[DNS] domain name news - January 10

[DNS] domain name news - January 10

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 04:38:38 -0800 (PST)
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Headlines from the January 14 edition of the news include:
Chairman of cyberspace has right stuff | ICANN Accountability and Transparency Document Released | ICANN: Global Policy Proposal for Remaining IPv4 Address Space ? Background Report | 'Dashboard' Allows Window into ICANN Performance | Do you believe in Transition? by Paul Levins | One million .fr domain names | Domain-Name Disputes at an All-Time High | Expert: Alta. premier won't win web fight | us: Adding an 'e' before a trademark in a domain name is dilution | Domain Name Front Running Practice Criticized | Network Solutions may change controversial domain-name policy | Network Solutions amends Net registration process | Are Registries Aiding And Abetting Front Running? | After furor, Network Solutions stands by name policy | Understanding Search Usability - Part 2

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New Delhi Meeting Hotels Information

ICANN GNSO Initial Report on Domain Tasting

ICANN and the Root Server Operators by Bret Fausett

Reforming the DisGrace Period by Larry Seltzer

Phishing at the Top Level by Larry Seltzer

Competition May Be Driving Surge in Botnets, Spam

DDOS Botnets Thriving, Threatening

Storm Botnet Turned Toward Phishing Attacks

au: Ponting hits fake website for six

ca: Ed Stelmach, Alberta premier, takes on cybersquatter

Registrar denies 'front-running' Net registration

NSI Accused of Domain Front Running

ICANN fights naming loophole [AP]


New Delhi Meeting Hotels Information
ICANN has posted hotel information to help participants prepare for ICANN's 31 st International Public Meeting in New Delhi, India from 10-15 February 2008. 'New Delhi, similar to other international cities in high season, is expensive' said Paul Levins, Executive Officer and Vice President Corporate Affairs. ICANN and the meeting local hosts have worked to achieve lower rates for participants. 'This negotiation has taken some time, but we are now holding rooms at negotiated rates. These rates are still high, ranging from US$354 to over US$400, but they are cheaper than the published rates' he said.

ICANN GNSO Initial Report on Domain Tasting
The "GNSO Initial Report on Domain Tasting" has been posted for comment. The comment period will be from 8 January 2008 to 28 January 2008.

ICANN and the Root Server Operators by Bret Fausett
On Friday, ICANN announced that it had reached an agreement for the management of the F Root Server with the Internet Software Consortium. It might have been a bigger deal had they actually linked a copy of the agreement. I've asked for a copy, and ICANN's press point person on this announcement, Jason Keenan, has kindly offered to hunt it down.

Reforming the DisGrace Period by Larry Seltzer
Opinion: Another step has been taken on the long, plodding path to maybe addressing the problem of Domain Tasting. ICANN GNSO has been studying the problem of Domain Tasting for months now in their usual thorough manner. I wrote about the study several months ago and said I expected no prompt action. They have gotten to the point of issuing an initial report. This report discusses the input received by the GNSO during the study.

ICANN GNSO Council Invites Recommendations for Future Studies on WHOIS
Public comments are invited until 15 February on recommendations for future studies on the WHOIS system.

Phishing at the Top Level by Larry Seltzer
Opinion: ICANN and overbearing governments are gearing up for a major expansion of the attack surface of the DNS.: The use of domain names in most phishing is relatively crude, You see a lot of names like www.somefreewebsite.com/~ingrid/www.bankofamerica.com/.... There's no SSL, and the tricky part of the domain name is off to the right. A user would really have to ignore the domain name and focus on the body of the page, which is where the real phishing expertise comes in.

Botnets: The new political activism
As the United States' presidential candidates pinball their way across New Hampshire on the day of the state's closely watched primary elections, a new form of grassroots activism appears to be taking root across the Atlantic, in Eastern Europe, that melds dirty pool tactics with the cutting edge of malware technology.

Competition May Be Driving Surge in Botnets, Spam
A price war may be at least partially responsible for the recent increase in spam and botnet activity on the Internet, a researcher suggested this week. The operators of Nugache, one of the Web's most sophisticated emerging botnets, appear to be expanding their network and slashing prices to customers who want to use it to distribute spam, according to researcher Paul Henry, vice president of technology evangelism at Secure Computing Corp.

DDOS Botnets Thriving, Threatening
U.S. researchers are closely tracking several Russian botnets that have hammered Eastern European e-commerce and government-related Websites with distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks over the past year -- and they worry that larger, politically inspired DDOS attacks may be on the horizon. The botnets use inconspicuous HTML Web-based communications to issue their bot commands to the infected clients they use for their attacks. They deploy the so-called Machbot, Barracuda, and BlackEnergy bot code packages, according to the researchers.

Storm Botnet Turned Toward Phishing Attacks
First it was spam, then it was denial of service. Now the operators of Storm have found a new use for the botnet: phishing. Phishers masquerading as Barclays Bank and the Halifax unit of the National Bank of Scotland are now pumping out bogus messages to unwary users, according to separate alerts issued by Fortinet and Trend Micro last night.

Storm For Rent
For nearly a year, cyber-security researchers have tracked the Storm worm as its malicious code spread across the Internet, drawing computers into a growing botnet of hijacked computers. Now, they've found evidence that segments of its zombie army are being rented to the highest bidder.

Storm splinters, starts phishing, say researchers
Part of the Storm botnet appears to have been rented out to identity thieves, who are using it to conduct traditional phishing attacks that target customers of a pair of U.K.-based banks, researchers said today. Two recent phishing attacks -- one aimed at customers of Barclays, the second at account holders of the Bank of Scotland -- appear to be coming from domains associated with known campaigns designed to build out the botnet of Storm-infected PCs.

au: Ponting hits fake website for six
Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting has filed a claim in the Federal Court to shut down an unauthorised website and is seeking damages against the owner of the domain name.

David Beats Goliath, Dori Media International Loses Battle for Domain
Fred McCaw was a bit late to the domain market. Getting started in 1999, he realized all of the good english-language domains were registered. So he registered generic domains in foreign languages, including his native Filipino. The first domain he registered was Rebelde.com, which means ?rebel? in Spanish and Filipino. Over the holidays McCaw successfully defended a reverse domain hijacking attempt by media company Dori Media International, which has a spanish language soap opera called ?Rebelde?.

ca: Ed Stelmach, Alberta premier, takes on cybersquatter
The Premier of the Canadian state of Alberta, Ed Stelmach, has taken on a young blogger and university student who bought the domain name edstelmach.ca alleging the domain name was registered in bad faith. Dave Cournoyer, who hosts the popular website ?daveberta? bought the domain name in April 2007, around four months after Mr Stelmach became premier.

Alberta Premier to blogger: getlost.now [Canadian Press]
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach may be heading for a legal showdown with a young blogger who bought the rights to the Internet domain edstelmach.ca.

ca: Alberta premier threatens to sue over domain name
Premier Ed Stelmach is ready to take legal action against a university student who bought the rights to the domain name edstelmach.ca.

Premier may sue over domain name [CanWest News]
Premier Ed Stelmach is threatening to sue an Edmonton blogger over the use of the domain name "edstelmach.ca."

Ed Stelmach vs. edstelmach.ca
Ed Stelmach, the Alberta Tories' Harry Strom, is angry that a local Liberal, David Cournoyer beat him to the punch to register the domain name www.edstelmach.ca.

Google?s domain name ambitions become clearer
Ever since Google became an ICANN accredited domain name registrar but announed that the company doesn?t plan to register domains, rumors have swirled about what Google?s intentions are. After hearing representatives of Google and the search industry speak at Search Engine Strategies NYC last week, I have a clearer picture of what Google wants to do. My first guess was mostly correct. Google will use its status as a registrar to better mine the WhoIs database to knock out search engine spam and to remove ?value? from expired domains.

Registrar denies 'front-running' Net registration
Contrary to claims that emerged Wednesday, Network Solutions said isn't "front-running" the Internet address registration process, a practice in which a company registers a potential domain immediately after a prospective buyer searches to see if it's available. In fact, the practice that triggered the accusation is in fact an attempt to counteract front-running, the company said.

Network Solutions Responds to Front Running Accusations
Following a post on the DomainState forum today, a number news and blogs have criticized Network Solutions for front running domain names that customers try to register.

Domain Front Running by Registrars Continues to Draw Attention by Enrico Schaefer
In response to accusations lodged yesterday in a post on the DomainState forum, NSI has issued a statement which essentially admits that it engages in a form of domain front running. No one has challenged domain Front Running by registrars in the courts, likely because the practice is new and since the loss of a single domain would not typically generate a level of damages to support litigation. But litigation over this arguably fraudulent domain practice by registrars is both viable and likely inevitable as noted below and further analyzed at this post on the Traverse Legal domain name blog here.

NSI Accused of Domain Front Running
Ari Goldberger over at the Direct Navigation Blog picked up on a story on DomainState.com and on DomainNameNews.com that once again suggests that people searching for domain availability at certain registrars are being registered by the registrar. The registrar thereby prevents a registrant from purchasing it at any other registrar other than the Registrar whose web site was used to check domain availability. This, from our point of view, amounts to fraud and domain theft at the registrar level and has earned the term domain "Front Running" a term picked up from illegal stock broker practices using the same model. Network Solutions has now been accused of Front Running domains, a shocking accusation given NSI's domain industry leader status.

ICANN fights naming loophole [AP]
ICANN is taking a preliminary step toward combating domain name tasting ? the online equivalent of buying expensive clothes on a charge card only to return them for a full refund after wearing them to a party.

A Better Mousetrap by Bret Fausett
So if you start from the premise that NSI has described a real problem, in which registrar queries to the registry are sniffed and sold by the registries themselves, is there a better way to solve the problem than with what NSI has done? I think so.

A 'Reasonable' Explanation? by Bret Fausett
All the news of the day continues to be about NSI's front running-domain tasting service. Yesterday, I said the explanation didn't hold water. A second explanation from NSI (on the GNSO's General Assembly mailing list) starts to sound more reasonable. NSI claims that gTLD registries ("or ISPs") are selling registrar lookup data to third-party domain tasters, who then taste a domain before the customer can register it.

Network Solutions exposed
Network Solutions has been accused of registering names automatically whenever someone searches for them.

Network Solutions: Domain Squatter
The biggest tech news of the week isn't at the Consumer Electronics Show. While bloggers and reporters attend the show, one of the most egregious abuses of public trust has become big news that has gone largely unreported. It's not Microsoft as the abuser, but registrar Network Solutions.

Network Solutions Charging For Protection
Controversy is brewing about domain registrar company Network Solutions' newly instituted practice of automatically registering domain names users search for and then jacking up the price during ICANN's return grace period. Critics call it "extortion," but Network Solutions calls it a service to protect customers from the practice of "front running."

Network Solutions, Critics Spar Over Domain Front Running
The Network Solutions practice of registering domains being searched by visitors to the registrar has domainers demanding action by ICANN.

Network Solutions Faces PR Nightmare Over Domain FrontRunning
Domain registrar locks domains searched on its site.

Network Solutions registers every domain that you check
Domain registrar Network Solutions has been caught Front Running domain names. Domain names searched via their whois tool are immediately locked, preventing the customer from acquiring the domain from other registrars. The domain name is automatically released if no purchases are made from Network Solutions after five days.

Domain Registrar Network Solutions Front Running On Whois Searches
A story is developing regarding domain name registrar Network Solutions front running domains. According to multiple sources on DomainState.com, it appears that domains searched via NSI are being purchased by the registrar thereby preventing a registrant from purchasing it at any other registrar other than NSI. As an example, a random domain which DNN searches such as HowDoesThisDomainTasteTaste.com can be seen in this whois search to now be unavailable to register at other registrars but at NSI it can be purchased

Look Up a Domain Then Watch Network Solutions Register It
Bill Hartzer has performed a very interesting piece of domain name research and written up a detailed synopsis on the way Network Solutions seems to be taking advantage of the consumers who use their domain name look-up tool.

Network Solutions PR Damage Control
Network Solutions employees, including Vice President of Policy and Ethics are diligently working on PR damage control after the inevitable public backlash from allegations of domain name front running. NSI employee responses have been spotted on Domainstate, Slashdot.org and Digg. Additionally, DomainNameWire has a direct response from the head of PR at NSI and CircleID is citing a response from VP, Jon Nevett.

Network Solutions snarfing your ideas?
If you're someone who's in the market for a domain name and think you'd like to test out a few ideas over mega-registrar Network Solutions, think again unless you're ready to buy, immediately, and only from them.

NetworkSolutions Scandal: Hijacking User Domain Searches
There has been an uproar today about a recent devious tactic being used by one of the original ICANN accredited registrars, NetworkSolutions. Apparently they are internally registering each and every domain name that a user searches for using their website, essentially holding it hostage so that it can not be purchased at any other significantly cheaper and more ethical registrar.

RegisterFly Restarts Marketing Machine
Disaccredited registrar restarts familiar marketing emails.

There is No G.com, Y.com, M.com, Why Not?
Google?s acquisition of the one character g.cn domain for China, reminded me of the old question about one and also two character domain names in the gTLD (generic top level domain) space like .com, .net and .org.

Domain Name Investment Pays - Says Domain Name Expert John Motson in His New Book [news release]
With an ever increasing number of people seeking new opportunities to make money online, the Domaining Manifesto by Australian John Motson uncovers a lucrative money making avenue to everyday web users. Motson is the owner and author of acclaimed domain name blog DnXpert.com, has 7 years of domain name investment experience and is a recognized leader in domain name investment circles.

DOMAINfest 08 gears up with SnapNames live auction
The first DOMAINfest of 2008 will be held from January 21-23. It aims to bring together the the best and brightest of the domain name industry for 3 intensive days of learning, networking, auctions and doing business.

Domain-"Tasting" soll nicht mehr kostenlos sein
Das "Tasting" (Austesten) von .com-, .info-, .biz-, .name- und .pro-Adressen soll k?nftig nicht mehr kostenlos sein. Das hauptamtliche B?ro der ICANN hat angek?ndigt, dass im neuen Budgetplan die Empfehlung des ICANN-Gremiums f?r generische Adressen (Generic Name Supporting Organisation, GNSO) aufgegriffen werde. Die ICANN-Geb?hr werde also auch f?r kurzzeitig registrierte Adressen anfallen. Nun bittet die private Netzverwaltung um Kommentare zu einem Statusbericht zum umstrittenen Tasting und m?glichen Gegenma?nahmen bis zum 28. Januar.

ICANN stellt Zusammenarbeit mit F-Rootserver-Betreiber auf formale Grundlage
Die ICANN hat zum ersten Mal einen Vertrag mit dem Betreiber eines der 13 zentralen Rootserver geschlossen. Ver?ffentlicht wurde der Vertrag mit der BIND-Schmiede Internet Software Consortium, die seit 1994 den F-Rootserver betreibt, bislang nicht. Joao Damas vom ISC teilte auf Anfrage von heise online mit, er rechne nicht damit, dass es einen einzigen Vertragstext zwischen ICANN und allen Rootserver-Betreibern geben k?nne. "Ich denke, dazu sind die Unterschiede hinsichtlich der Gepflogenheiten und der jeweils bei den Betreibern engagierten Interessengruppen zu gro?. Allerdings kann ich mir vorstellen, dass die Vertr?ge recht ?hnlich sein k?nnten."

Spam-Golem: Warum der Mail-Versand zum Gl?cksspiel zu verkommen droht
Nur noch jede zehnte E-Mail, die durchs Netz schwirrt, ist von ihrem Empf?nger erw?nscht. Der Nachrichtenm?ll sorgt f?r laut vernehmbares ?chzen im Internetgeb?lk. Gegenma?nahmen gibt es zwar viele, doch schie?en sie zunehmend ?bers Ziel hinaus. Die Folge ist, dass Mail-Zustellung verz?gert wird oder mitunter ganz zum Erliegen kommt. Ein ma?voller, bedachter Einsatz der Ma?nahmen tut Not.

Spielesuchmaschine Wazap gibt in Deutschland auf
... Der Traum von der weltweiten Spielesuchmaschine scheint jedoch nicht aufgegangen zu sein. Wer auf die laut Denic weiterhin zur Wazap AG geh?rende Domain Wazap.de geht, wird derzeit auf Spieletipps.de umgeleitet - durch diese kleine Partnerschaft erhoffen sich die Spieletipps.de-Betreiber von der Brot und Spiele GmbH mehr Zugriffe f?r die eigene Website.

Les s?quelles impr?vues de l'affaire Dell
Cons?quence de la plainte d?pos?e par la soci?t? Dell, l'ensemble des noms g?r?s par les trois registrars vis?s - Belgium Domains, Capitol Domains et DomainDoorman - ont ?t? bloqu?s.

Le Luxembourg optimise sa fiscalit? pour les noms de domaine
Le 19 d?cembre 2007, les l?gislateurs luxembourgeois ont adopt? de nouvelles mesures fiscales favorables aux noms de domaine. Face ? elles, la France semble en retard.

Second Life, banche al bando
Se i mondi virtuali "sono il futuro del commercio globale", come declamava pochi mesi fa Paul Twomey, CEO di ICANN, siamo messi proprio bene: i gestori di Second Life hanno messo al bando le banche e le istituzioni finanziare virtuali.

A Febbraio un passo importante verso l'adozione di IPv6
L'adozione del protocollo IPv6, sebbene necessaria, sta incontrando non poche difficolt?. Uno dei principali problemi che ne rallentano la diffusione risiede nel fatto che la maggior parte dei server DNS root (root nameserver) non gestiscono tutt'oggi indirizzi IPv6.

Monopolizaci?n del mercado primario y secundario de dominios
Oversee.net anunci? el d?a 3 de enero de 2007 que hab?an comprado Moniker. Los t?rminos de la transacci?n no han salido a la luz p?blica, sin embargo se cree que la compra ha rondado los 65$ millones. Monte Cahn ha llegado a un acuerdo con Oversee para seguir dirigiendo Moniker.

El registro de dominios de marca en internet, rentable
La administraci?n y registro de los nombres de dominio en internet, mejor conocidas como direcciones o marcas, es un negocio rentable y uno de los que mayor auge ha tenido en el mundo, pero se sustentan m?s en los servicios asociados, como es su administraci?n entre otros.

Los dominios m?s caros del 2007.
El 2007 ha sido un buen a?o para los dominios en Internet, tambi?n para los .es que poco a poco se est?n abriendo el hueco que se merecen en el mercado, aunque aun les falta un largo camino por recorrer.

Registro de Nombres de Dominio en America Latina - Estadisticas al 31 de Diciembre del 2007
LatinoamerICANN presenta el reporte de estadisticas de nombres de dominio en LAC al 31 de Diciembre del 2007. Dicha recopilaci?n es parte del estudio iniciado por LatinoamerICANN para medir la incidencia de pol?ticas de Sociedad de la Informaci?n en el desarrollo de los ccTLD's de la regi?n, as? como analizar el impacto de las pol?ticas de los ccTLDs en las politicas de Sociedad de la Informacion nacionales.

Los doce principales hechos del 2007 en los ccTLDs de la Region LAC
El siguiente listado de hechos es una seleccion elaborada para recordar los principales sucesos ocurridos durante el 2007 en relacion a diversos ccTLDs de la region LAC. Es clara que esta seleccion es arbitraria y que hay mas sucesos, pero creemos firmemente que estos son relevantes. Esta de mas decir que todos los comentarios son bienvenidos.


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