[DNS] domain name news - 20 May

[DNS] domain name news - 20 May

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 03:41:13 -0700 (PDT)
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Public Comment: Draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget...Ready for Community Consideration

ICANN is Seeking Independent Researchers to Respond to Request for Proposal on WHOIS Privacy and Proxy Abuse Study

Public Comments Opens Today: Questions to the Community on Accountability and Transparency within ICANN

IANA Continuity Exercise Report Published

Russia Launches First Cyrillic IDN ccTLD, First Russian Internet Governance Forum

ICANN Snubs Bulgaria's Cyrillic Internet Domain Name

za: AusRegistry International Expands into Africa

Nato faces cyber attack threat, says study of defences

au: Cybersquatter sets sights from Bindi to politics

No room at the internet

Understanding the Value of VeriSign?s Monopoly

Public Comment: Draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget...Ready for Community Consideration
The draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget is posted and ready for community consideration. Translations will be posted shortly as they become available.

ICANN is Seeking Independent Researchers to Respond to Request for Proposal on WHOIS Privacy and Proxy Abuse Study
The GNSO is responsible for developing and recommending to the ICANN Board substantive policies relating to gTLDs. The GNSO Council is now exploring several extensive studies of WHOIS and has asked ICANN to estimate the cost and feasibility of conducting several studies proposed by members of the ICANN community and ICANN?s Government Advisory Committee.

Public Comments Opens Today: Questions to the Community on Accountability and Transparency within ICANN
Explanation/Background: In the Affirmation of Commitments (AoC), ICANN commits to maintain and improve robust mechanisms for public input, accountability and transparency so as to ensure that the outcomes of its decision-making will reflect the public interest and be accountable to all stakeholders.

IANA Continuity Exercise Report Published
ICANN is today releasing the After Action Report [PDF, 248 KB] from the IANA Business Continuity Exercise conducted on 19 January 2010. The exercise was discussed during the ICANN Nairobi meeting.

Internet Networking Executive Named as IANA Vice President
Elise Gerich, a 21 year veteran of Internet networking, has been named the Vice President for the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) function of ICANN.

Russia To Become One of World?s Leading IT Trendsetters
Russia must become one of the world?s leading developers of IT technologies, President Dmitry Medvedev told the committee for modernization and technological development of the nation?s economy. The president also said that he was satisfied with the introduction of telecommunication systems of new generation in Russia. ... ?I have just checked, the website ?????????.?? is up and running. The Cyrillic website of the government downloads too. The websites of other state departments will have Cyrillic domains ready this month. Commercial companies will be able to use Cyrillic domain names a bit later. Russia has become the first country in the world which obtained the national domain of the top level,? Medvedev said.

Russia Launches First Cyrillic IDN ccTLD, First Russian Internet Governance Forum
A delegation from ICANN, headed by President and CEO Rod Beckstrom and including Barbara Clay, Tina Dam and Veni Markovski, was in Moscow on a 3-day visit, and participated actively in a number of events (in time order):

ICANN Snubs Bulgaria's Cyrillic Internet Domain Name
ICANN has turned down Bulgaria's proposal for a domain name in Cyrillic with a "??" suffix.

ICM Tells ICANN To SH*T Or Get Off The Pot on .XXX: But Is It Too Late?
Now that the comment period for the .XXX extension has closed, the ICM Registry sent a letter to ICANN asking them to make a decision on the extension.

ICANN Kills Two More Domain Name Registrars
ICANN has de-accredited two domain name registrars for violating their accreditation agreements.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
German Internet Temporarily Down Last Week
Many internet users could have found German (.DE) websites and email addresses inaccessible for a short period last week following problems with faulty servers. On Wednesday (May 12) from around 13:30 to 15:45 servers went down causing the problems meaning some domains were inaccessible with website error messages being given saying the "domain does not exist".

Technical Glitch
A MAJOR technical glitch shut down a wide swath of the German internet leaving many websites with .de domains unavailable.

UK ponders trademark protection for two-character domains
With the UK yet to release one- and two-character domains, registry Nominet is canvassing for feedback on the proposed introduction process. Brand owners would be advised to get involved to avoid a repeat of the German experience, where the lack of a sunrise period resulted in a free-for-all for key domains.

za: AusRegistry International Expands into Africa
AusRegistry International, a leading international provider of Domain Name Registry Services, has been selected by the .za Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) to provide consultancy services to support a new Domain Name Registry System for South Africa?s .za ccTLD.

Nato faces cyber attack threat, says study of defences
The world's most powerful military alliance is increasingly vulnerable to attack by unconventional weapons and cyberwarfare in particular, Nato governments were warned today.

Symantec?s VeriSign Asset Buy: a Long Time Coming
To Symantec?s chief executive, Enrique Salem, finding the perfect solution to expanding his vision of the company as an omnipresent shield for users? sensitive information was just a matter of looking.

'VeriSign Secured' sold to Symantec [AP]
SYMANTEC is paying $US1.28 billion in cash to buy a division of VeriSign that sells security technology to websites.

Symantec to Buy VeriSign's Authentication Business [IDG]
The two companies confirmed the rumored acquisition Wednesday, saying it would give VeriSign the opportunity to focus on its more-profitable domain name business, while allowing Symantec to broaden its growing portfolio of enterprise security products.

Can VeriSign deal make Symantec the Web's identity broker?
With its acquisition of VeriSign's authentication business, Symantec is making a big play for a piece of the market for services that validate the identity of users and content on the Web.

More Stepping Stones Before This Summer's Seminal DNSSEC Events by Ram Mohan
The deployment of Domain Security Extensions (DNSSEC) has crossed another milestone this month with the publication of DURZ (deliberately unvalidatable root zone) in all DNS root servers on 5 May 2010. While this change was virtually invisible to most Internet users, this event and the remaining testing that will occur over these next two months will dictate the ultimate success of DNSSEC deployment across the Internet

au: Cybersquatter sets sights from Bindi to politics
A notorious cybersquatter has taken residence at two prime pieces of Queensland political online real estate.

 - IPv4/IPv6
No room at the internet
Could everyone please stop launching blogs and upgrading smartphones and buying airconditioners that are operated across the web? The internet is nearly full.

Move to IPv6 critical as internet reaches limits of growth
The existing internet based on Internet Protocol version 4 is running out of available addresses due to massive web growth, particularly mobile internet in developing nations and is set to reach maximum capacity by September 2011.

Understanding the Value of VeriSign?s Monopoly
Just how valuable is VeriSign?s monopoly on .com and .net domain name registrations? With rumors that the company is seeking a buyer for its security group, leaving it basically with just registry services, the monopoly is being thrust back into the spotlight.

Buzz by Matt Cutts
... One person asked a question that we forgot to make a video for: "Can you list in order of importance the things that make a site to be seen by google as a site from a particular country?" Since we didn't make it as a video, here's the answer as a quick bonus: 1. country code TLD (ccTLD) such as .de or .fr; 2. geotargeting in the webmaster console and 3. IP address.

ccTLD Most Important Factor in Google Location Determination
It?s no secret that Google uses several factors to determine where a web site is ?located? and thus determine its relevance to each individual searcher. But there has been a lot of debate about which factors are most important.

Digital Agenda: investment in digital economy holds key to Europe's future prosperity, says Commission report [news release]
Europe's digital economy is growing in strength, spreading throughout all sectors of the economy and reaching into all areas of our lives, according to the European Commission's Digital Competitiveness report published today. Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) have driven half of the productivity growth in Europe over the past 15 years. Six out of ten Europeans regularly use the internet. However, if Europe wants to fully exploit the potential benefits of the digital economy, it must step up a gear and provide faster broadband and an internet people trust, improve citizens' skills, and encourage even more ICT innovation. The European Commission will propose specific measures in these areas with its Digital Agenda for Europe, a flagship of the Europe 2020 strategy, to be launched shortly.

Report Highlights Tech's Growing Role In Europe
A new report released Monday on Europe's digital economy found that information and communications technologies have driven half of the growth in productivity among the European Union's member states in the last 15 years.

Egyptians go online to seek political change
Eman AbdelRahman is one of 200,000 people who have signed up on Facebook to back Mohamed ElBaradei, the former U.N. nuclear boss who has said he wants to shatter 30 years of political stasis in Egypt by running for president.

Google web expansion set to rile rivals
Google announced ambitious web expansion plans on Wednesday, involving video, an application store and cloud computing in moves likely to antagonise further its rivals.

Google debates face recognition technology
Google executives are wrestling over whether to launch controversial facial recognition technology after a barrage of criticism over its privacy policies.

Google Pitches a Web-Centric Future
Google delivered its vision of a Web-centric future on Wednesday in front of around 5,000 software developers at its annual Google I/O conference.

Britons spend more than 'one day a month online'
British web users are spending 65% more time online than three years ago, according to a survey of net habits. The average surfer spends 22 and a quarter hours on the net each month, according to the UK Online Measurement company (UKOM).

Brits spend over 22 hours per month online; social networking contributes to 65% surge
Brits spend on average 22 hours and 15 minutes surfing the web every month, says UK Online Measurement (UKOM).

Asian mums hooked on Internet for children, selves-study
The Internet is a lifeline for Asian mothers, with a survey finding two-thirds use it to shop for themselves and their children and an even bigger number going online to research purchases and talk about them.

Google looks to make peace with Murdoch
Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google, said the internet company had had talks with Rupert Murdoch and other newspaper proprietors about helping run subscription services for their online sites.

Britons grow cautious about social networking data
Twice as many UK adults have a social networking profile now compared to two years ago and those users are nearly twice as likely to keep their profiles private, according to research by media and telecoms regulator Ofcom.

UK internet users becoming more security conscious [news release]
Most UK internet users are becoming more knowledgeable about security issues and less willing to provide personal information online than in 2007, according to Ofcom's Media Literacy reports which reveal the UK's media consumption habits and attitudes.

Kiwi broadband performance: Behind the figures
Since Epitiro started tracking New Zealand's broadband performance in 2007, there has been an extraordinary improvement in service levels - particularly for urban-based New Zealanders in the North Island.

London to Get Full Wi-fi Coverage by 2012 Olympics
Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has promised that "every lampost and every bus stop will one day very soon, and before the 2012 Olympics, be wi-fi enabled." Speaking at a Google Zeitgeist event held in Hertfordshire, Johnson added London could soon be the technology capital of the world. "Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the internet, was born in London, so we claim paternity of the internet," the Mayor said. "London is the home of technological innovation. We in City Hall are doing our best to keep up, and one of our most important projects is called Wi-fi London."

Democracy is gift from Nigerian youths,says Nigerian President as he opens Facebook Account
President Goodluck Jonathan gave kudos, yesterday, to Nigerian youths for their role in and contribution to national growth,and described the current democracy as a gift from them.

France Takes Aim at Giant Facebook-Planned Drink-ups
Following the death of a 21-year-old reveller at a mass, open air party organized via Facebook last week in Nantes, French officials are exploring ways to put an end to the "cocktail parties." Most of the parties planned for the weekend fizzled out.

Facebook exodus on the cards as watchdog swoops in
Facebook users are already deleting their accounts over recent privacy snafus as the Australian privacy watchdog steps in to ensure users are not being forced to share private information against their will.

Facebook mulls u-turn on privacy
Facebook looks likely to cave into pressure from users and simplify its privacy settings in the near future. It follows criticisms of its privacy policy from US senators, the European Union and civil liberty groups.

Facebook Grapples With Privacy Issues
A backlash over Facebook Inc.'s privacy practices has triggered disagreement inside the company that could force Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to scale back efforts to encourage users to share more about themselves in public.

MySpace simplifies settings as Facebook criticised [AFP]
MySpace has announced plans to simplify its privacy settings as it seeks to differentiate itself from social network rival Facebook, which is under fire over its privacy practices.

One Moos and One Hums, but They Could Help Power Google
Hey diddle diddle. Guess what the cow has done this time? America?s dairy farmers could soon find themselves in the computer business, with the manure from their cows possibly powering the vast data centers of companies like Google and Microsoft. While not immediately intuitive, the idea plays on two trends: the building of computing centers in more rural locales, and dairy farmers? efforts to deal with cattle waste by turning it into fuel.

Gartner Says Western Europe PC Market Grew 19 Per Cent in First Quarter 2010 [news release]
PC shipments in Western Europe totalled 18.1 million units in the first quarter of 2010, a 19.4 per cent increase from the same period in 2009, according to Gartner, Inc.

AusCert 2010: Australian net filter doomed
Renowned security expert, Marcus Ranum, has declared Australia's Internet content filter will fail to combat child porn and may not get off the ground.

au: Call to ban internet phones, introduce web use contracts for teenagers
BANNING teenagers from using mobile phones that have access to the internet and making them sign a contract agreeing to terms and conditions for their online usage are among the keys to keeping young people cyber safe.

au: Police warn teens about Facebook
Young people should be wary of unknown "friends" on social networking sites like Facebook and MSN, should lock their profiles and should think twice before posting photographs of themselves, after a young woman was allegedly murdered by a person she befriended online.

au: Learning to take risks is an essential part of growing up
ARGUMENTS over whether Jessica Watson should have been ''allowed'' to attempt her around-the-world voyage now seem redundant. Yet we should not forget the heated debate that her ambition evoked in many media commentators and no doubt many parents. In the end, her success has silenced the critics.

Tribunal OKs ACMA's EFA takedown request
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has ruled against Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) in a case where the digital lobby group was protesting a takedown request from the communications regulator.

Wikileaks-Aktivist auf australischem Flughafen festgehalten
Dem australischen Wikileaks-Aktivist Julian Assange wurde am Flughafen von Melbourne vorr?bergehend der Reisepass entzogen. Beh?rden durchsuchten sein Gep?ck und befragten ihn zu seiner Vergangenheit als Hacker, wie er in einem Interview mit SBS Dateline sagte.

Wikileaks-Sprecher kritisiert den iPad-Journalismus
Julian Assange, Sprecher der Whistleblower-Plattform Wikileaks, hat w?hrend eines Live-Chats zur Frage der Zensur von Inhalten auf Apples iPhone/iPad-Plattform Stellung genommen.

Finnish teachers suffer Internet bullying - survey
More than one in ten Finnish teachers say they have been harassed via the Internet, with a female upper elementary school teacher below 40 the most likely target, a study by Finland's Trade Union of Education showed.

Wikipedia, porn, and the FBI: how sexual images are handled
Everybody is wondering who is in charge at Wikipedia ever since Fox News reported that founder Jimmy Wales has relinquished some control over the site's material. The story claimed that, following Wales' alleged attempt to delete a slew of pornographic images from the site, he has been denied the right "to delete files, remove administrators, assign projects or edit any content."

us: For Children, a Social Network With Training Wheels
Mandeep Singh Dhillon?s son, Zoraver, learned how to take pictures of himself with his father?s computer when he was four years old, and he immediately wanted to share the results with relatives online. Mr. Dhillon liked the idea of his son developing skills at an early age that he would use for a lifetime, but was also hesitant to let Zoraver loose on the open Internet. He began working on an alternative.

'Facebook' for kids keeps parents in the loop [AP]
Kids under 13 aren't allowed on Facebook, but that hasn't stopped many of them from joining.

us: Togetherville brings social networking to children
Thanks to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are off-limits to kids under 13. That's not to say that preteens aren't using these sites--many are--but they have to lie about their age to sign up.

Obscene images shake up Internet encyclopedia
Pornographic images contained on the Web site were recently revealed in a Fox TV news report.

Internet television
Internet television (Internet TV or iTV) is television service distributed over the Internet. Internet TV allows viewers to choose the show or channel they want to watch from a library of shows or from a channel directory. Internet TV is not the same as IPTV, as IPTV is typically offered on discrete service provider... moreInternet television (Internet TV or iTV) is television service distributed over the Internet. Internet TV allows viewers to choose the show or channel they want to watch from a library of shows or from a channel directory. Internet TV is not the same as IPTV, as IPTV is typically offered on discrete service provider networks, guaranteeing service quality, and often require a specific IPTV set-top box. This topic covers the latest news on Internet TV growing popularity.

Pressure Grows on Spain to Curb Digital Piracy
In the last decade, a surge of music and movie sharing online in Spain has thrilled fans, but it has also increased pressure from as far away as Hollywood to clamp down. Spanish lawmakers are expected to vote this year on a measure that would allow the swift closing of sites suspected of facilitating file-sharing.

At YouTube, Adolescence Begins at 5
... That cornucopia of content appears to be turning YouTube ? considered by many to be a risky investment when it was bought for $1.65 billion at the end of 2006 ? into one of Google?s smartest acquisitions. On Monday, YouTube will celebrate its fifth birthday by announcing it has passed two billion video views a day; YouTube said it reached the one billion mark in October.

Google aims to offer internet on your TV
Google is set to move into the living room with a computer operating system that will bring the internet to home televisions.

YouTube hits 2bn daily downloads
Video sharing website YouTube now gets more than two billion hits daily. That's nearly double the number of people who tune into the US's three prime time TV stations combined, its owners Google have said.

LimeWire must share users' liabilities for copyright infringement, says US court
Peer to peer (P2P) software company LimeWire induced its users to infringe copyright by the unauthorised sharing of music and film files and shares responsibility for that infringement, a US court has ruled.

au: AFACT applauds LimeWire ruling
The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) has welcomed a US Federal Court ruling that popular peer-to-peer file sharing service, LimeWire and its operators, are liable for inducement of copyright infringement.

HTC unveils Wildfire smartphone with latest Android operating system
The battle between Apple and Google for the lion's share of the smartphone market is due to heat up with the arrival of a new phone aimed squarely at taking the online search engine group's Android mobile platform to the mass market. ... Despite a shaky start when the first device, the G1, went on sale more than a year after Apple's iPhone had launched, Android has gained real traction in the last few months in its battle with Apple. In the first quarter of the year, phones with Android outsold Apple's iPhone in the US for the first time, according to market research by the NPD Group. The market for phones that can send emails, access the web and download applications is still dominated by the BlackBerry, made by Canada's Research In Motion and a brand which last year celebrated its 10th birthday. But Android is closing the gap. In the UK, almost one in every five smartphones sold now uses Android, according to retail experts GfK.

Mobile phone study finds no solid link to brain tumours
Publication of a landmark study into mobile phones and brain cancer was delayed for years because scientists failed to agree on its findings and whether to issue a warning about excessive use of the devices, the Guardian has learned.

Questions About Cellphones and Brain Tumors
A long-awaited study of cellphone use and brain health has finally been released, but the data are raising more questions than answers.

Mobile phone games market to grow 19 percent
Global mobile phone gaming market revenues will rise 19 percent to $5.6 billion (3.8 billion pounds) this year, helped by a boom in different application stores and growth in emerging markets, research firm Gartner said on Monday.

Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 17 Per Cent in First Quarter 2010 [news release]
Worldwide mobile phone sales to end users totalled 314.7 million units in the first quarter of 2010, a 17 per cent increase from the same period in 2009, according to Gartner, Inc. Smarpthone sales to end users reached 54.3 million units, an increase of 48.7 per cent from the first quarter of 2009. Among the most successful vendors were those that controlled an integrated set of operating system (OS), hardware and services.

Apple's IPhone Still Ahead of Android Globally, Says Gartner [IDG]
Sales of Android-based smartphones may have passed those of Apple's iPhone in North America, but globally the iPhone is still ahead of Android by more than 3 million units, according to market research company Gartner.

Telstra boss David Thodey a fan of mobile net
It's been a bumpy and at times bruising ride for David Thodey since he took the helm at Telstra a year ago, but the boss of the nation's dominant telco remains optimistic.

Search-engine spam targeting popular news items
The earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the Toyota recall, and Apple's iPad are just some of the search terms that cybercriminals are using to corrupt search-engine results, according to McAfee's first-quarter Threats Report released Tuesday.

McAfee Reveals the Top Five Malware and Spam Trends Worldwide in Q1 2010 Threats Report [news release]
McAfee Inc. today unveiled its McAfee Threats Report: First Quarter 2010, which uncovered that a USB worm has taken the No. 1 spot for top malware worldwide. Spam trends show that email subjects vary greatly from country to country with diploma spam out of China and other Asian countries on the rise. Earthquake news and other major 2010 events drive poisoned Web searches, and U.S.-based servers host the majority of new malicious URLs.

us: Judge permanently shuts down ISP catering to spam, porn [IDG]
A federal judge has ordered the permanent closure of an Internet service provider long accused of hosting and distributing spam, spyware, child pornography and other illegal content, at the request of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Nato faces cyber attack threat, says study of defences
The world's most powerful military alliance is increasingly vulnerable to attack by unconventional weapons and cyberwarfare in particular, Nato governments were warned today.

au: CSIRO tackles top US carriers over WiFi patent
The CSIRO's WiFi patent saga has taken an industry-shaking twist, with the science agency deciding to draw the US's top three mobile carriers into the fray -- AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile.

CSIRO sues US carriers over Wi-Fi
CSIRO today confirmed it had initiated patent infringement lawsuits in the US District Court against carriers AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon over its much sought-after Wi-Fi patent.

Google sees 'everything', says cryptography pioneer Whitfield Diffie
Internet public key cryptography pioneer Whitfield Diffie says Google can see "what everyone in the world is interested in", and warns there will be security and intellectual property challenges ahead as cloud computing gathers steam.

Criminals shift their point of attack to high-traffic, highly trusted websites
Business and government websites are being targeted by online criminals as a conduit for mass Trojan infections, AusCERT general manager Graham Ingram warns.

au: CERT's role still unclear: government-owned and operated national CERT
Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team is still locked in contract negotiations over its role, a year after the Rudd government announced plans for a government-owned and operated national CERT.

Russian crimeware host is knocked off the web
A Russian internet host reportedly popular with gangs who stole online bank logins has been taken offline. The PROXIEZ-NET service had previously advertised itself as immune to attempts to shut it down.

au: Teen's murder sparks Facebook privacy plea
Police are urging teenagers to remove their profile pictures and personal details from Facebook after a man was charged with the murder of a young Sydney woman last week.

au: Mantra Group Warns Consumers Against Booking Holidays Through Unlicensed Operators
One of Australia's leading accommodation providers Mantra Group has warned consumers they risked losing their hard-earned money and holiday experiences by booking accommodation online through unlicensed operators.

au: Qld Police battles unsecured Wi-Fi
Queensland Police testing has shown that 50 per cent of wireless networks are unsecured in select areas, according to Queensland Police detective superintendent Brian Hay.

Australian Privacy Act 'likely' breached by Google
Google's collection of Wi-Fi data in Australia was a "likely breach" of the Privacy Act, according to Australian Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis.

Privacy watchdog probes Google's Wi-Fi data harvest
The Australian Privacy Commission has launched an investigation into Google?s collection of Wi-Fi data following revelations by the company at the weekend that it had "mistakenly" collected personal data when taking photographs for its Street View mapping service.

Italy investigates Google's Street View
Italy has started an investigation into Google Inc's Street View web service, a local watchdog said on Wednesday following the U.S. group's announcement it had accidentally collected personal data over wireless networks.

Germany Investigates Google?s Data Collecting
Prosecutors in Hamburg opened a criminal investigation of Google on Wednesday over its collecting of private Internet data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in Germany.

Germany Asks Google to Surrender Private Data
Google came under increased pressure in Europe on Tuesday over its collection of private data from unsecured home wireless networks as a German regulator threatened legal action if the company did not surrender a hard drive for inspection.

German prosecutors probing Google's mapping breach [AP]
German prosecutors are investigating Google Inc. on suspicion it violated privacy laws when it recorded fragments of people's online activities through unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Google chief Eric Schmidt downplays wi-fi privacy row
Google has downplayed privacy fears after it was revealed that its Street View cars had been harvesting data from private wi-fi networks.

Google's Eric Schmidt: privacy is paramount
Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt, has defended his company's record on privacy in the wake of the discovery that its Street View camera cars had accidentally recorded data from unsecured domestic Wi-Fi networks, insisting that Google has the "most consumer-centric privacy policy of any service online".

Eric Schmidt says Google should not be prosecuted for wi-fi records
The chief executive of Google admitted to major privacy mistakes today as regulators prepare to launch probes into the company for recording personal communications sent over the unsecured wireless networks in people?s homes.

Google told to destroy British personal Wi-Fi data as fears grow over online privacy
The UK Information Commissioner's Office has ordered Google to destroy personal data that was collected from British home wireless networks in 2008.

Europe adds to pressure on Google
European pressure on Google over its interception of private WiFi data intensified on Tuesday when German prosecutors and the Czech data protection agency launched investigations into the issue.

Pakistan court orders Facebook ban
A Pakistani court has issued a ban on the social networking site Facebook after a user-generated contest page encouraged members to post caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

Pakistan blocks Facebook in row over Muhammad drawings
Pakistan today blocked Facebook indefinitely in response to public outrage over a competition on the social networking site that encourages people to post drawings of the prophet Muhammad.

Pakistan bans Facebook over Mohammed cartoons [AFP]
A Pakistani court has ordered authorities to block Facebook in the country over a page encouraging users to post caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed on the site.

Pakistan blocks Facebook over caricatures
The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) directed Internet service providers to block Facebook indefinitely on Wednesday because of an online competition to draw the Prophet Mohammad.

Pakistan blocks YouTube over "blasphemous" material
Pakistan has blocked the popular video sharing website YouTube in a bid to contain "blasphemous" material, officials said on Thursday.

Russia's Slick Internet Repression Makes China's Look Clumsy By Comparison
China may be one of the world's most Internet-repressive regimes. But its Great Firewall is a clumsy and ineffective tool compared with the subtle information control techniques developed over the last few years by Russia and many of the former Soviet states.

Google in sexism row amid claims it 'censored cougar dating site adverts'
Google has become embroiled in a sexism row after reportedly censoring advertisements for a so-called ?cougar? dating websites for women despite taking no action against similar sites for men.

Google's family friendly cougar ban
Google is being accused of double standards after a decision to censor the placement of ads for a dating site catering for "cougars" - older women who seek the company of younger men.

China's Web "firewall" should be WTO issue -EU's Kroes
China's Internet "firewall" is a trade barrier and needs to be tackled within the framework of the World Trade Organisation, Neelie Kroes, vice-president of the European Commission, told reporters in Shanghai on Monday.

WikiLeaks works to expose government secrets, but Web site's sources are a mystery
For an organization dedicated to exposing secrets, WikiLeaks keeps a close hold on its own affairs. Its Web site doesn't list a street address or phone number, or the names of key officers. Officially, it has no employees, headquarters or even a post office box.

Europe outlines plan to boost broadband by 2020
Half of European households will have broadband speeds of 30Mbps (megabits per second) by 2020, the European Union has pledged. It also promised universal broadband coverage by 2013 while getting half of Europeans using public services and shopping online by 2015.

Digital Agenda: Commission outlines action plan to boost Europe's prosperity and well-being
Implementing the ambitious Digital Agenda for Europe unveiled today by the European Commission would contribute significantly to the EU's economic growth and spread the benefits of the digital era to all sections of society. Half of European productivity growth over the past 15 years was already driven by information and communications technologies (see IP/10/571) and this trend is likely to accelerate. The Agenda outlines seven priority areas for action: creating a digital Single Market, greater interoperability, boosting internet trust and security, much faster internet access, more investment in research and development, enhancing digital literacy skills and inclusion, and applying information and communications technologies to address challenges facing society like climate change and the ageing population. Examples of benefits include easier electronic payments and invoicing, rapid deployment of telemedicine and energy efficient lighting. In these
 seven areas, the Digital Agenda foresees some 100 follow-up actions, of which 31 would be legislative. The Digital Agenda is the first of seven flagship initiatives under the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (see IP/10/225).

us: Lieberman To Unveil Cybersecurity Bill
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., plans to unveil a bill soon that aims to beef up cybersecurity inside and outside government by using agencies' mammoth collective purchasing power to demand safeguards in information technology products, a Senate Democratic aide said on Monday.

Lieberman's cybersecurity bill leans on buying power
Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., plans to unveil a bill soon that aims to beef up cybersecurity inside and outside government by using agencies' mammoth collective purchasing power to demand safeguards in information technology products, a Senate Democratic aide said on Monday.

us: Report Examines Alcohol Industry's Online Marketing Efforts
A new report released Tuesday claims alcohol beverage companies are using new technologies such as social media, mobile phone applications and online videos to target youth.

E.U. Fines Computer Chip Makers for Price-Fixing
The European Union fined a group of computer chip makers ?331.3 million, or $421 million, Wednesday for price-fixing in the first-ever settlement of a cartel case in Europe.

An Old Chip Cartel Case Is Brought to a Swift End
The European Union fined a group of computer chip makers 331.3 million euros ($409 million) on Wednesday for price fixing in the first use of a new procedure that allows settlement of cartel cases in Europe.

Flash creator wades into Apple debate
The co-creator of Flash media software has said it has a future, despite Apple's attempts to kill it off. The video and animation software owned by Adobe has been heavily criticised by Apple boss Steve Jobs. Jonathan Gay told BBC News that Flash "will continue to be the dominant tool" for media on the internet.

Microsoft settles VPN patent infringement suit
Microsoft has agreed to pay VirnetX Holding Corporation a one-time fee of $200 million (NZ$286.9m) to settle a patent infringement lawsuit and license its technology going forward.

Call for NZ Telecom fibre levy [Dominion Post]
The Government should consider imposing a levy on Telecom connecting homes and businesses with fibre-optic cable, says Vector chief executive Simon Mackenzie.

LTE subscribers to hit 200 million by 2015
The number of LTE subscribers around the world will surpass 200 million in another five years, according to a new report released Monday by research firm Maravedis.

Bids Total $11 Billion for Wireless Spectrum in India
Further ratcheting up the stakes in the fast-growing and intensely competitive Indian wireless market, telecom companies bid nearly $11 billion for spectrum designated for high-speed data services, the government said on Wednesday.


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