[DNS] domain name news - October 2

[DNS] domain name news - October 2

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 21:45:54 -0700 (PDT)
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Stephen Colbert interviews Nicholas Carr on the future of the internet

'It's every man for himself': The Guardian's Jack Schofield meets Vint Cerf

Remembering Jon: Looking Beyond the Decade by Vint Cerf

ICANN hears concerns about accountability, control [IDG]

ICANN: 10 Years Old Today (30 September): A decade of multi-stakeholder decision-making and coordination

Breach Notices Sent to Joker.com and DNS.com.cn

Lessons Learned from Cyber Storm II [news release]

Australian Cyber Storm II - Final Report - September 2008

ICA Opposes Kentucky Gambling Domains Seizure

Judge rejects Ky. bid to claim illegal Web casinos

Which Region is Taking the Lead in IPv6 Deployment? by Leo Vegoda

Stephen Colbert interviews Nicholas Carr on the future of the internet
Stephen Colbert interviews Nicholas Carr about the future of the internet, the subject of Carr?s book. But Stephen wonders if Carr actually knows what he?s talking about... since he?s written a book about it.

'It's every man for himself': The Guardian's Jack Schofield meets Vint Cerf
Meet Vint Cerf, the 'father of the internet', and find out what he thinks about net neutrality, spam and how we deal with use and abuse of the web: Vinton Gray "Vint" Cerf is a very distinguished, kindly, silver-haired gentleman in a three-piece suit, so perhaps I shouldn't expect him to ride to our rescue with six guns blazing, but I'd settle for a small pearl-handled silver pistol. I want to know who is going to clean up the internet now that it's full of scammers, spammers and criminals running zombie networks, while its connecting pipes are clogged up with porn-to-porn file swapping. Sadly, Cerf doesn't have a silver bullet, either. "It's every man for himself," he says, grinning. "In the end, it seems every machine has to defend itself. The internet was designed that way."

Coming to Grips with an Internet that Never Forgets by Michael Geist
My weekly technology law column discusses the implications of an Internet that never forgets. I note that the most significant Internet effect during the current election campaign in Canada has not been any particular online video, website or Facebook group. Instead, it has been the resignation of eight Canadian candidates based on embarrassing or controversial information unearthed online. Many observers have blamed the revelations on inadequate vetting processes, yet the reality is that these incidents shine the spotlight on an important but rarely discussed aspect of the Internet. Old blog postings, chat room discussions, or difficult-to-explain videos are captured by search engine databases and lie dormant until an intrepid searcher comes across it. In other words, the Internet never forgets.

Remembering Jon: Looking Beyond the Decade by Vint Cerf
Jon PostelA decade has passed since Jon Postel left our midst. It seems timely to look back beyond that decade and to look forward beyond a decade hence. It seems ironic that a man who took special joy in natural surroundings, who hiked the Muir Trail and spent precious time in the high Sierras was also deeply involved in that most artificial of enterprises, the Internet. As the IANA and the RFC editor, Jon could hardly have chosen more polar interests. Perhaps the business of the artificial world was precisely what stimulated his interest in the natural one.


ICANN hears concerns about accountability, control [IDG]
ICANN needs to take steps to ensure it cannot be taken over by governments and other outside entities, and it needs to create more ways to be held accountable to Internet users, constituents of the nonprofit organization said Wednesday.

ICANN turns ten
The founding document of the ICANN was signed on 30 September 1998. So this non-profit Californian organisation is now celebrating its tenth birthday.

Networking 101: Who Governs the Internet?
The Internet is a wild and unruly place. When people talk about Internet governance, the conversation is normally related to IP allocation and domain name management, rather than censorship or control. The Internet actually is tightly managed with regards to network allocation. This edition of Networking 101 will clear up those mysterious organizational acronyms and explain what their purpose really is.

ICANN: 10 Years Old Today (30 September): A decade of multi-stakeholder decision-making and coordination
ICANN is ten years old today. On 30 September 1998, ICANN's articles of incorporation were officially filed, recognizing "a nonprofit public benefit corporation...not organized for the private gain of any person."

10 Years of ICANN
ICANN was officially incorporated on 30 September 1998 as a nonprofit public benefit corporation.

Breach Notices Sent to Joker.com and DNS.com.cn
ICANN has sent breach notices to two ICANN-accredited registrars, Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd., doing business as DNS.com.cn and Joker.com, on 30 September 2008. These registrars failed to comply with Section 3.7.8 of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) which requires registrars to take "reasonable steps to investigate" Whois inaccuracy claims.

ICANN Slaps Joker.com and DNS.com.cn by Michele Neylon
If you have rules and regulations but don't enforce them then there's little point in having any rules or regulations in the first place.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
.cm Goes Live in October
Third level registrations for the .cm ccTLD will be launched on 15 October with .com.cm, net.cm and co.cm domains all available. The launch will commence with a sunrise period for trademark holders and on 15 November registrations will be open to all.

Time to Redelegate IE Namespace? by Michele Neylon
I've written extensively about Ireland's ccTLD '.ie' and its current registry operator IE Domain Registry (IEDR) in the past. While I've always tried to be fair and balanced in my coverage of the issues facing the IE namespace, I'm afraid my patience with the current registry operator has worn thin.

uk: Important changes in.UK dispute resolution policy
Most businesses in the food sector make extensive use of the internet to advertise their goods and services, and domain names with the top level domain .uk (in particular the .co.uk extension) are of particular interest to companies trading in the UK.

Defenders of cyberspace
Questions were raised by the creation of a command to fight cyber attacks by the US - and more were raised by its sudden suspension: When Russia was accused of a cyber attack on Estonia last year, the White House took notice. George W Bush voiced a concern that the US was vulnerable to similar warfare. And when some in the military raised suspicion that Chinese cyberspies had already penetrated unclassified Pentagon computers, the decision was made to start a command to fight for America's supremacy online.

Kaminsky: DNS issue still major threat
Although nearly three-quarters of the vulnerable servers have been patched against the severe domain name server (DNS) vulnerability that he found earlier this year, Dan Kaminsky said that the issue still poses a significant threat to the security of the Internet, especially when viewed in the context of other flaws attackers could use to amplify its severity.

Lessons Learned from Cyber Storm II [news release]
A detailed report outlining Australia?s involvement in the recent international cyber security exercise, Cyber Storm II, was released today by Attorney-General Robert McClelland.

Australian Cyber Storm II - Final Report - September 2008
As an outcome of a 2006 review of e-security arrangements, the Attorney-General's Department was tasked to develop a cyber exercise program to improve the ability of governments and critical infrastructure owners and operators to manage incidents affecting the National Information Infrastructure. As part of this role, the Attorney-General?s Department coordinated a national cyber exercise, Cyber Storm II.

US Senate bill sets guidelines for cybersecurity center
A new authorization bill would give the White House more oversight of the Homeland Security Department's much-beleaguered cybersecurity efforts.

Myanmar on the cyber-offensive
The distributed denial of service attacks, or DDoS, that hit and disabled several exile media websites between September 17 to 19, are widely held to be the latest attempt by Myanmar's military regime to silence its legion of critics.

Does cyber-terrorism exist?
Global security experts gathered in Malaysia last month to help ramp up the world?s defenses against cyber-terrorism. Dubbed by organisers as ?the largest ministerial-level gathering ever organised about cyber-terrorism?, the World Cyber Security Summit (WCSS), was recenlty held in Malaysia.

Researchers caution against TCP/IP weakness
Researchers at Finnish security firm Outpost 24 claim to have discovered a flaw in the Internet Protocol that can disrupt any computer or server. After keeping the flaw quiet for years, the researchers hope that going public will help accelerate the creation of a solution.

Parody: a Safe Harbor under the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act
The Antic-Cyber squatting Protection Act (ACPA), 15 U.S.C.S ? 1125(d), prohibits bad-faith, for profit, and abusive registration of Internet domain names in violation of the rights of trademark owners. This practice is known as cyber squatting. A successful cyber squatting claim must prove three elements: (1) that the affected trademark was distinctive at the time the domain name was registered; (2) that the domain name registered is identical or confusingly similar to the trademark; and (3) that the defendant used and registered the domain name with a bad faith and intent to profit.

ICA Opposes Kentucky Gambling Domains Seizure
In a newsletter to members, the Internet Commerce Association has expressed its "opposition and frustration" to the Kentucky Governor's seizure of over 140 gambling-related domain names through a court order.

Will Kentucky Ruling Affect Other Casinos
Lawyers representing the 141 online poker and online gambling domain names that are being threatened with forfeiture by the Commonwealth of Kentucky have until the 7th of October to prepare their briefs.

Noise Filter: Ky. Domain Seizure
Every now and then, a controversial issue triggers a flood of online discourse. For our Noise Filter feature, the WHIR pans the raging rivers of opinion for shining nuggets of useful commentary.

Judge rejects Ky. bid to claim illegal Web casinos
A judge yesterday declined to order 141 gambling Web sites forfeited to the state, saying he needed more time to understand the complexities of what experts call an unprecedented effort to crack down on illegal Internet gambling.

Ky. Domain Seizure Denied for Now
At a hearing held Friday, a Kentucky judge denied the state government's attempt to seize 141 domain names associated with Internet gambling sites.

Update on Kentucky attempt to seize gambling domains
Two developments late last week in the ongoing story of the State of Kentucky?s attempt to seize control of some 140 gambling-related domain names.

Delayed Enforcement Blocks Domain Name Lawsuit: Southern Grouts v. 3M by Eric Goldman
I'm often baffled by lawsuits over domain names and keywords because they just don't seem to make any economic sense. This lawsuit is especially perplexing given the plaintiff's delays and the seeming impossibility of the plaintiff reaching a profitable outcome, even if it won in court. What was the plaintiff thinking?

?We The People, In Order to Acquire a More Perfect Domain Name?
A legal document company that operates at the domain name WeThePeopleUSA.com has lost its attempt to secure the generic domain name WeThePeople.com through UDRP arbitration.

Nestl? Tries To Hi-Jack Boycott Site Just Days Before Nestle-Free Week
Campaign group, Baby Milk Action, has refused to transfer a domain name to Nestl? as demanded by lawyers acting for the World's Largest Food Company. A deadline of 29 September was given by lawyers last week. The site, which gives an overview of concerns about Nestl? business activities and serves as a portal for further information from expert analysts, is to be launched on 4 October, the start of this year's International Nestl?-Free Week and the 20th anniversary of the launch of a boycott of Nestl? over its aggressive marketing of baby milk.

Cybersquatters Added To Kathy Griffin?s ?Suck It? List
Kathy Griffin, from ?My Life On The D-List,? has just filed a lawsuit against the owners of KathyGriffin.com putting them on the D(efendant) List. She alleges the site is using her name and image without authorization. On September 16, she filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court and is seeking at least 100,000 in statutory damages under the Anti-Cyberquatting Act and for misappropriating her right of publicity, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Which Region is Taking the Lead in IPv6 Deployment? by Leo Vegoda
IPv6 is in the news because the mainstream media have started to pick up the fact that IPv4 will be fully allocated in the next two or three years. And IPv6 deployment is important if we want to keep the Internet growing sustainably. So where is IPv6 deployment most evident?

Africa faster at adopting IPv6 according to ICANN
The ICANN blog recently discussed the adoption of IPv6, and assumed readers would be shocked to find out which region is showing the widest adoption of the new protocol. Not surprisingly, the largest number of networks displaying the new address blocks are those registered through AfriNIC, which services networks in Africa and the Indian Ocean.

au: LNP website loud and proud
The internet is again posing problems for Queensland's Liberal National Party (LNP). A new political party needs a new website, but some of the domain names the LNP may have registered are already taken.

Who Should Bear Domain Name Risk? by Alex Tajirian
Domain owners are bearing tremendous risk that someone else is better equipped to absorb. In this post, I outline the motivation of risk ownership, the sources of risk associated with owning a domain name, and the ways by which some of these risks have been transferred to institutions that are better equipped to handle them. I close by pointing out that we would be better served by having a trademark risk-management entity.

McCain Plays the MILF Card -- Will it Work?
There has been plenty of commentary about what Governor Sarah Palin's hotness factor brings to the McCain-Palin ticket, but thus far the RNC has kept the dialogue on a professional level. Until it was discovered yesterday that the McCain campaign owns voteforthemilf.com.

McCain Camp Not Taking The High Road With Palin
Just when you thought the emails with Photo Shop pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini holding a hunting rifle would go away and the buzz about www.VPILF.com would die down.

Lawmakers call on DOJ to approve Google-Yahoo deal [IDG]
A group of 11 members of the US House of Representatives has called for the Department of Justice to approve a proposed advertising deal between Google and Yahoo.

Moniker T.R.A.F.F.I.C New York Live Auction Sells $3M in Domain Names; FinancialAid.com Sells for $800,000 [news release]
More than $3 million in premium domain names were purchased during Moniker?s live auctions at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York domain conference last week. In total, 148 domains ? more than half the available lot ? were purchased during the auctions. The average buyer spent over $20,000 during the two events hosted by Moniker.

TRAFFIC Fetches $3M-Plus in Domains
Domain aftermarket provider Moniker announced on Tuesday that more than $3 million in premium domain names were purchased during Moniker's live auctions at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York domain conference last week.

Sedo Sells Coiffurefemme.net for $80,000
Sedo has completed the sale of coiffurefemme.net for 55,000 EUR, or almost $80,000 USD. The domain means women?s hairstyle in French.

An Interview with Tim Schumacher, Co-Founder and CEO of Sedo.com
Sedo, an acronym for Search Engine for Domain Offers, is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Sedo has assembled the world's largest database of domain names for sale, with more than 14 million listings. The success of Sedo's model has attracted a global membership base of more than 790,000 domain professionals. Sedo is majority-owned by AdLINK Group, which is part of the German United Internet AG. Sedo offers regional versions of its site for the UK (Sedo.co.uk), France (Sedo.fr), Germany (Sedo.de), and Spain (Sedo.com).

DomainSponsor Speaks Common Sense: Domain parking company speaks out in favor of ad feed provider changes.
In its latest newsletter to clients, DomainSponsor discusses changes at its ad provider (Google). As you may know, Google has been ?cleaning up? the domain channel (Google?s words, not mine). This means focusing on quality traffic and cutting (or discounting) the rest. So far I?ve seen a lot of domain parking companies nod grudgingly about how this is necessary for the long term of the industry, but in DomainSponsor?s latest newsletter it came out and spelled it out. DS should be commended.

Stephen Colbert interviews Nicholas Carr on the future of the internet
Stephen Colbert interviews Nicholas Carr about the future of the internet, the subject of Carr?s book. But Stephen wonders if Carr actually knows what he?s talking about... since he?s written a book about it.

EU wants to take lead in 'Web 3.0' technology [IDG]
European Telecommunications Commissioner Viviane Reding won glowing praise for her vision of the Internet 3.0 Monday from Vint Cerf, one of the creators of the Web and now Google's vice president and chief Internet evangelist.

77% of Koreans use Web
Some 77 percent of Koreans use the internet, spending an average of 13.7 hours online each week, a government poll showed yesterday.

Australian poll finds men happiest online, women prefer family time
For men, bliss is often just a mouse-click away while quality time with family is guaranteed to put a smile on women's faces, according to an Australian study of what makes people happy.

Google 'Goliath' Microsoft says
The chief executive of Microsoft has admitted that his firm's slowness to grasp the potential of internet search had hit the business. Steve Ballmer told the BBC that Microsoft had become a "David" in search alongside the "Goliath" of its arch-rival Google.

Browser metrics: IE slide continues, Firefox users update
Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) continued to lose market share in September, Google's Chrome stabilized at under 1 percent and more than half of Firefox 2.0 users accepted an offer to update to Version 3.0, a Web metrics firm said Wednesday.

How the Internet Might Grow a 'Heart'
What if there were a way for you to directly help the neediest families in your community and the world -- or for help to find you, after a fire, flood or some personal tragedy -- without the involvement of a government agency, nonprofit organization or church? What if assistance could flow seamlessly, based on information routinely collected and resources instantly deployed online?

Becta says Web 2.0 motivates schoolkids
Over half of teachers in UK schools believe that Web 2.0 apps should be used in lessons, even though the majority of them have never used such resources in the classroom.

Fast forward for mobile broadband
Phone firms, chip makers and PC manufacturers are uniting to push mobile broadband on laptop computers. The alliance will build wireless modules into laptops to make it much easier to use the gadgets on future high-speed services.

Rotten smell raises Apple toxin fears
Apple is investigating damning claims, published in a leading French newspaper, that its computers emit a toxic odor containing chemicals including the cancer-causing benzene.

What effect will the financial crisis have on the tech sector?
Expect to see a slowdown in smartphone sales and a concomitant growth in the use of open source, cloud computing and virtualisation technology as consumers cut back on their "discretionary" purchases while businesses, strapped for credit (because banks won't have it to lend), decide to make the best of what they've got and squeeze the last possible drops of life from the hardware they have, while reducing costs on software as far as possible.

Telstra blames Spam Act for impersonal Tweets
Telstra has hit back at claims its BigPond Twitter support feed is bot-like, arguing that personalising the messages would contravene the Spam Act.

uk: Tories call for more action on digital divide
The Conservative Party is urging the government to do more to tackle the digital divide. Tory front-bench spokesman Jeremy Wright told a fringe meeting organised by Online Services at the party conference in Birmingham that the market is helping to close the gap between those with access to the internet and those without, thanks to an increasing number of web-enabled mobile devices.

US Congress OKs Greater Broadband Access [AP]
Congress has passed legislation that will require the government to keep closer tabs on who has access to the Internet and who does not.

Fighting the scourge of scareware
Microsoft and Washington State's Attorney General filed lawsuits against scam artists who frighten consumers into buying useless software.

Fright Fight: Washington Attorney General leading battle against scareware with Microsoft [news release]
Attorney General Rob McKenna stood at the frontlines with Microsoft Corp. in the war against spyware in 2006. Now armed with tougher legislation, the state?s top law enforcement officer, with the world?s largest software company, is charging forward with new lawsuits targeting scareware purveyors.

Lawsuit targets 'scareware' distributors [AFP]
Microsoft and a top prosecutor have filed a lawsuit to stop "scareware purveyors" that trick people with pop-up messages claiming computers need critical repairs.

Britain's first internet crime unit to be established
The first specialist internet crime unit in Britain is being set up by Scotland Yard to fight ?50 billion worth of fraud and organised "cyber" crime, ministers announced.

au/ng: Nigerian held on web fraud
QUEENSLAND police have helped Nigerian authorities nab a 23-year-old Nigerian man who allegedly used a fake female profile on a romance website to defraud a Queensland man of $20,000.

au: PayPal repays victim
A PayPal member and victim of fraud on eBay who had been seeking compensation received a refund days before an expose of the companies' operations by the ABC's 7.30 Report was scheduled to air.

us: Porn-surfing laptop thief caught by own stupidity [AP]
A New York laptop thief got caught - after the computer owner tracked him remotely.

Phorm: British Telecom Wants to Watch
While Internet providers in the United States have backed off, for now, from the idea they may be able to make money by selling information on where their customers surf on the Internet, British Telecom is still moving forward with the idea.

BT to kick off fresh Phorm trial
Telecoms giant BT is about to start further trials of a controversial internet advertising technology.

Phorm rolls out next BT trial tomorrow
When we had the government's verdict on Phorm's ad-targeting technology two weeks ago, and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform had decided, in its infinite wisdom, that the service does not breach European data laws and is "legal, appropriate and transparent".

BT rolls out Phorm web tracking
Thousands of BT broadband customers are to have their internet usage tracked so they can be sent targeted online advertising in a final trial before the service is launched network-wide.

BT to begin third Phorm trial
After a delay of more than half a year, BT on Tuesday will begin another trial of the ad-serving tech that has been opposed by peers, privacy groups, and think tanks.

German Towns Saying 'Nein' to Google 'Street View'
Google's corporate slogan might be "don't be evil," but some communities in northwestern Germany see something nefarious in the company's photographing all their streets and houses. If they get their way, they will remain black holes in Google's ambitious mapping of the universe.

Norway pressures Apple to ditch iTunes DRM
Norway's top consumer advocate said today that he will ask a government court to force Apple Inc. to open the iTunes music store to users who own music players other than the iPod.

Apple faces iTunes test case in Norway [AP]
Norway's top consumer advocate announced the start of legal action Monday to try to force Apple Inc. to open its iTunes music store to digital players other than its own market-leading iPod.

Artists head for MySpace 'exodus'
There will be an "exodus" of music artists from MySpace in a row over the website's new music download service, a record label boss has warned.

Nokia to take on Apple in music and touch-screen phones
The world's top mobile phone maker Nokia will launch its free music package on Thursday, which analysts see posing a serious threat to Apple's dominance in the digital music business.

Nokia pitches Tube into touchscreen tussle
Nokia will join the most hotly contested consumer electronics battle this week when it introduces its first touchscreen phone.

Apple threatens to shut down iTunes over royalty hike
Apple could shut down iTunes, the world's biggest online music store, if a ruling expected tomorrow forces the company to pay more to music makers for each downloaded track.

New industry group takes aim at 'net pollution,' piracy [IDG]
A group of technology and entertainment heavyweights is undertaking a public relations campaign to dissuade consumers from illegal file sharing, something the group calls "net pollution."

Surveillance of Skype Messages Found in China
A group of Canadian human-rights activists and computer security researchers has discovered a huge surveillance system in China that monitors and archives certain Internet text conversations that include politically charged words.

China Skype service snags and stores users' messages
Human rights advocates have uncovered a huge surveillance system in China that monitors and archives text messages sent with the Tom-Skype chat client when they contain politically charged words.

'Extreme' extreme porn law puts Scots out of kilter
If you thought Scotland might be a safe place to stash your collection of dubious erotic artwork when legislation on extreme porn comes into force, think again.

ACMA blocks child porn websites
The Australian Communications and Media Authority says it has blocked a network of child pornography sites in Australia after a tip-off from a member of the public.

Complaint from the public results in network of child sexual abuse websites being brought down [news release]
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has collaborated with the Irish Internet Hotline to disable a network of websites that provided access to child sexual abuse material.

Irish tip-off leads to closure of child porn websites
A tip-off from a member of the Irish public has led to the shutting down of a network of child pornography websites.

Aussie-registered sexual abuse sites shut down
A network of websites registered in Australia that reportedly provided access to child sexual abuse material have been shut down in a joint operation between Irish and local authorities.

Irish hotline helps close child pornography websites
A complaint by an Irish person to an internet hotline in Ireland has resulted in the removal of a network of child pornography websites in Australia.

Child porn websites smashed after Irish tip-off
A network of child pornography websites has been smashed with the help of a member of the Irish public.

Britain sets up online child safety watchdog
Cyber-bullying, online pornography, violent video games and websites that encourage young people to harm themselves are to be targeted by a new watchdog launched by the government today.

Children's web watchdog launched
A new internet watchdog has been launched to help protect children from "harmful" web content, such as cyber-bullying and violent video games.

Government launches online child safety watchdog
Protecting children from harmful content on the web is the remit of a new watchdog that has been set up by the Government.

The ISTTF: Chicken or egg?
"ISTTF" stands for Internet Safety Technical Task Force, the result of an agreement last January between 49 state attorneys general (minus Texas) and MySpace. The emphasis is on the word "technical," because the attorneys general basically charged the task force, of which I'm a member, with reviewing technical solutions to online youth risk - "age verification" technology being their stated predetermined solution of choice. Why? Because they're law enforcement people. They deal with crime - not all these other subjects that have come up in online-youth and social-media research - so they probably feel that this is all about crime and technology, so some technology that separates adult criminals from online kids, or that somehow identifies every American on the Web, is what will make the Internet safe for youth.

US Senate bill sets guidelines for cybersecurity center
A new authorization bill would give the White House more oversight of the Homeland Security Department's much-beleaguered cybersecurity efforts.

us: IP piracy bill passes through US Congress [IDG]
The U.S. House of Representatives on Sunday passed a bill that would significantly increase penalties for copyright infringement and create a new office of intellectual-property enforcement coordinator in the White House.

Obama Calls for Broadband Deployment During Debate [IDG]
Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for U.S. president, mentioned broadband rollout as one of his top priorities during a debate Friday evening, bringing applause from several groups promoting universally available broadband as a key part of a turn-around in the U.S. economy.

Google Goes to Washington, Gearing Up to Put Its Stamp on Government
The tall buildings in Reston bear the familiar names of big government contractors: Northrop Grumman, CACI, Raytheon and Accenture. Last month another name appeared, but not one that's typically associated with the federal market.

Google Touts Energy Efficient Data Centers
Google is many things: The most used Internet search engine, the largest seller of online advertising, the busiest online video site (YouTube), a maker of maps, e-mail and scores of other applications delivered over the Web. And all these things are possible because, first and foremost, Google is a massive collection of electricity-hungry data centers, packed with hundreds of thousands of computers that deliver all these digital services almost instantly to virtually any computer around the globe.

Google says its data centers are the most efficient [IDG]
Google's leadership on the Web stems partly from its powerful data centers, which allow it to provide lightning-fast search results while keeping energy costs to a minimum. The company has been mostly secretive about what goes on inside these giant computing factories, but on Wednesday it offered a peek at what it has been able to achieve -- on the energy side at least.

Google search for cleaner energy unveiled
Google aims to do for the power grid what it did for the Web. The company, which conquered the market for Web search by first simplifying how it is done and then making sales of related advertising more efficient, is funding green technology and using its brand power to lobby for policy change.

African regulators to impose fines for poor mobile service [IDG]
African communications regulators are moving to combat poor services by mobile service providers by imposing heavy fines.

Road test: Does WiMAX work in the real world?
Just a couple short years ago, many people were abuzz over metro Wi-Fi experiments in Philadelphia, Houston, and San Francisco, only to see those efforts largely collapse as slow speeds, expensive deployments, and economic tussles between carriers and municipalities resulted in low adoption. But waiting in the wings for several years has been the promise of WiMAX technology to deliver broadband connectivity wirelessly across entire cities with less equipment to deploy than metro Wi-Fi. After nearly two years of uncertainty, Sprint and its partner Clearwire are now starting to set up WiMAX networks in several cities.

Sprint's WiMax Shines on Price, Not on Coverage [IDG]
Prices and terms for the WiMax service that Sprint Nextel launched on Monday stand up against other wired and wireless broadband options, but a key measure -- coverage -- remains a question mark.

XOHM WiMAX Broadband Service Debuts in Baltimore [news release]
A next-generation 4G wireless network based on mobile WiMAX technology debuted today in Baltimore, heralding the start of a new era for wireless consumers as Sprint officially launched XOHM TM mobile broadband commercial service in the first major U.S. city.

US WiMax backers upbeat despite economic fears
Even after Monday's stock market drop in the U.S. and a general tightening in the financial sector, WiMax equipment makers and wireless operators at WiMax World remain optimistic.

Many Roadblocks for Mobile Advertising [IDG]
The whole IT industry has high hopes for mobile advertising, but it's still in its infancy and has many hurdles to overcome before it can deliver on lofty promises of billion dollar revenues, according to analysts and ad agencies. Vendors are more upbeat.

Spain cracks down on child porn
Spanish police have arrested 121 people during nationwide raids in the biggest crackdown on internet child pornography in the country. A further 96 people are accused of possessing and distributing internet child pornography.

Spain holds 121 over child porn
Spanish police have arrested 121 people in what they described as the country's largest ever operation against internet child pornography.

Spain arrests 121 over child porn [AFP]
Spanish police have arrested 121 people in nationwide raids as part of the biggest operation against internet child pornography ever carried out in the country.

121 arrested in Spain for child porn
Spanish police have arrested 121 men and seized millions of computer files in the country's biggest operation against child pornography on the Internet.

au: Police officer arrested on pornography charges
Police from the Canobolas Area Command working with police from the Professional Standards Command in Sydney raided a house in Cowra on Thursday and arrested a probationary constable over possession of child pornography and a replica pistol.

au: Cop arrested for child porn [AAP]
A POLICE officer from has been charged with possessing child pornography after a raid triggered by authorities in Croatia.

au: Child porn case delayed for fifth time
A PHILANTHROPIST and hospital patron accused of possessing child pornography has had the case against him delayed for the fifth time in just six months.

uk: Paedophile 'vigilante' found with child porn images
A self-appointed internet policeman who once helped snare a paedophile was jailed yesterday for two years for making and distributing child pornography on his computer.


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