[DNS] domain name news - 2 September

[DNS] domain name news - 2 September

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Is ICANN Handling Too Many Policy Issues?

White House To Meet With ICANN On Illegal Online Pharmacies

Australian domain registration

.IL Domain Names in Hebrew Available Soon

Pentagon considers preemptive strikes as part of cyber-defense strategy

The top five intellectual property traps in M&A transactions

au: Domain expiry downs UNSW sites, e-mail

German Domain Conference Kicks Off Thursday

Is ICANN Handling Too Many Policy Issues?
Earlier this month, DomainNameWire.com published an article about ICANN?s policy 
development process. The author, Andrew Allemann, strives for balance but 
overall leaves the impression that ICANN has ?policy overload,? handling too 
many policy efforts at once. Andrew also cites the technical and complex topics 
we ask the public to comment upon.

Letter via Email from Edmon Chung to Kurt Pritz
Authorization to Deploy IDNs

White House To Meet With ICANN On Illegal Online Pharmacies
The White House has called a meeting for later this month with the group that 
manages the Internet's domain name system to discuss ways to crack down on 
illegal online pharmacies.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
Australian domain registration
The registration of a domain name in Australia is generally the same as 
elsewhere. There are some things to keep in mind is whether.

Slight drop in Azerbaijani Internet domains
Azerbaijan's national Internet area had 10,076 active domains in August, 217 
fewer than in July.

Muscovitch: Canadian ccTLD Registry Rules in Need of an Overhaul
While many countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and India, have opened 
up their ccTLD registries to foreigners, the Canadian Internet Registration 
Authority (?CIRA?) has been stuck with the same closed-door policy since it 
enacted its ?Canadian Presence Requirements? in 2003. ... By requiring a 
registered trademark or corporation within the country before .ca domain name 
registration is permitted, CIRA limits its market and potential for investment 
in Canada. According to a study (pdf) conducted by EURid, the registry for the 
European Union, registration of ccTLD?s significantly increased with the 
liberalization of domain name policies.

EURid and Netnod sign anycasting agreement
The European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURid) reached an agreement with 
Netnod for Domain Name System (DNS) anycasting of the .eu top-level domain 

Hebrew Domain Names
ISOC-IL is expanding the Domain Name Registration service with the option to 
register Domain Names containing Hebrew characters, like ?????-????????.org.il, 
which will soon be made available.

.IL Domain Names in Hebrew Available Soon
ISOC-IL, the registry for .IL (Israel), has announced they will soon be making 
available domain names containing Hebrew characters, like ?????-????????.org.il.

Early sign-up begins for Hebrew .il names
Early registration has begun for Hebrew-script domain names ending in .il, the 
Israel Internet Association announced yesterday.

CareerBuilder and Monster Want to Stop .Jobs Domain Expansion
A group calling itself The .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition is asking ICANN?s 
board to reconsider its decision to open up the .jobs top level domain name to 
non-company name registrations. The coalition?s members include major employment 
web sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder, along with a number of 

Nokia considers new TLD application
Is Nokia planning to add its name to the list of ?.brand? new top-level domain 

.travel domains to be opened to all
Tralliance has become the latest of the sponsored top-level domain registries to 
decide it needs to loosen the shackles of sponsorship and target a more general 
user base.

.Travel to release one & two character names
The .travel Registry has announced two important new changes to the Registry.

Pentagon considers preemptive strikes as part of cyber-defense strategy
The Pentagon is contemplating an aggressive approach to defending its computer 
systems that includes preemptive actions such as knocking out parts of an 
adversary's computer network overseas - but it is still wrestling with how to 
pursue the strategy legally.

Need to deploy DNSSEC? NIST publishes its how-to.
Secure and dependable use of the Internet depends on the ability of users and 
devices to navigate the Web using familiar domain names that are mapped to IP 

DARPA launches insider threat detection effort for military
The Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a project for 
detecting and responding to insider threats on Department of Defense networks.

Judge Sides with Ohio State in Trademark Case vs. Wisconsin Company [AP]
A federal judge has told a Wisconsin company to take down a website at the 
center of a trademark dispute with Ohio State University.



Settlement reached after judge refuses to dismiss copyright suit
Las Vegas copyright enforcement company Righthaven LLC won a legal victory in 
one of its lawsuits Tuesday when a federal judge refused to dismiss the suit. 
... Righthaven, which demands $75,000 in its lawsuits and forfeiture of the 
infringing defendants? website names, usually settles for thousands of dollars 
and allows defendants to keep their domain names.

 - IPv4/IPv6
The internet is full, what now?
Sometime next year the internet as we know it will run out of IP addresses. 
That's why we have IPv6, but why are so few people using it?

IPv6 transition means more than replacing routers
After years of dismissing the frantic pleas of standards bodies and industry 
groups to develop and implement an IPv6 transition plan, telecom and cable 
operators have begun to ready their networks to support the next-generation 
Internet protocol. Early adopters say carriers undergoing the transition need to 
realize that a successful IPv6 migration requires more than just upgraded router 

The top five intellectual property traps in M&A transactions
In M&A transactions, many lawyers assume that intellectual property (IP) rights 
will automatically transfer with the purchase and that IP issues can be cured by 
general representations and warranties. While getting strong representations and 
warranties covering intellectual property is useful, relying on a breach of 
representations and warranties as the only remedy to protect the covered IP can 
doom the deal to failure or lead to unexpected surprises after closing, 
including requiring significant changes to future business plans and 
opportunities. If the target?s IP rights are important to the ultimate deal, 
then those IP rights must be investigated thoroughly in the due diligence and 
fully understood.

World Trademark Review Conducting Survey About New TLDs
World Trademark Review is currently running a survey to understand attitudes and 
plans around the launch of new top level domain names.

au: Domain expiry downs UNSW sites, e-mail
A spokesperson for Education.au, the domain registry for the UNSW website, told 
Computerworld Australia that the registry had been notified of the issue and 
should be rectified by early afternoon.

A Look at Go Daddy?s Growth (in Numbers)
I still remember a conversation just before the Super Bowl in 2005. I was eating 
lunch with a bunch of techies and the topic of Super Bowl commercials came up. 
Someone asked ?who is this Go Daddy company, anyway??

Buyers of DomainName.com Registrar Revealed
As DNN has learned the buyers of the DomainName.com registrar and customer base 
sold by DomainConsultant, are non other than Richard Lau of DomainManager.com 
and Richard Kirkendall of NameCheap.com. The two, also known as ?The Richards? 
partnered up on the purchase and are planning to transform the company into a 
new brand.

Public IP DNS rebinding: Another reason not to use default passwords
DNS rebinding first appeared 15 years ago. It was a clever penetration technique 
until Web browsers were fixed. It now appears there is a workaround for the fix 
and residential gateway devices are the targets.

German Domain Conference Kicks Off Thursday
Domainvermarkter Forum 2010Germany?s only dedicated domain name conference, 
DomainvermarkterForum, will take place this Thursday and Friday in Munich. The 
event is at the five-star Hotel Sofitel Bayerpost. Gold sponsors for the event 
include PartnerGate and, as you might guess given its German headquarters, Sedo.

Sedo Brokers Sale of Jerusalem.com for Over Half a Million USD
In June of 2009, it was reported that Jerusalem.com was purchased for $750,000 
(the news was also reported in the Jerusalem Post). The website was used on its 
own for a while, and I later found it to be forwarding to GoJerusalem.com, which 
I thought was strange after such a big acquisition.

Why Push to Auction on Sedo Might Be a Bad Idea
From my perspective (as an infrequent buyer on Sedo), a seller pushing a domain 
name to Sedo auction after receiving a private offer is a bad idea, and it may 
cause the seller to leave money on the table, as I will explain below.

High Value of Generic Domain Names Underscored By Swap.com and Oversee.net CEOs 
in New Interviews 

The high value of generic domain names  was the topic of conversation in two 
interesting new interviews with industry leaders - one released in print and the 
other in video format.

Older Adults and Social Media
Overview: While social media use has grown dramatically across all age groups, 
older users have been especially enthusiastic over the past year about embracing 
new networking tools. Social networking use among internet users ages 50 and 
older nearly doubled?from 22% in April 2009 to 42% in May 2010.

The French Copyright Authority (Hadopi): The Graduated Response and the 
Disconnection of Illegal File-Sharers by Nicolas Jondet
Abstract: ... The article describes the rationale, fraught legislative history, 
functioning and controversial elements of this new scheme. We ask whether this 
model can not only achieve the (so-far) elusive goal of deterring illegal 
file-sharers but also guarantee the rights of citizens under both French and 
European law. To assess the French model, the paper will also compare the 
balance it achieves with that of copyright enforcement in the US as well as with 
that of other existing or proposed ?three strikes? legislations elsewhere, most 
notably in the United Kingdom. This paper will conclude that the French model 
and its practical implementation should be studied and assessed thoroughly 
before any attempts are made to replicate it elsewhere, particularly when such 
proposals offer less guarantees in terms of human rights compliance.

The ICT Sector in India: Performance, Growth and Key Challenges: Report

Geographically Segmented Regulation for Telecommunications: Report

Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel With Virtual Girlfriends
This resort town, once popular with honeymooners, is turning to a new breed of 
romance seekers?virtual sweethearts.

India to Have 237 Million Web Surfers in 2015
The number of Internet users in India is expected to triple in the next five 
years, according to a report from the Boston Consulting Group Wednesday but 
making money from them isn?t going to be easy.

Opinion: Google's Earth
?I actually think most people don?t want Google to answer their questions,? said 
the search giant?s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, in a recent and controversial 
interview. ?They want Google to tell them what they should be doing next.? Do we 
really desire Google to tell us what we should be doing next? I believe that we 
do, though with some rather complicated qualifiers.

Retargeting Ads Follow Surfers to Other Sites
... Increasingly, however, the ads tailored to them are for specific products 
that they have perused online. While the technique, which the ad industry calls 
personalized retargeting or remarketing, is not new, it is becoming more 
pervasive as companies like Google and Microsoft have entered the field. And 
retargeting has reached a level of precision that is leaving consumers with the 
palpable feeling that they are being watched as they roam the virtual aisles of 
online stores.

Internet access in emerging markets to double by 2015 [IDG]
The number of people with Internet access in Brazil, Russia, China, India and 
Indonesia will double by 2015, management consulting firm Boston Consulting 
Group said in a report released Wednesday.



au: Porn, gambling sites claim state MP
A report on internet use by MPs and staff of the NSW Parliament has revealed the 
names of some who may have visited pornographic or gambling websites, including 
the Minister for Ports and Waterways, Paul McLeay, who has resigned from cabinet 
after admitting to repeated visits.

au: Minister sacked as PC porn audit reveals blue Nile
Ports Minister Paul McLeay was sacked by Premier Kristina Keneally yesterday, 
three hours after The Daily Telegraph informed him an audit of parliamentary 
computers found he had viewed internet pornography.

Nile says staffer accessed porn for research
New South Wales Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile has been implicated in an 
internet pornography scandal.

au: Fred Nile caught in web porn scandal
Conservative NSW MP Fred Nile has denied accessing porn sites from his office 
and says that members of his staff were simply researching links on certain 


au: Minister quits over accessing adult websites
Premier Kristina Keneally has announced ports and waterways minister Paul McLeay 
has resigned after he admitted using his parliamentary computer to visit 
gambling and adult websites.

Keneally minister quits over net porn [AAP]
NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has lost another minister, forcing Paul McLeay to 
resign after he admitted using a work computer to access gambling and adult 

NSW minister quits for using adult and gambling websites
Another minister bites the dust in NSW - with Paul McLeay resigning after he 
used a work computer to visit gambling and adult sites.

9.2 million UK adults have never used the Internet [news release]
More than nine million UK adults have never used the Internet, according to 
figures released today by the Office for National Statistics.

Nine million Brits have never been online
More than nine million UK adults have never used the web, says the Office for 
National Statistics (ONS).

us: Man accused of torturing woman over Facebook post [AP]
Authorities say a California man jealous over a message on his girlfriend's 
Facebook page tortured and imprisoned her for four days while their children 
were in the house.

To Win Over Users, Gadgets Have to Be Touchable
Whoever said technology was dehumanizing was wrong. On screens everywhere ? 
cellphones, e-readers, A.T.M.?s ? as Diana Ross sang, we just want to reach out 
and touch.

nz: Police rescue children from internet sex abuse
A specialist police team formed last October has rescued six New Zealand 
children from ?internet sex abuse settings?, Police Minister Judith Collins told 
Parliament in response to a question about the internet and child safety.

nz: Children's Facebook use concerns
Two Marlborough primary school principals are worried some of their pupils have 
signed up to social networking site Facebook.

au: Law needs to catch up with cyber bullies
Last winter, a 14-year-old Lismore boy named Alex Wildman was beaten and bullied 
until he took his own life.

iPod hits a sour note as apps take over
The invitation to Apple's event on Wednesday at the Yerba Buena centre in San 
Francisco shows an acoustic guitar, with a soundhole in the shape of the Apple 
logo. Seasoned watchers of the company know that this is the time of year when 
the iPod gets a refresh, yet there's a shadow over the digital music player that 
turned Apple from an also-ran computer company into a force in the technology 

iPod sales drop to lowest quarterly number since 2006
... The latest sales figures for the quarter to June showed 9m sold ? the lowest 
quarterly number since 2006. In short, the iPod, launched in October 2001, looks 
to be in terminal decline. While Apple is unworried ? sales of its iPhone and 
iPad are booming ? the drooping figures for the digital music player market are 
a concern for another sector: the music companies.

Apple raises stakes in TV battle
The digital entertainment company made its most serious bid yet for the 
internet-connected television market, slashing the price and size of its AppleTV 
product by more than half

From Apple, a Step Into Social Media for Music
Apple jumped into the social networking business on Wednesday, introducing Ping, 
a service built into iTunes that is intended to help users discover new music 
and, presumably, buy more songs from Apple.

Sony in streaming challenge to Apple
Sony set out its challenge to Apple and Google as it revealed an internet 
?cloud-based? music streaming service that would be available on many of its 
networked consumer electronics products

Sony Ericsson Says China Is Embracing Smartphones
Sony Ericsson Chief Executive Bert Nordberg said Tuesday that he expects 
smartphone use in China to expand to half of all mobile-phone users in the 
country within five years, as the company joins other global handset makers in 
shifting its focus to higher-end devices.

Blackberry gets 60-day India ban reprieve
India has said it will delay a ban on Blackberry devices for 60 days while it 
reviews proposals from the gadget's maker, Research in Motion (RIM).

Google and Skype could be hit by India data curbs
India has toughened its scrutiny of telecoms firms with a directive demanding 
"access to everything".

India says will ask Google, Skype for data access
India on Wednesday launched a clampdown on major Internet communications firms, 
including Google and Skype, and began accessing some BlackBerry traffic in a 
campaign driven by security fears.

India lifts threat of block on BlackBerrys
The Indian government has lifted a threat to block certain BlackBerry 
communication services following moves by the technology firm Research in Motion 
that could allow the country's security authorities greater access to snoop on 

In India, BlackBerry Gets 2-Month Reprieve on Threat of Ban
In a sign that India and the maker of popular BlackBerry devices might be closer 
to settling a dispute over law enforcement?s access to corporate e-mail, the 
government on Monday said that it would study and test a proposal by the company 
for two months.

RIM sidesteps BlackBerry ban in India
Research In Motion, the maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone, has averted 
yet another ban of its e-mail and messaging service, according to news reports 

Android-based Galaxy S may be taking advantage of an Apple backlash
Shipments of Samsung Mobile's Galaxy S Android smartphone reached 1 million 
units in the U.S. 45 days after it first became available, the company announced 

iPhone set to replace the stethoscope
The stethoscope ? medical icon, lifesaver and doctor's best friend ? is 
disappearing from hospitals across the world as physicians increasingly use 
their smartphones to monitor patients' heartbeats.

uk: Orange rolls out high-definition voice for mobiles
Mobile firm Orange has become the first UK network to use a technology that 
offers higher quality voice calls.

China Will Require ID for Cellphone Numbers; Noncompliance Means No Service
The Chinese government on Wednesday began to require cellphone users to furnish 
identification when buying SIM cards, a move officials cast as an effort to rein 
in burgeoning cellphone spam, pornography and fraud schemes.

Critics put on mute as China tightens mobile phone rules
Chinese mobile telephone users must register their personal details to buy phone 
numbers under a rule that comes into force from Wednesday, in what the 
government calls an attack on spam but some see as a blow to privacy.

China requires ID to buy mobile phone numbers [AP]
China began requiring identification on Wednesday from anyone purchasing a new 
mobile phone number in what it says is a bid to stamp out rampant junk messages 
but that some say is raising new privacy concerns.


Blackberry loses more ground to Apple and Android
In a continuing trend, more businesses are shifting loyalties from Blackberry to 
iPhones and Android devices as the relative newcomers make inroads into the 
corporate world. Three-quarters of the 200 businesses surveyed in the United 
States and the U.K in the study reported that their employees are choosing other 
than Blackberry, Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd. reported to Bloomberg. The number was 
83 percent for U.S. companies.


ke: 'Brain haemorrhage' SMS stirs panic [AFP]
Kenya's telecommunications regulator has told mobile phone users to ignore 
swirling rumours that receiving calls from some numbers appearing in red can 
cause brain haemorrhage.

Huge Spamming Botnet Injured but Still Alive [IDG]
A botnet responsible for a significant amount of spam has been crippled but may 
reconstitute itself in a matter of weeks, according to vendor M86 Security.

'LOL is this you?' spam spreading via Facebook chat
Facebook on Friday afternoon was investigating what appeared to be a new spam 
scheme that results in users getting messages from friends over Facebook chat 
that have malicious links.

1 in 3 Internet Users Think All Websites Are Equally Dangerous
A third of all Internet users thinks that virtually every website poses a 
potential security threat. According to a new survey by German online security 
firm Avira, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of potential security 
issues online, but it looks like for quite a large population of Web surfers, 
this has turned into something akin to paranoia. Less than 5% of respondents 
suspect that big portals are especially vulnerable, while 27% (rightly) think 
warez sites pose major security risks, and 34.5% think that all websites are 
equally dangerous.


Pentagon considers preemptive strikes as part of cyber-defense strategy
The Pentagon is contemplating an aggressive approach to defending its computer 
systems that includes preemptive actions such as knocking out parts of an 
adversary's computer network overseas - but it is still wrestling with how to 
pursue the strategy legally.

Need to deploy DNSSEC? NIST publishes its how-to.
Secure and dependable use of the Internet depends on the ability of users and 
devices to navigate the Web using familiar domain names that are mapped to IP 

DARPA launches insider threat detection effort for military
The Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a project for 
detecting and responding to insider threats on Department of Defense networks.

Software War Pits Oracle vs. Google
Free open-source software began with high-technology tinkerers and researchers. 
Sharing code and ideas was their priority, not profits. In the tech industry, 
they were sometimes compared to socialists and communists.

Major Disruption of Pushdo Botnet Wasn't The Original Goal
The researchers who successfully shut down much of the Pushdo botnet's 
infrastructure last week didn't go in planning to take down a large chunk of the 
botnet -- that was a secondary but major byproduct of some related botnet 
research they were conducting.

nz: Do your friends a favour - stop sending hoax emails [news release]
Police are urging email users to stop and think before sending on hoax emails.

Sweden Reopens Rape Investigation of WikiLeaks Founder
The Swedish authorities announced Wednesday that they were reopening an 
investigation of rape allegations against Julian Assange, the founder of the 
WikiLeaks Web site, saying there was ?reason to believe that a crime has been 

NZ Police: Google committed no crime with Wi-Fi data grab
Police have found no evidence Google committed a criminal offence by gathering 
personal wireless internet data during its street view operation in New Zealand.

NZ police give Google all-clear
A police investigation has found Google did not commit a crime while carrying 
out its controversial Street View project - but has referred the matter back to 
the Privacy Commissioner.

Kiwi police give Google all-clear
A police investigation has found Google did not commit a crime while carrying 
out its controversial Street View project - but has referred the matter back to 
the Privacy Commissioner.

Will Russia's Bloggers Survive Censorship Push?
With so many of their media sources controlled by the state or 
government-friendly oligarchs, Russians have turned to their bloggers to keep 
informed and give voice to their grievances and concerns. But many of those in 
power are now seeking to impose rigid limits on online freedom.

fj: Workshop works on cyber law
Limited regulation on cyber security in Fiji and the Pacific has seen an 
increase in unwanted and unsafe activities on the internet, a workshop in Suva 
heard yesterday.

us: Net neutrality compromise still on the table [IDG]
A brokerage firm report overstates that companies negotiating network neutrality 
rules have agreed to a compromise, according to two sources close to the 



us: Lawmakers Respond to Net Neutrality Proceedings
In response to the FCC's announcement to seek further comment on net neutrality 
issues, key lawmakers pushed their agenda on Internet regulation.

ASA to regulate UK social media marketing
Marketing messages that appear on company websites and social media services 
such as Facebook and Twitter are to be subject to the same regulations as 
adverts that appear on television, newspapers or other media.

Advertising Standards Authority gets online power
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is extending its remit to cover the 
online realm.

Advertising rules extend to website content from March 2011
Adverts and marketing communications by companies on their own websites and on 
free services like Facebook and Twitter will fall within the remit of the UK's 
advertising watchdog for the first time from 1st March 2011.

UK to launch ?comprehensive? policing of online advertising
The UK is to introduce one of the world?s most ambitious attempts to police 
online marketing next year, when the Advertising Standards Authority extends its 
regime to corporate websites, social networks and mobile applications.

Opinion: NZ minister's misguided attack on game [Gameplanet]
In the past, video games, and those who play them, have been easy targets for 
tabloid journalists with a looming deadline and column inches to fill.

Google renews licensing deal with AP for news content [IDG]
After months of negotiations, Google has renewed the content licensing deal that 
allows it to publish full-text news articles from the Associated Press on Google 
sites such as Google News.

Google, AP strike new deal on Web licensing rights [AP]
Google Inc. has retained the right to publish content from The Associated Press 
under a new licensing deal that thaws the sometimes-frosty relationship between 
the two companies.


AP settles Google News stalemate
Google and the Associated Press have struck a new agreement for the search 
engine operator to carry the news agency?s content, breaking a stalemate that 
had seen AP stories briefly disappear from Google News

The nanotech revolution in NZ
Thanks to nanotechnology, Kiwis may one day sell very small holes to the world.

Cisco, Itron to jointly design smart energy grid communications
Networking giant Cisco today announced an alliance with Itron, a Liberty Lake, 
Wash.-based utility metering technology company, to develop secure Internet 
Protocol (IP) communications technology for so-called smart energy grids that 
connect wired and wireless networks.

Telstra becomes first to offer HSPA+ at 42M bps [IDG]
Australian mobile network operator Telstra has become the first operator to 
launch a mobile broadband service using HSPA+ at 42M bps (bits per second), it 
said on Monday.

Telstra Next G speed bump pushed back by politics
Telstra doubled the speeds of its Next G network but delayed its announcement 
for a week after the election campaign, fearing it may "influence the debate" 
between the independents who are deciding who will govern the country.


nz: Numbering problems with VoIP identified
The authority that controls New Zealand?s numbering plan is embarking on a fact 
finding mission to Europe, to determine how numbers should be allocated in the 
transition from traditional fixed-line PSTN voice services to VoIP.

us: F.C.C. Seeks More Input on Wireless Internet Rules
On the Internet, data moves at the speed of light. The Federal Communications 
Commission, not so fast.

Singapore Aims to Raise Penalties for Telcos [IDG]
Singapore's Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) has 
proposed changes to a law governing telecommunications operators that would 
raise penalties for companies that violate conditions of their licenses.

S'pore NBN operator remains bullish amid competition
Nucleus Connect, operating company for Singapore's next-generation national 
broadband network, announces start of commercial operations and expresses 
confidence in its value proposition even as SingTel unveils its own OpCo bid.

Broadband Britain milestone as BT signs up 15 millionth customer
The drive to create Broadband Britain has hit another milestone, as BT signed up 
the 15 millionth user to its high-speed network last week.

ca: CRTC hands victory to smaller Internet providers
The country?s major Internet providers such as BCE Inc.?s Bell Canada and Telus 
Corp. must lease network space to smaller competitors at matching speeds to 
ensure competition for broadband services, the telecom regulator said in a key 
ruling Monday.

us: Plan for nationwide free wireless broadband finally shot down
For four years the Federal Communications Commission tossed the idea around like 
a beach ball: a coast-to-coast free wireless service across the low end of the 
2GHz "AWS-3" band. The service would pay for itself via advertisements and by 
selling commercial access to various portions of the license area. The company 
that proposed the plan, M2Z Networks, would commit to building out the project 
in a decade, and pay five percent of its annual revenue to the United States 


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