[DNS] domain name news - August 28

[DNS] domain name news - August 28

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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 00:23:13 -0700 (PDT)
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How a Global Internet Policy Might Look

Whither the internet?

White House Imposes New Security Mandate for Federal Agencies

A New Breed Of Hackers Tracks Online Acts of War

Online Pharmacy Risks Rising, Report Finds

"Googler" is not a verb: UDRP decision

GoDaddy blocked in China

How a Global Internet Policy Might Look
On the eve of what could be a seismic shift in government, talk has been heating up about tech policy in the United States.

Whither the internet?
Last November, hundreds of government, industry leaders and internet activists from around the planet gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the second Internet Governance Forum. It was the one in a series of five annual meetings aimed at creating a global conversation about the future of the internet and perhaps recommendations to the United Nations and the World Summit on the Information Society about policies that might be developed to promote widespread public access to the internet and how the internet might be configured.

How Rise in Nationalism and Industry's Lack of Foresight Could Mean a Fragmented and Isolated Web by Alexa Raad
I have been thinking a lot lately on the topic of the free flow of information on the internet?what kinds of tools are available now and in the future for governments (especially repressive ones) to control content, isolate their people and keep any contrary viewpoints censored.


ICANN needs a translation expert - do you know one?
ICANN is becoming a more multilingual organization and in doing so has spent a year, with some expert help and plenty of useful feedback from the community, developing and implementing a translation programme. 

IIC consultation at APNIC in New Zealand - TODAY! by Kieren McCarthy
As part of the Improving Institutional Confidence in ICANN consultation, we are holding a series of regional consultative meetings where the documents created by the President?s Strategy Committee (PSC) are outlined and attendees are given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

New gTLDs: Comments on the Unsigned "The Economic Case for Auctions" by Eric Brunner-Williams
When Kurt Pritz briefed the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council (and observers) in Los Angeles April 10th and 11th, the new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) process model flows transition through an "auction" state in two of the three paths where two or more applications existed for the same (or similar) strings. At that time Kurt, speaking for Staff, was clear that the existence of a well-defined community was not dispositive, which surprised the Council members from the Intellectual Property Constituency.

ICANN Auctioning New Top-Level Domains: Serving Public Interest or Its Own?
ICANN has recently published a number of updates to the implementation program for new gTLDs. One of these updates is a paper by ICANN's "auction design consultant PowerAuctions LLC". The document makes a case for an auction to be held for the "resolution of contention among competing new gTLD applicants for identical or similar strings." In other words, two (or more) applicants for ".bank", or applicants for ".bank" and ".banks."

The Bid for International Cyber Property Rights
As ICANN prepares to make a major change to its top-level domain policy, the move presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to establish their identities on a global scale, writes branding and naming expert Naseem Javed.

 - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
ME domains names hit market in record style - Domain auction
Domain names are a big part of any internet business. As anybody that has had a modicum of success in the online world can tell you, an easy to remember domain name is absolutely essential to name branding yourself in the online market.

NIRA to clean up Nigeria's internet image, raise funds
The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) has arisen from its' fourth Annual General Meeting in (AGM) in Lagos, resolving to find ways of generating funds to exercise its mandate as well as to work to improve the country's poor image in the cyberspace.

New .tel Domain Name ? Available To Trade Mark Owners From December 2008 [reg req'd]
The next generation of Domain Names will arrive later this year. Unlike its predecessors (like the .mobi Domain) the .tel Domain is not targeted to those wanting a Domain from which to run, for example, a company website. Rather, the .tel Domain aims to act as a name based navigation system.

White House Imposes New Security Mandate for Federal Agencies
The Bush administration has ordered all federal agencies to adopt new measures to shore up the security of government Web sites, setting a January 2009 deadline for implementing the changes across all dot-gov domains.

A New Breed Of Hackers Tracks Online Acts of War
Here in the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, a new breed of hackers is conducting digital espionage. They are among a growing number of investigators who monitor how traffic is routed through countries, where Web sites are blocked and why it's all happening. Now they are turning their scrutiny to a new weapon of international warfare: cyber attacks.

Trusted sites thwart net hijacks
US researchers have found a way to thwart hack attacks which intercept data passing from a PC to a website. These "man-in-the-middle" attacks are hard to spot because they involve hi-tech hackers who have total control over data streams.

Gaping hole opened in Internet's trust-based BGP protocol
New details on an old bug could bring the BGP protocol's vulnerability back into the spotlight, some ten years after it was first reported. This particular problem is considered by experts to be at least as bad as last month's well-publicized DNS, but in this case, there's no ready-made solution.

Revealed: The Internet's Biggest Security Hole
Two security researchers have demonstrated a new technique to stealthily intercept internet traffic on a scale previously presumed to be unavailable to anyone outside of intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency.

RAM raiders: inside secrets of the cyber hackers
Hackers have a reputation for sneaking around the internet stealing money and identities, even threatening national security. But the White Hats are hackers who spot security breaches and are a force for good

Hundreds of Dutch web sites hacked by Islamic hackers
In what appears to be a mass defacement, where several hundred domains take advantage of a shared hosting provider,Net Devilz Netherlands starting as of this Friday, an Islamic hacker known as nEt^DeViL ? this is not the NetDevilz team that hijacked the DNS records of the ICANN and Photobucket in June ? managed to successfully hack a couple of hundred Dutch web sites as a hacktivist response to the release of the Fitna film, a controversial film released by Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament in March, 2008.

How to prevent Rogers from hijacking your web browser
Rogers violates net neutrality again by hijacking failed DNS Lookups Last month, Digital Home Canada informed our readers about how the Rogers High Speed Internet service had begun redirecting customers mistyped URL's to web pages laden with Rogers advertising, a practice that has played havoc with users trying to connect to their office intranet from home and could leave Rogers customers vulnerable to hackers. ... The practice, sometimes DNS re-direction or hi-jacking, was roundly denounced by ICANN in 2004 and is considered by many internet commentators as a violation of the tenets of net neutrality.

Online Pharmacy Risks Rising, Report Finds
Online pharmacies are becoming more popular among consumers and criminals, raising the possibility of online fraud and counterfeit medicines. Consumers are looking to save money because pharmaceuticals are expensive and the economy is weak.

"Googler" is not a verb: UDRP decision
A registrant who registered 26 domain names with Wild West Domains, Melbourne IT's Internet Names Worldwide and GoDaddy containing "googler" such as businessgoogler.com and cargoogler.com has lost a UDRP complaint. The decision said the domain names were registered in bad faith.

DNN.com: History Behind Domain Name News? New Domain
Domain Name News has scored the domain DNN.com. But there?s a story behind the domain.

Interview With trendicator: YXL.COM Stolen and Recovered
DomainMagnate brings you an exclusive interview with ?trendicator? from namepros, who Had YXL.COM Stolen and Recovered It. Read through for first hand tips on how to keep your names secure and what you should do in case your domains get stolen.

Bay Area Man Holds obamabiden.com Domain Name
A Bay Area man with quite a bit of foresight has already registered a domain name that would be of great interest to the Obama-Biden campaign. But he may face consequences if he tries to sell it to the Democratic nominee.

Olympians protected - JIPO has ordered the block as a means of securing the property rights of Jamaican Olympians
Jamaica has moved to protect the domains of Olympic winners. The action, taken by the Jamaica intellectual property office (JIPO), follows similar measures taken by China, which last week announced that it would block attempted Internet registrations of Olympic winners.

 - IPv4/IPv6
Researchers: IPv6 traffic a mere 0.0026 percent of total
Arbor Networks, a supplier of "secure service control solutions," cooperated with some 90 ISPs and other organizations running large networks to find out more about how much IPv6 traffic is really flowing over the Internet.

IPv6's Long March by Yves Poppe
With the thousands of IPv6 controlled lights dimming over the 2008 Olympics, the long march on the road to IPv6 continues as the Olympic IPv6 Workout enters history. The early objective of full commercial deployment for 2008 proved elusive and more realistic goals were set and met with success.

GoDaddy blocked in China
GoDaddy, the world's leading domain name registrar, is inaccessible in China, writes Moonlight Blog. Possible reasons? Efforts to prevent people from registering Olympic winners' names, or the hope that Chinese users will register domains in China.

Moniker Offers $7.49 .Mobi Domain Names
Moniker slashes prices for new registrations on .mobi domains.

Competition Works: Moniker Changes Auction Terms
Moniker shortens length of exclusivity period and changes auto-renew clause.

Master of My Domaining: 10 Things I?ve Learned About Domaining Since I Jumped Into The Pool
It?s been a little over nine months since I started the SEO - Domainer Lovefest (if you think you preceded me, you can take credit for it on your own blog!) and John Andrews left me a comment the other day asking for a SITREP on my escapades. The following is a brain dump of what I?ve learned over the last year or so of taking domaining seriously.

Sedo Revamps Offers Page and Process
Domain aftermarket adds new features for buying and selling domain names.

ReplyCylce Taps Into New Revenue Source For Domain Name Owners
... ReplyCycle, which is slated to launch at TRAFFIC Brooklyn, provides a service that will generate additional revenue for domain owners from a previously untapped source. No, it has nothing to do with parking, affiliate programs, selling more domains or even domain development. Think Email.

Creative Thinking: Replycycle for Parked Domain Names
Our friend Adam Strong over at Domain Name News has the scoop on a new product launching at TRAFFIC Brooklyn next month. Replycycle is a system for responding to misdirected e-mail, such as an e-mail sent to a parked domain name. This can create an additional monetization stream for parked domains ? something that is sorely needed right now.

Darling, it's over: Has technology made it impossible to have an affair?
Mobile phones, BlackBerrys, emails, social networking... Never before has it been so easy to cheat on a partner. But has technology made it simply too difficult for philanderers to cover their tracks? With evidence suggesting that fewer people are undertaking long-term extramarital love affairs, Nick Harding peers beneath the sheets and asks: is it the end of the road for the adulterer?

Every step you take: Hi-tech gadgets to catch a cheat
Lipstick on his collar was once the way to spot a cheat ? but with the latest hi-tech gadgets, things have got really dirty. Rachel Shields puts spyware to the test

The truth about Windows Vista exposed at last
Koroush Ghazi of TweakGuides has written an entertaining guide, Vista Annoyances Resolved, showing some of the problems people have had with Windows Vista, and how to resolve them.

au: PayPal silent on eBay refunds dispute
All customers caught out by the collapse of a major eBay seller have been refunded, PayPal claims.

Two-thirds of UK homes now online
Almost 16.5 million households in the UK now have internet access, an increase of 1.2 million since 2007, the latest official figures show.

A million British households 'will never go online'
More than a million households are stubbornly resisting the internet revolution and have no intention of ever going online, new figures have shown.

Third of UK homes still without web access
While broadband continues its march into ever more homes in Blighty, new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also reveal that more than a third of households are still going without a web connection.

In-Flight Internet Service Comes With New Porn Monitors: Flight Attendants
As if flight attendants didn't have enough to do, they've been handed another job. Say hello to your new mile-high culture police.

Google may let users comment on, rearrange search results [IDG]
Google Inc. is considering allowing users of its search engine to tinker with query results by re-ranking them and commenting on them.

Online advertising about to overtake radio in slow ad market
Europe's biggest media buyer yesterday reduced its forecasts for the global advertising market for this year and 2009 as a result of a slowdown in the US, Britain, Spain and China.

Microsoft web browser that covers its tracks could hit Google?s advertising
Microsoft?s latest internet browser includes a piece of software that allows internet users to hide the audit trail of websites they have visited.

Tech-savvy Obama outmaneuvering the media
... The presidential campaign of Barack Obama has all but christened a new era by seizing the medium itself. The network pageantry has been replaced by the network effect - a huge pipe directly to his supporters, no intermediation involved. The press, it seems, just gets in the way.

uk: Apple misled iPhone users over internet capability
The iPhone, the latest must-have gadget from Apple, fails to give users complete access to the internet, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules today.

iPhone: Watchdog rules against Apple advert on net access
An advertisement for Apple's iPhone handset has been shelved after Britain's advertising watchdog ruled that it misled buyers.

Museum gets funding to promote the web
The Wolfson Foundation is allying with the government to fund exhibits about the internet at the National Media Museum. The museum, based in Bradford, will receive ?150k for the project ? just part of the ?4m that culture minister Margaret Hodge announced on Monday would be spent by 31 English museums. The ?4m is provided by Hodge's department, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), and the Wolfson Foundation.

Does my name affect how much spam I get?
Apparently it could - at least according to research by Richard Clayton, a security expert from Cambridge University's computer lab. ... However, it turns out that spammers could be more subtle creatures than we give them credit for.

Hackers resort to 'sick' kidnap spam
Hackers are claiming they have kidnapped children in a bid to infect PCs with a Trojan Horse virus, says Sophos.

Euro guidelines will allow Bluetooth spam
The Mobile Marketing Association has published its guidelines for advertising pushed over Bluetooth connections, and considers anyone who hasn't opted out to be fair game for spammers.

Brazil: Digital inclusion, but how?
At one end of the trendy Cafe Aprendiz, patrons enjoy dishes such as three-cheese ravioli and salmon salad with cucumber, but it's not the food that has drawn a group of older women seated in the back. They've come for the computers.

Moderators say reader comments on news stories are higher risk than forums
Media sites which ask readers to comment on news stories are at greater risk of bearing responsibility for those comments than for comments in online forums or discussion groups, leading web moderators have warned.

za: Every Call You Take, They'll Be Watching You
Imagine eavesdropping on criminals or terrorists plotting to smuggle drugs or weapons into South Africa, knowing their exact location and time of delivery. It sounds like a hi-tech revolution in crime-fighting and intelligence gathering.

Cybersecurity lacking in Africa, official says [IDG]
Africa will not realize the benefits of IT without improvements in cybersecurity, the secretary general of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) said today.

Print-only media restrictions hit New Zealand trial
A New Zealand judge has told journalists that they can print the names of two murder suspects in their paper but not online. The judge said he was worried about the fact that publication online is more permanent than that in newsprint.

nz: Judge restricts online reporting of case
A judge has today taken the unprecedented step of banning news websites from naming two men charged with murder while allowing newspapers, radio stations and TV networks to reveal who they are.

Suppressed names appear in online forum
The identities of two men accused of murder have appeared on several blogs and at least one forum a day after a judge banned news websites from publishing the names.

nz: Judge's suppression order mocked online
Offshore bloggers are thumbing their noses at an historic suppression order issued by a District Court judge preventing the online publication of the names of two men charged with murder.

Computer virus infects orbiting space station
As far as space monsters go it is less menacing than Daleks or Klingons, but an unwanted intruder has made its way aboard the international space station.

uk: Bank account details sold on eBay for ?35
Personal bank account details of up to one million Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customers have been found on a computer that was sold for ?35 on eBAY, the online auction site.

Is BT controlling your internet? BT shapes P2P traffic
In the attic office of his home outside Shrewsbury, Sam Oliver has a lovely view of his back garden and also a successful IT business. ... Mr Oliver discovered the speed of his so called peer-to-peer downloads could sometimes be reduced to zero. ... But according to Mr Oliver: "Anything that uses file-to-file or peer-to-peer on BT just falls over."

YouTube's filters help copyright owners profit from pirated videos
Instead of just pulling down pirated clips, copyright owners are choosing to use YouTube's copyright filters to generate advertising revenue, Google said Wednesday.

Turkish court lifts YouTube ban after online censorship protest
A court in Turkey has lifted a ban on YouTube, the video sharing website, after hundreds of sites voluntarily blocked themselves in protest at growing internet censorship.

au: 13-year-olds in cyber sex scandal
THE FBI has been called in to help save a 13-year-old Melbourne girl from a cyber-bully, who was posting sexually explicit photographs of the victim on a fake MySpace page.

au: Young Territorians warned to beware of online identity theft
The Northern Territory's acting information commissioner says young people need to be particularly careful about the personal information they give over the internet.

AskKids.com keeps kid away from Net's naughty bits
Ask.com hopes to use children to gain some market share among the search engines, and their newly relaunched Ask Kids is a surprisingly well-designed weapon in that fight.

us: 'Cyber-Bullying' On The Rise
Cyber-bullying is on the increase. Online harassment of American teens jumped 50 percent between 2000 and 2005, according to a new survey by the University of New Hampshire.

Will US Congress Squelch Behavioral Marketing?
Congress has become increasingly interested in the privacy implications of behavioral marketing. This summer, the Senate has held hearings, and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce has followed the charge by seeking more information from Internet service providers and technology companies regarding their privacy policies and targeted advertising.

Vista may still have its day -- just like XP (eventually) did
Twenty-one months after its initial release, what do we know about Windows Vista? That home users hate it, businesses are uninstalling it and -- according to Gartner -- it's proof that the 23-year-old Windows line is "collapsing" under its own weight. ... But all of the griping about Vista and instant nostalgia for XP covers up a dry, statistical reality: XP itself was slow to catch on with users -- maybe even slower than Vista has been thus far. For instance, in September 2003, 23 months after its release, XP was running on only 6.6 percent of corporate PCs in the US and Canada, according to data compiled by AssetMetrix, an asset-tracking vendor that was later bought by Microsoft.

One man's vision proves a lifeline in conflict zones and disasters
As the French president Nicolas Sarkozy thrashed out a ceasefire between the Kremlin and Georgia this month, a Georgian Airways plane touched down in Tbilisi carrying a team of his fellow countrymen who have been among the first on the ground in disaster areas and war zones for the past decade. ... The French team were taking telecoms equipment into the Georgian capital. T?l?coms Sans Fronti?res (TSF) has provided a vital link for aid agencies and a lifeline to friends and relatives from Iraq and Niger to Sri Lanka and Nicaragua.

No quick fix on broadband for Australian regions
Australians living in metropolitan areas may be logging on to the internet using the Government's $4.7 billion national broadband network as early as next April, although regional users will not be so lucky.

NZ Govt details $340 million broadband fund
Communications Minister David Cunliffe today unveiled details of the Government's $340 million Broadband Investment Fund.

Govt details $340 million broadband fund
The Government has finally called for applications for its Broadband Investment Fund, despite concerns it will be scrapped if National sweeps to power this election.

NZ Broadband fund opens for business
The government?s $340 million fund to accelerate broadband is now accepting applications from business and community groups.

Telstra rejects opposition calls for separation as ?totally irresponsible"
Telco?s new public policy director continues Burgo?s bargy, hits back at separationists, federal opposition.

South African Telecoms Face Uncertainty
Following the promulgation in 2006 of the liberalizing Electronic Communications Act, South Africa's telecommunications sector has been in a state of suspended animation. Numerous restructurings and investments have already taken place among the smaller players.

Study: VoIP, Not Multimedia, First Out IMS Door
About three quarters of global service providers plan to offer voice-over-IP services via an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) infrastructure by next spring, according to a new report from Infonetics Research.

Czechs involved in child porn network will go unpunished [CTK]
Czechs involved in a global network of Internet paedophiles that was uncovered by the Bavarian police last week will go unpunished due to the lack of relevant legislation at the time of the crime, Petr Gruber from the criminal police told CTK Tuesday.


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