[DNS] domain name news - October 9

[DNS] domain name news - October 9

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 22:34:01 -0700 (PDT)
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us: Feds Start Moving on Net Security Hole

Security matters: Cybercrime will need company co-operation

How botnets use 'bullet-proof' domains

Pizza Hut rebrand highlights cybersquatting dangers

Kentucky Domain Seizure Hearing Report

EU warns of 'digital gap' as IP numbers dry up 


ICANN boosts district's presence amid accountability concerns
The Internet's key oversight agency, which has been headquartered in California since its creation, celebrated its 10th anniversary last week with the quiet christening of its Washington office -- a smart move, stakeholders say, since the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is trying assure the Web community and policymakers that it has appropriate accountability mechanisms in place as the group transitions the coordination of technical functions of the Web to the private sector.

ICANN cracks down on Whois abuse
ICANN has sent final warnings to two registrars after they failed to investigate and correct Whois data

ICANN slaps wrists and sends emails to spammers' registrars
In what KnujOn claims is a "victory," ICANN sent two breach notices to domain registrars Joker.com and DNS.com.cn, stating that the two companies had "failed to comply with Section 3.7.8 of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) which requires registrars to take "reasonable steps to investigate" Whois inaccuracy claims."

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
EURid Registrar Advisory Board established
EURid, the European registry for .eu, is pleased to announce that the new EURid Registrar Advisory Board will meet for the first time this week. Representatives from nine accredited .eu registrars from nine different countries make up the new board, which will advise EURid on issues important to the registrar community.

Danny Aerts from .se new on the EURid board
EURid is pleased to announce that Danny Aerts has been appointed as a member of EURid's board of directors. He is the Managing Director of the Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation (IIS), the registry for the .se top-level domain.

Instra Links ENUM Convergence to .tel Domain [news release]
Instra Corporation, a global domain provider, is prepared to accept pre-registration of the new communications-focused .tel top level domain (TLD) worldwide commencing in December 2008. The .tel enables the owner to store, update and publish contact information, web links and keywords directly on the Internet under a unique domain name. Simple, fast and accessible from any device, .tel provides a new Internet standard for businesses and individuals to take full control over how and where people reach them.

us: Feds Start Moving on Net Security Hole
Starting Thursday morning, the U.S. government is seeking comment on who should create and vouch for the internet's most crucial document -- the root zone file -- that serves as the cornerstone of the system that lets users get to websites and emails find their way to inboxes.

us: Government IT security leaders saluted
Government information security professionals paid tribute to their community?s most accomplished leaders this week at an awards dinner highlighted by remarks from Rod Beckstr?m, director of the National Cyber Security Center.

Security matters: Cybercrime will need company co-operation
March was a worrying month for Dan Kaminsky. The security researcher suddenly realised the internet was inherently broken. It wasn?t just slightly wonky, or coming loose at the hinges. The underlying design was kaput and if he didn?t get it fixed quickly and quietly, no one would be able to rely on it any more.

How botnets use 'bullet-proof' domains
Botnets are proving to more resilient and harder to shut down. That's largely due to an increased use of methods people use to obscure the domain by constantly mapping to different bots within the network, according to a recently released study.

VeriSign wants to share (a small part of) the DNSSEC keys
VeriSign, which operates two Domain Name System (DNS) root servers, is proposing that the operators of the 13 central root servers of the DNS should jointly control the master DNSSEC key to the root zone.

Two Europeans indicted for US cyberattacks
Two Europeans, one of whom is English, have been indicted by a US federal grand jury in connection with a 2003 distributed denial-of-service attack that is the focus of a major FBI investigation.

Pizza Hut rebrand highlights cybersquatting dangers
Pizza Hut has rebranded as Pasta Hut this week, but the pizza chain appears not to have given much thought to its online brand protection strategy.

Cybersquatters stake claims on Pasta Hut
The rebrand of Pizza Hut to Pasta Hut has fallen victim to opportunistic cybersquatters, according to domain name specialist NetNames, which manages the domain-name portfolios for a third of the FTSE 100 companies.

Cybersquatters snap up Pasta Hut domain names
Cybersquatters have been quick to register key domain names relating to Pasta Hut, following the news of Pizza Hut's rebrand.

Alaskan Web designer squatting on sarahpalin.com
How has the McCain campaign let a key domain name, sarahpalin.com, escape their grasp? The domain was first registered back in 2004, and renewed in April of this year, well before there was any talk of Alaska's governor as a vice-presidential candidate.

Pokerhost Trying To Jack Dutch Boyd For Pokerhost.net, State of KY Trying to Jack All Poker Domains
Big shout to all my domain brothers out there. Read Dutch Boyd's blog about how Pokerhost is trying to jack him for Pokerhost.net. Now this isn't a cyber-squatting issue - Dutch has owned Pokerhost.net since before Pokerhost.com was up and running.

Online Gambling Seeks Lawsuit's Dismissal [AP]
Lawyers are in Franklin County Circuit Court asking for the dismissal of a lawsuit that would block Kentuckians' access to numerous online gambling Web sites.

Kentucky Domain Seizure Hearing Report
Judge Wingate, the Judge in the Kentucky domain seizure case, said today that he needs seven days to decide whether to dismiss the case or to move forward with a forfeiture hearing.

Lawyers ask judge to dismiss Kentucky bid to seize gambling domain names
Lawyers have asked for a dismissal of the case in which the Kentucky Governor seized 141 domain names for gambling websites accessible by residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky Online Gambling Domain Seizure Case: Predicted Outcome
Gambling911.com had the opportunity to sit in on Tuesday's very high profile online gambling domain seizure case in Frankfort, Kentucky. The Governor of that commonwealth, Steve Beshear, has asked the Honorable Judge Thomas Wingate of the Franklin Circuit Courtroom to seize 141 Internet gambling domains.

Seven-day Wait Period Announced in Kentucky Domain Seizure
A contentious hearing in the court-ordered forfeiture to the state of Kentucky of 141 Internet domains connected with online gambling will see another seven days elapse before the judge in the case issues a decision. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's attempt to seize the online sites ran into stiff opposition in Tuesday's forfeiture hearing before Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate, as a phalanx of lawyers representing the affected sites descended upon the court to argue Kentucky's jurisdiction and many other matters of law.

Kudos to Network Solutions for Standing by Online Gambling Sites
"GoDaddy.com, the largest registrar, just rolled over," said Joe Brennan, Jr., President of the Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association. He was referring to GoDaddy's decision to turn over certificates to the commonwealth of Kentucky for a handful of prominent online poker websites including CakePoker.com, DoylesRoom.com and UltimateBet.com.

Network Solutions Fights for Domain Owners in Kentucky
Some good news came out of the Kentucky domain hearings yesterday.

Moniker: Kentucky Cannot Have Our Customers? Domains
Moniker assures its clients that their domain names are safe.

Kentucky Domain Seizure Meeting Report
Active ImageAccording to the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), the press summit went well and resulted in the ICA filing a Memorandum of Amicus Curiae in opposition to the Kentucky court order attempting to seize 141 gambling related domain names.

Lawyers Ask For Dismissal Of Gambling Case
It's a battle between the Commonwealth of Kentucky against 141 gambling websites. Kentucky looks to seize and take over their domain names.

Opponents to Ky. online gambling case gathering [AP]
Online gambling advocates say Kentucky's governor is entering potentially dangerous territory with his administration's attempt to enforce a state law against Web sites based across the globe.

Web gambling suit in court [AP]
Lawyers from around the country packed a Franklin County courtroom Tuesday asking a local circuit judge to dismiss Kentucky's attempt at blocking residents' access to numerous online gambling Web sites.

Opposition mounts against Governor Beshear's attempt to hi-jack international domain names
On the eve of an important court case that could have international consequences regarding Internet domain names, opponents of a move by the state of Kentucky to take over 141 domain names of online gambling operators held a discussion and press conference Monday afternoon, denouncing the move.

Kentucky forfeiture hearing issues multiply
Tomorrow's court hearing to determine the fate of 141 online gambling domain names seized last month by the commonwealth of Kentucky has drawn more attention to the state than its famed horse race. And for good reason.

Calif. man registers Web site domains in names of politicians he wants out of office
A Rocklin, Calif., man who claimed dozens of Web site domains in the names of local politicians says he won't budge until they're ousted from office.

us: Lawyer?s Threats, Intimidation Shut Down Web Site
A Virginia lawyer used intimidation and bullying tactics, including spurious trademark infringement and defamation claims, to shut down a Web site that criticized him, Public Citizen argues in lawsuit filed against the lawyer and his firm.

What's a Web name worth? How startups can avoid paying out to cybersquatters
Vivian Risi was one of the lucky ones. The Toronto real estate agent discovered late last year that someone else was using her company name, Your Community Realty, as their Web site address. She found out because someone mistakenly entered yourcommunityrealty.ca(instead of dot-com, Ms. Risi's address) and was redirected to an ad-infested page headlined by a logo closely resembling Google's.

uk: Zero net gain in website dispute
A SHEFFIELD man involved in a row with Coca-Cola over a website has lost his case. Stephen Ash, of Bankwood Road, Gleadless, registered a name for an internet site ? cokezero.co.uk ? before the multi-million pound global company could and then put it up for sale.

 - IPv4/IPv6
EU warns of 'digital gap' as IP numbers dry up 
Like car plates and telephone numbers, the Internet regularly needs to increase the number of numerical addresses available. With exponential growth in objects connected to the Web expected, policymakers are already warning of a looming 'digital gap', reports EurActiv from an EU ministerial conference in Nice, France.

IETF working on making IPv6 and IPv4 talk to each other
As we reported back in July, the Internet Engineering Task Force has been thinking about ways to make the IPv4 world talk to the (future) IPv6 world. This way, we don't all have to upgrade at the same time. In order to make more progress before the next IETF meeting in November in Minneapolis, a two-day interim meeting was held last week in Montr?al.

Africa well placed for IPv6
Thanks to a lack of legacy architecture, Africa may be well positioned to weather the impending IPv4 address storm. In fact, there are some that argue that Africa may be ahead of the pack in implementing IPv6, positioning it well for the future.

Domain Stocks Pummeled
Domain name related companies get pummeled on Wall Street.

Trademark Infringements Of Magazine Domain Names
The administrative panel at the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center has considered several cases on trademark infringements claims regarding famous magazines and their domain names. In these cases, the complainants alleged that the infringing parties had no right to register and use domain names that were either identical or confusingly similar to their registered and well-known trademarks. The panel decisions showed a tendency towards protecting the famous magazines' claims. Indeed, the WIPO panel has generally declared that the use of domain names that are identical or confusingly similar to existing trademarks constitutes trademark infringement.

Invest.com Rings Up Over $1 Million to Top All Sales Reported Over the Past Two Weeks
We were away covering the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York conference so there was no domain sales report last week. This week we will bring you completely back up to speed by covering all of the notable sales reported since our last column Sept. 16. We have also doubled the length of all three charts, from 20 to 40 positions, to accommodate the top sales from the expanded data pool that we will be wading through this time out.

European Domains Dominate Top Sedo Sales for the Week
The latest of Sedo's top domain name sales is below. Sedo's top three sellers this week were all European ccTLD names - allgemeine.de (?14,000), rachat-de-credit.fr (?13,500) and sexe.ch (?12,500). Revenueshare.com was the fourth biggest seller for the week selling for US$15,000.

rss.com domain name set for $750,000 USD sale [news release]
Sedo, the leading marketplace for buying and selling Internet domain names and websites, has been appointed by Torex Retail Holdings (Torex?) to oversee the sale of rss.com.

Sync your Calendar with Sedo?s Auction Schedule
Are you interested in staying on top of all of Sedo's current and upcoming auctions? Stay ahead of the curve by visiting the new Auction Schedule page! This page displays current and upcoming auctions along with links to each auction?s inventory.

EU plans uniform protections for Internet shoppers
Efforts to spur more Europeans to shop online and across national boundaries will be stepped up Wednesday with plans for a new law to guarantee consumer rights across the 27-nation bloc.

EU to expand e-shoppers' rights
The European Commission has unveiled proposals to give more rights to consumers shopping online across the borders of the 27-nation EU.

EU proposes new rules to protect online shoppers
The European Commission adopted a proposal on Wednesday to strengthen consumer rights and make it easier and safer to shop online across borders.

EU working on bill of rights for online shoppers
The European Commission hopes that a newly-proposed set of shopper rights will not only help consumers, but also e-commerce within Europe. The organization says that, with the proposed rights, more people may gain the confidence to shop across country borders.

Ask.com raises questions over Google's power
The fight to take on the might of Google's search engine is hotting up. Today Ask.com, one of the smaller but still significant search players, relaunches its service in the US with claims of faster, more relevant answers using new semantic technologies.

How pirates hijacked Nintendo DS
A tiny piece of plastic is making software theft simple ? and it's costing the games industry a fortune. Toby Green reports: ... Until recently, the world of video games had been one industry that had found itself relatively untouched. The methods required to play most pirated games on consoles are too risky and technical to have seeped into the mainstream. Now, however, consoles are in the pirates' sight ? and it's all down to a small piece of plastic, no bigger than a couple of centimetres squared.

au: Wireless internet connections almost double in six months: ABS [news release]
Wireless broadband technology subscriptions saw almost 90% growth in six months according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today.

Mozilla locks in Firefox 3.1 feature list
Mozilla Corp. will use a several-week delay it recently added to the Firefox 3.1 schedule to build a private browsing mode and beef up the browser's address bar, the company said today.

Firefox users gain location tool
Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, has released technology that helps websites detect the physical location of computers.

Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn new spam sources
Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are being blamed for a boom in sophisticated email scams in which criminals mining the information on social networking sites to create personalised attacks.

MySpace, Facebook Lead Mobile Social Networking
It appears that mobile social networking users are going to same places they would on the desktop, as new data from ABI Research said MySpace and Facebook are by far the top mobile social networks.

MySpace, Facebook holding mobile social networking back
A new study says MySpace and Facebook dominate social networking on mobile phones just as much as on the desktop. The findings also inadvertently highlight the fact that these giants are handicapping progress towards the next holy grail of social networking: location-based services.

BlackBerry with clickable touchscreen ready to take on iPhone
The new touchscreen BlackBerry has an 'intuitive touchscreen' that can be pressed down like buttons on a keyboard, joining a crowded market for new smartphones

Blackberry's iPhone rival hits the market [AP]
The latest rival to the iPhone has been unveiled by the makers of the business world's favourite, the BlackBerry. Research In Motion's Storm abandons a physical keypad in favour of a large screen, just like the one on Apple's iPhone.

RIM says touch-screen BlackBerry coming this autumn
Research In Motion will roll out a touch-screen model of its BlackBerry smartphone later this autumn, thrusting it into direct competition with Apple's popular iPhone.

Vodafone challenges Apple with offer of fresh BlackBerries for Christmas
Vodafone will put pressure on Apple's iPhone today with news that it has clinched an exclusive deal to offer the first touchscreen phone made by the mobile email specialist BlackBerry in time for Christmas.

BlackBerry touch screen launched to take on the Apple iPhone
The first touch-screen BlackBerry phone is launched on Wednesday marking a new phase in the battle with Apple.

Fat Princess computer game criticised
A computer game in which a young princess is fed cake until she is too heavy to move has been criticised by feminists and health campaigners.

au: ICT industry hits $123 billion: ABS
THE ICT market was worth about $123 billion in 2006-07, according to an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey. Around 300,000 people were employed in the ICT universe, the ABS said.

Australian ICT industry worth $123 billion
Australia's ICT industry for the year to 30 June 2007 made $123 billion and employed just under 300,000 people, paying $21 billion in wages, according to numbers released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Google Earth plumbs the depths of the oceans
Google Earth, the online mapping service that offers a bird's-eye view of the globe, will now let users see underwater landscapes from around the world.

EU directive could change iPhone battery design
The European Union is considering a requirement that all cell phone batteries be easily replaceable, which might cause a problem for Apple's iPhone.

Intercage demise causes spam levels to fall
Spam email messages have fallen by eight per cent thanks to the demise on 20 September of California-based ISP Intercage, according to security vendor MessageLabs.

Spam volume down in September
Spam decreased 8 percent during September, according to a report released Monday by MessageLabs.

Study: Uptick in spam-sending zombie PCs in September
Compromised computers that send spam as part of their regular botnet activity increased dramatically in September, according to a Symantec study released Monday.

US Court orders spammers to pay $236M to Iowa ISP [IDG]
A federal judge has ordered an Arizona couple to pay more than $236 million for sending millions of spam messages to a small Iowa ISP.

$236m judgment lands on mom and pop spam shop
An Arizona couple accused of bombarding a small internet service provider with millions of spam messages has been ordered to pay more than $236m in a federal case that documents the heroic measures one man took against the torrent of unsolicited junk mail.

Mobile Spam: MIIT Halts Operation Of 18 Chinese Service Providers
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced that 18 Chinese mobile service providers that had irregular operation activities have been ordered to suspend their operations.

Inside the hackers' den
Hunched over a computer terminal in his pyjamas, "Frank" makes more money than a small-time drug dealer without ever having to worry about being caught or even leaving the house.

Hacker's list of online accounts spooks users
When Australian web users learned from the Herald that details of their online accounts had been posted on a hacker's website for all to see, they were suspicious, then alarmed, then furious at the hacker who compromised their identities.

An online game of cat and mouse
Fraudsters require anonymity to stay out of jail, but in the cat-and-mouse world of financial security the good guys often live in the shadows too.

Security matters: Cybercrime will need company co-operation
March was a worrying month for Dan Kaminsky. The security researcher suddenly realised the internet was inherently broken. It wasn?t just slightly wonky, or coming loose at the hinges. The underlying design was kaput and if he didn?t get it fixed quickly and quietly, no one would be able to rely on it any more.

IBM, Secret Service, others study identity/cybercrime issues
Center for Applied Identity Management Research organization teams experts in criminal justice, financial crime, biometrics, cybercrime and cyberdefense, data protection, homeland security and national defense.

Kiwi academic to co-chair APAC security forum
A global e-business and security certification organisation is warning that the many commercial applications being produced across the globe are creating new opportunities for malicious attacks on commercial and government institutions.

Net game turns PC into undercover surveillance zombie
Underscoring the severity of a new class of vulnerability known as clickjacking, a blogger has created a proof-of-concept game that uses a PC's video cam and microphone to secretly spy on the player.

'Clickjackers' could hijack Webcams, microphones, Adobe warns
Adobe Systems Inc. warned users Tuesday that hackers could use recently-reported "clickjacking" attack tactics to secretly turn on a computer's microphone and Web camera.

Details of Clickjacking Attack Revealed With Online Spying Demo
A researcher has ?hacked? the mysterious clickjacking attack and today posted a demonstration in his blog on how the Web-borne attack works.

Firefox Extension Blocks Dangerous Web Attack [IDG]
A popular free security tool for the Firefox browser has been upgraded to block one of the most dangerous and troubling security problems facing the Web today.

uk: Lords to debate gov't progress on internet security
The House of Lords will debate personal internet security on Friday, with the aim of assessing the progress the government has made on protecting the public.

Aussie credit card details sold online by fraudsters
Hackers are flaunting stolen credit card details online, allowing fraudsters to "trial" one victim's identity before buying more.

au: Privacy lags in technology rush
The federal minister in charge of privacy, John Faulkner, has warned that personal information posted on social networking websites can linger forever "like an ill-considered tattoo".

MySpace Music: 1 billion songs streamed
The social network says it hit the mark in just the couple of weeks since the debut of its streaming music service. Keep in mind that getting to 5 billion took the iTunes Store five years.

Google Puts Tunes From YouTube a Click Away
In its continuing effort to find a way to make money from its YouTube unit, Google introduced on Tuesday a type of e-commerce ad that YouTube users can click to buy digital goods from Apple?s iTunes or Amazon.com.

YouTube to sell music and games [Reuters]
YouTube, the world's most popular video-sharing site, will start to sell music and video games and experiment with new advertising formats to grow revenue, executives said today.

South Korea wants to gag the noisy internet rabble
The leaders of the most wired country on Earth are seeking to curb online anonymity and debate, with laws that many say will fail: While governments around the world try to make sense of the internet and wonder how to curb some of its darker incarnations, all eyes should now be on South Korea, which is one of the first democracies planning to use the law to hold the internet to account.

British pupils to devise bullying answers
School pupils will attempt to come up with proposals to tackle bullying during a conference in Glasgow. The event comes as new figures showed that more than 7,000 children and young people called ChildLine Scotland about bullying in 2007.

Boom in virtual playgrounds for kids
The craze in online virtual worlds among children and teenagers has started a stampede of companies attempting to cash in on the boom. Media groups and aspiring digital entrepreneurs are hoping to lure more youngsters online and to create new worlds that will capture adult imaginations.

Aussies take stand against cyber bullying [AAP]
Victims of cyber bullying in the Australian state of New South Wales are being encouraged to share their experiences in a bid to help the NSW government formulate a plan to deal with the problem.

Is an Internet tax coming for Canada? by Michael Geist
The emergence of cultural funding as a hot-button political issue in the current election campaign appears to have taken virtually everyone by surprise. The roughly $50 million in cuts may be tiny in terms of the overall federal budget, yet the significant impact on the cultural community has propelled the issue onto the national stage.

Uganda cyber laws going to Parliament [IDG]
Uganda's draft electronic laws have been approved by Cabinet and are set to be debated before they are passed into law by Parliament.

nz: Copyright law: Section 92A to go ahead
The government is standing firm on controversial changes to new copyright laws that require ISPs to disconnect repeat copyright infringers.

NZ Copyright law change to go ahead
The government is standing firm on controversial changes to the copyright laws that require ISPs to disconnect repeat infringers.

EBay goes on $1.3bn spree but axes 10% of workforce
The online auction house eBay has announced plans to cut more than 1,000 jobs, or 10% of its global workforce, as it looks to save $150m (?85m) a year in the face of slowing sales, the latest evidence that gloom in the world economy is starting to hit major dotcom companies.

EBay Trims Its Work Force and Makes Acquisitions
The Internet company eBay is both tightening its belt and expanding its reach in preparation for the coming economic storm.

EBay to cut 10% of staff worldwide
EBay, the online auction website, said today that it was cutting 10 per cent of its global workforce in response to slowing growth in its internet sales and was buying an online payment service.

National broadband network 'must be independent'
A consortium bidding to build a high-speed broadband network for Australia says regulators should not cave in to outrageous demands from rival bidder Telstra.

Aussies to have world's fastest mobiles [AAP]
Australia's dominant telco is on course to deploy technology that will see the country have the quickest mobile download speeds in the world.

With WiMax, Sprint cuts the cord in Baltimore
Executives from Sprint Nextel and its ecosystem of partners ceremonially cut the broadband cord here on Wednesday with the launch of the first mobile WiMax network in the U.S.

Verizon loses in jury trial against Cox, two patent claims invalidated
In a costly loss in US District Court in Alexandria yesterday, a jury found all of Verizon's claims that Cox Communications infringed upon its VoIP-related patents to be without basis, and even invalidated two of eight patent claims.

Cox Did Not Infringe Verizon's VoIP Intellectual Property, Jury Finds
Verizon's original filing against Cox cited patents it had exerted against Vonage.

au: Ex-lifesaver's massive child porn stash
A magistrate was left shaken yesterday after viewing a sample of the massive child pornography stash - some containing images of girls as young as two - collected by a former award-winning surf lifesaver.


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