
the minnow's customers to access the rival network.

Canada's Anti-spam Bill C-28 is the Law of the Land by Neil Schwartzman
It's been a long time coming, but Canada has an anti-spam law, and one, which 
sets a new world standard, and a tough, but fair, opt-in protocol for everyone 
in North America who sends commercial email and other electronic messages. 
Yesterday, The Canadian Senate voted to accept Bill C-28, and today, December 
15, at 13:00 eastern, it will be given Royal Asset of the Governor General of 
Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston.

Assange 'does not endorse cyber attacks'
Julian Assange does not support internet attacks on MasterCard, Visa and other 
firms that have turned their backs on his WikiLeaks website, his lawyer insisted 

uk: 'Prepare for all-out cyber war'
Whitehall is preparing for a crippling attack on government websites as evidence 
mounts that the backlash against the arrest of the WikiLeaks founder Julian 
Assange is rapidly growing into a mass movement that aims to cause widespread 
disruption on the internet.

UK Government websites may be next pro-Wikileaks focus
The UK's national security adviser Sir Peter Ricketts has warned that government 
websites could become the next target for pro-Wikileaks hackers.

UK on alert for mass cyber attack following Julian Assange court appearance [AP]
Britain's government has been put on alert for a mass cyber attack on its 
websites following the court appearance of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Go Daddy proposes fake pharma site shutdown body
A cross-industry body that will make it easier for web sites selling fake drugs 
to be shut down is forming in the US, led by Google and Go Daddy.

How hackers breached Gawker's security - and how to protect yourself
Just how safe are your details after the emails and passwords of around 1.3m 
registered users were released by Gnosis?

How to tighten up your passwords
Red faces at the US gossip site Gawker: last weekend hackers hijacked the front 
page and released the usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords of 1.3 
million registered users of Gawker and its affiliated sites.

Gawker hack triggers password resets at major sites
Millions of web users are being asked to reset their passwords as concerns 
spread over a major hacking attack.

Hackers flood Twitter with booby-trapped spam about Acai berries [AFP]
Passwords plundered from gossip website Gawker were evidently used by hackers to 
flood micro-blogging service Twitter with booby-trapped spam about Acai berries.


us: House Clears Bills Aimed At Deceptive Online Tactics, 'Spoofing'
The House cleared two technology-related bills Wednesday including one that aims 
to crack down on firms that engage in deceptive online marketing tactics.

Australian Senate inquiry keeps online privacy concerns under wraps
Political sensitivity on business concerns has led a Senate inquiry to withhold 
parts of an Australian Privacy Foundation submission.

nz: Google says sorry to Kiwis over Wi-Fi data grab
Google has apologised to New Zealanders over privacy concerns after it was 
revealed that its Street View cars were collecting data sent over some Wi-Fi 

nz: Google apologises for stealing data
After a slap on the wrist from the Privacy Commissioner, internet giant Google 
has apologised to all New Zealanders for secretly collecting information from 
their Wi-Fi networks while filming street views, and has promised to destroy 
that data.

Google apology to New Zealanders over Wi-Fi data [AFP]
Google said sorry to New Zealanders Tuesday for collecting personal data from 
wireless networks for its "Street View" mapping service, in the latest in a 
series of apologies.


Australian media chiefs throw support behind WikiLeaks
Some of Australia's most senior media professionals, including bosses of major 
newspapers, television networks and websites, have written to Prime Minister 
Julia Gillard to express their support for WikiLeaks.

U.S. Air Force blocks NYT, Guardian over WikiLeaks
The U.S. Air Force has blocked employees from visiting media websites carrying 
leaked WikiLeaks documents, including the New York Times and the Guardian.

Air Force Blocks Sites That Posted Secret Cables
The Air Force is barring its personnel from using work computers to view the Web 
sites of The New York Times and more than 25 other news organizations and blogs 
that have posted secret cables obtained by WikiLeaks, Air Force officials said 

US air force blocks staff from websites carrying WikiLeaks cables
The US air force has blocked employees from accessing the websites of the 
Guardian, the New York Times and other news organisations carrying the WikiLeaks 
US embassy cables.

au: Government review to look at media regulation
The federal government has kicked off a review of media and communications 
regulation for an industry reshaped by rapid technological change.

Google online search adverts 'dominant', says France
Internet giant Google holds a dominant position in the online advertising market 
linked to search engines, a French competition watchdog has said.

Google facing regulatory scrutiny and ?45m tax bill in France
Google is feeling more than a little French resistance this week, beginning when 
the French competition watchdog indicated closer scrutiny of Google's business 
in the country yesterday and said the company might have abused its dominant 
market position.

Watchdog Says Google Dominant in France
France's antitrust watchdog said it found that Google Inc. had a dominant 
position in the local Internet-search-advertising market, a result that could 
make Google vulnerable to lawsuits in France and adds to the Silicon Valley 
company's mounting problems in Europe.

France warns Google not to abuse dominance
France's antitrust watchdog put Google on notice not to abuse what it said was 
its dominant position in online search advertising, adding to European 
regulatory pressure on the U.S. Web search giant.

French watchdog warns Google on dominance
The US company has a dominant position in online search advertising that is 
susceptible to abuse, France?s competition authority has found after a 10-month 


us: Approval of Internet traffic rules likely-analysts
Contentious Internet traffic rules facing a vote next week are likely to be 
adopted without radically veering from a proposal unveiled earlier in the month, 
telecommunications policy analysts said on Wednesday.

nz: Government Warnings Could Kill the Cloud
New Zealand has joined the ranks of an increasing number of governments that 
have issued warnings for businesses thinking about cloud computing.

Pilot projects show the way in easy access to online public services across the 
The five-year eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 presented by the European 
Commission today (see IP/10/1718) builds on experience gained with the 2006 
European eGovernment Action Plan (see IP/06/523) and in particular on the 
results of several ongoing EU large-scale pilot projects.

eGovernment Action Plan to smooth access to public services across the EU
The European Commission has outlined an ambitious programme to work with Member 
States' public authorities to expand and improve the services which they offer 
via the Internet. The new eGovernment Action Plan foresees forty specific 
measures over the next five years to enable citizens and businesses to use 
online facilities to, for example, register a business, apply for and access 
social security and health benefits, enrol in a university or bid to provide 
goods and services for public administrations. Promoting eGovernment can help 
boost Europe's competitiveness and allow public authorities to offer improved 
services more cost-effectively at a time of budget constraints.

eu: eGovernment Action Plan - what would it do for me?
A five-year eGovernment Action Plan has just been presented by the European 
Commission to deliver innovative online public services to citizens and 
businesses and increase the take-up of these services across Europe (see 
IP/10/1718 and MEMO/10/680). It sets out concrete actions and priorities to make 
access to public services more efficient and cost effective.

Web companies fear Google's reach
Google this year has been gobbling up Web companies that look nothing like 
Google, from a social gaming start-up to a firm that powers most online sales 
for the airline industry.

Microsoft's Paul Allen sees lawsuit thrown out
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has had his lawsuit against a number of tech and 
online retail firms thrown out.

How do you solve a problem like Yahoo?
What is Yahoo? It's the question successive chief executives seem to have been 
unable to answer in any convincing way. Despite defining the first online 
experiences of many through its email service and news portal, Yahoo has 
squandered that early start in 1995, with every restructure, every redesign, 
every reassurance that Yahoo is still in the game seeming less convincing.

A Key Figure in the Future of Yahoo
"I shouldn?t make a comment on that,? said Masayoshi Son, the usually voluble 
serial entrepreneur who is one of the richest men in Japan. ?It?s too delicate a 
question. Too sensitive right now.?

Telstra LTE trial triples download speed
Telstra has demonstrated download speeds of 149Mbps in trials of Long Term 
Evolution mobile technology, the successor to 3G mobile systems.

nz: Ultra-fast broadband rollout begins
A Northland lines company has allowed the Minister for Communications to drive 
its digger, to launch the country's new ultra-fast broadband rollout.

nz: Northland school first in country for broadband upgrade
Construction on the first part of the government's ultra fast broadband network 
is underway, with a primary school in Northland the first to be installed with 
fibre internet.

Telecom Scandal Plunges India Into Political Crisis
Tycoons with friends in high places. Public tenders conducted by irregular 
rules. Tens of billions of dollars in potential losses for the national 
treasury. Allegations of government ministers on the take, and of a respected 
prime minister too aloof to notice.

US federal authorities say they broke up a global child porn ring
Federal authorities announced Tuesday they dismantled an international child 
pornography ring that allowed its 35 male members to trade thousands of images 
and videos of boys in sexually explicit situations through a website.

US smashes global child porn ring
US authorities say they have broken up an international online child pornography 
ring using a bulletin board called Lost Boy and charged 20 people in five 

International child porn ring is broken up [AP]
An international child pornography ring that spanned three continents and 
required members to post explicit images on a secure Internet message board has 
been dismantled with the arrests of more than a dozen people, authorities said 

Child porn 'club' busted by officials
The FBI announced the indictment of 16 domestic and international suspects in a 
child pornography ring who are believed to be part of an Internet-based, 
members-only bulletin board called "Lost Boy."

16 in global child porn 'club' indicted
Federal authorities Tuesday announced the indictments of 16 men who allegedly 
accessed a password-protected Internet forum on child pornography containing 
thousands of graphic images and videos of young boys.

NZ included in international child porn ring
An international child pornography ring that spanned three continents, including 
New Zealand, has been dismantled with the arrests of more than a dozen people, 
according to The Washington Post.

NZ link to global child porn ring
New Zealand caught up in international online child pornography ring: 20 people 
charged in the US, France, Germany, Belgium and NZ

Kiwi link in child porn bust [NZPA]
A man with New Zealand links has been named by US authorities as one of those 
involved in a busted international child pornography ring which used the "Lost 
Boy" bulletin board.

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