[DNS] domain name & governance news - 16 October

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 16 October

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 03:44:18 -0700 (PDT)
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UN Forum Focuses on Internet's Future

Internet panel: "Balkanization" looms

The Mystery of .KP by Bret Fausett

ICANN refuses to pull Spamhaus domain

.nz Registrations hit 250,000 (news release)

au: Cybersquatter takes site

Half of domain-name servers are open to attack

Rooney wins his fight for website

UN Forum Focuses on Internet's Future
The UN's Internet Governance Forum will hold its first meeting Oct. 30. Participants met this week to prepare for the forum, which will take place in Athens, with online Webcasts and participation through blogs. Access, control, diversity, combating child pornography, spam, phishing, freedom of speech, Internet control and network protocols. Nitin Desai, who will chair the meeting, said the technology is young and people have not really sorted out how the Internet should be treated. He compared debates about the Internet to those about the chemical composition of ink and the design of the paper when the printer was invented, which missed the point.

Internet panel: "Balkanization" looms
At a meeting in London this week, various experts on Internet development around the globe gathered to discuss challenges facing the 'Net. The most provocative claim was that, unless certain situations are quickly addressed, the world faces a "Balkanization" of the Internet.

La governance di internet passa ai privati
Oltre un miliardo di navigatori, un terzo dei quali in Asia. Quasi cento milioni i siti registrati. Ma anche censura e problemi di accesso. La crescita della Rete ha bisogno di regole: se ne parla in un incontro organizzato dal Ministero per l?Innovazione con la partecipazione di esperti dell?Istituto di informatica e telematica (Iit) del -Cnr

Chi controller? Internet?
Quale futuro per Internet? ? una domanda a cui si tenter? di dare (almeno parziale) risposta ad Atene dal 30 ottobre nel Forum sulla governance della Rete. Nelle sue fasi iniziali di vita, il web aveva fornito ?l?illusione ? si legge nel libro di Tim Wu e Jack Goldsmith Who Controls the Internet? ? di un mondo senza frontiere, auto-gestito e indipendente dai governi nazionali?. Niente di tutto questo.

North Korea: the future of SEO?
Yet North Korean isolation in the internet world may not be a complete product of its own doing. For example, the state has persistently asked ICANN to authorise the domain ".kp" for the country - but to no avail. Furthermore, the only country in which Naenara is banned is South Korea, where the state fears that its material will "brainwash" South Korean citizens.

The Mystery of .KP by Bret Fausett
Bret Fausett further asks "Does anyone know anything about these "persistent" requests to ICANN? I'd like to see one. Shouldn't the requests be public anyway? Here's where it gets a bit more interesting. .KP is on the IANA Root Zone Whois index, but the specific entry does not list any delegee. And .KP is not in the root zone. So why carry an entry in the Whois for a TLD that has not been delegated?"

ICANN refuses to pull Spamhaus domain
ICANN has said it does not have the authority to suspend the website of The Spamhaus Project. The Register further reports "ICANN's stance of declining authority on the affair passes the onus onto Tucows, the Spamhaus.org registrar. Since Tucows is based in Canada, and not the US, it's in a much better position to decline to apply the court's request. So the threat of the loss of Spamhaus's domain appears to have receded, at least for now."

CDT Statement on e360Insight LLC v. The Spamhaus Project (news release)
The Center for Democracy & Technology has been tracking developments in a case filed by an Illinois-based e-mail marketing company -- e360Insight, LLC -- against London-based anti-spam group Spamhaus. After winning a default judgment against Spamhaus -- which apparently did not fully participate in the court proceedings -- e360 asked the federal court in Chicago to order ICANN to suspend Spamhaus's web address, spamhaus.org.

ICANN refuses to crush Spamhaus
ICANN has said it cannot comply with a proposed court order to suspend the Web site of Spamhaus.

Spamming the News Cycle: Spamhaus Non-Story Goes Viral
Google News now shows more than 300 stories about Spamhaus, most about a proposed court order following a district court default judgment. To me, the most interesting is the meta-story -- why the non-event of a proposed order has the blogs scrambling with claims of constitutional crisis and even the notoriously close-lipped ICANN issuing an announcement "in response to community interest expressed on this topic."

ICANN Won't Delete Spamhaus Domain
ICANN has reviewed the Spamhaus-e360 case, according to a statement from the domain-name agency, and noted that it has no knowledge as to the merits of e360's claim against Spamhaus and why Spamhaus did not appear in court to defend itself. However, ICANN did say that it would be unable to comply with a court order to suspend the spamhaus.org domain, if one is handed down.

Spamhaus case could cause ICANN crisis (IDG)
Internet experts are worried that a court decision against antispam blacklister The Spamhaus Project Ltd. could trigger a "constitutional crisis" for the Internet.

Spamhaus risks losing .org domain name
Spamhaus are in a bit of legal hot water, it seems. e360 Insight has made a legal challenge to Spamhaus, claiming that their blacklisting of them has caused it lost business and jobs. An Illinois court awarded e360 Insight damages against Spamhaus to the amount of $11,715,000, and also placed a permanent injunction to prevent Spamhaus from blacklisting the firm in the future. Spamhaus, however, did not even turn up in court. They contended that, since they are a UK company, they are beyond US jurisdiction.

.nz Registrations hit 250,000 (news release)
InternetNZ through the Office of the Domain Name Commissioner is pleased to announce that the number of registrations of domain names under the .nz top level domain reached 250,000 late yesterday, showing continued strong growth in the Internet space in New Zealand.
http://www.telecom.paper.nl/news/article.aspx?id=144507&nr= (sub req'd)

au: Cybersquatter takes site
A SERIAL cybersquatter who caused outrage last week after he registered a domain name after Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi has come under fire for doing the same thing to a string of Australian politicians. Wayne Smith may have relinquished control of www. bindiirwin.com, but he still owns more than 60 other domain names, many linked to anti-Jewish hate sites. Over a dozen of them are named after Liberal and National politicians.

IPv6 Worldwide Summit - November 2006 Cannes, France
The main theme of the Summit will be the deployment and use of IPv6 technology. Keynote speakers include officials from the European Commission, France, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, North America, India and China. The participants of the Summit will be able to dialogue with IPv6 equipment manufacturers, application providers and system integrators. The event is organised by the IPv6 Task Force France in cooperation with ETSI and EU-funded projects GO4IT and EuroLabs. It is supported by IPv6 Forum, European IPv6 Task Force and the French Ministry of Industry.

ICANN Allocates IPv6 Address Blocks to the Five Regional Internet Registries (news release)
On Tuesday October 3, ICANN through its IANA allocated large blocks of IPv6 address spaces to each of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) to promote the efficient assignment of those address spaces to the RIRs' customers.

Half of domain-name servers are open to attack
Half of the web's domain name servers are wrongly configured, leaving companies and large sections of the internet infrastructure open to attack. The survey found that 50% of DNS servers allow recursive name services - a form of name resolution that often requires a name server to relay requests to other name servers.

Web breakthrough 'could bring cheap calls for all'
The price of phone calls is set to fall dramatically thanks to a groundbreaking development that will enable any regular phone to make calls using the internet using a technology called ENUM.

Rooney wins his fight for website
England football star Wayne Rooney has won a legal battle against a Welsh TV actor for the ownership of a website in the player's name.
http://msn.foxsports.com/soccer/story/6057918?CMP=OTC-K9B140813162&ATT=177 (AP)

Another soccer star wins his cybersquat case (Reuters)
British international striker Wayne Rooney, among 30 players on a short list for the Federation Internationale de Football Association's World Player of the Year Award, has won ownership of a Web site in his name, a United Nations agency said.

Actor loses battle to keep control of Wayne Rooney internet names
A WELSH actor who bought the website domain names waynerooney.com and waynerooney.co.uk was yesterday forced to hand them over to the Manchester United star after an internet legal tussle.

Netcraft October 2006 Web Server Survey
In the October 2006 survey we received responses from 97,932,447 sites, an increase of 1.08 million from last month. That moderate growth follows four straight months of blockbuster gains, guaranteeing that 2006 will surpass 2005 in the record books for largest single-year hostname growth. The survey has added nearly 23.9 million sites in the first 10 months of 2006, well above the previous record for annual numerical site growth of 17.1 million from last year. At its current 2006 growth rate of 2.3 million-plus sites per month, the Web Server Survey could top 100 million sites before the end of the year.

ccNSO ICANN Regions Questionnaire (news release)
During 2006, ICANN will conduct its third review of ICANN's regions. This will be the first time the ccNSO has had an opportunity to be involved in the review. In an effort to establish whether the current composition of ICANN's regions is a concern for ccTLD managers, a questionnaire has been prepared. It would be appreciated if ccTLD managers could complete this questionnaire. The responses will assist the ccNSO determine the type of advice it provides to the review of ICANN's regions.

ICANN Board Receives Responses to Request for Information (news release)
The ICANN Board has agreed to consider the responses to its inquiry relating to the four pending gTLD agreements for .ASIA, .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG during their meeting on 18 October 2006. The link to the posted agenda for this meeting is located at http://icann.org/minutes/.

us: Domain woes pain in the head
John Kolesinski operates myflorida411.com, a Web directory listing for businesses and the state government uses myflorida.com. After more than six months of operation, the state has notified Kolesinski by letter that myflorida.com is a trademark and contends his "activity is an infringement" of the state's property rights and "unfair competition." The letter also states use of the myflorida411.com domain name is "generating confusion." Kolesinski has asked the 7th Judicial Circuit County Mediation Services to intervene although a volunteer mediator said mediation under the county's program is voluntary, but a state spokeswoman said that probably wouldn't work because when it comes to domain name disputes, specific arbitration is required.

us: 'Little guy' takes on a banking giant
Steve Woodin says he racked up about $1,300 in fees when Wachovia held up a deposit. He?s not taking that lying down.

Additional .COM Domain Name Transfer Requirement by October 28
Registrars who support .com domain names will use the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) system by October 28.

Chinese Domain Name Sells For $160,000
A sale of Chinese Internet domain names netted more than $160,000 on Friday in what organizers said was the biggest such auction yet in the computer-crazy country. A pair of sites named for ultra-mobile personal computing (umpc.cn and umpc.com.cn), one of the hottest technologies around, fetched an eye-popping 390,000 yuan ($49,000).

China Unblocks Wikipedia
The online interactive reference site Wikipedia announced Tuesday that the site had apparently been made accessible in China, after being blocked for just over a year by the country's government.

Online poker bosses were only ever after a quick, illegal buck
Internet gambling in the US was always dodgy - the analysts just turned a blind eye: Richard Wray's article made much of the fact that internet gaming companies and British investors were caught out by the clampdown on gambling in the United States (US gambling: Ambush wipes ?4bn off web shares, October 3). Yet it is hard to argue that there weren't very clear warning signals that it was about to happen.

us: Woman wins payout for slurs on blog (The Guardian)
A jury in Florida has awarded a woman $11.3m in costs and damages after a former acquaintance accused her of being a crook, a con artist and a fraudster on an internet talkboard. The award, believed to be the largest verdict of it sort relating to individual postings on bulletin boards or blogs, was handed down by a jury in Broward County, Florida, against a woman from Louisiana. The sum included $5m in punitive damages.

MSN is latest target of Belgian copyright complaint
Looking to avoid the kind of legal tangle that Google has found itself in, Microsoft's MSN division in Belgium is in talks with a group newspaper publishers over the rights to publish their content on its Web site.

us: Will Law Firm Blogs Be Regulated as Advertising?
For many lawyers, blogs have become a popular marketing tool to catapult their firms' names into the World Wide Web. For others, they have become a convenient mechanism for discussing an array of topics from feminism to federalism.

eu: Regulation without frontiers
The EU's proposed rules for internet video are out of tune with the times: TELEVISION used to be simple: you turned on, tuned in, and dropped off. Only a small handful of stations existed, because spectrum was scarce. In return for government licences, broadcasters were heavily regulated. But technology has changed everything. Cable and satellite deliver hundreds of channels; broadband links and sites such as YouTube allow anyone to distribute video to millions of people; and mobile phones will soon let people watch television anywhere. Everything has changed, in short, except the regulations. Europe's attempt to update the rules, however, has become highly controversial.

Korea loses broadband crown to Denmark, Australia now above OECD average
According to the OECD's latest broadband statistics, Denmark now has the highest broadband penetration in the OECD, having ousted Korea from the top spot to reach a level of 23.9 services per 100 population and Australia has at last risen above the OECD average broadband penetration.

au: Sex text spreads healthy message
FOR people young enough to understand them, text messages like "u need to get chkd 4 STI + unplnnd prgncy"' may be the future of sex health advice.

Utube.com deluged with YouTube seekers (Reuters)
Utube.com, a Web site owned by a supplier of used tubes and pipes, has been swamped this week with visitors confusing it with online video service YouTube.

Is Windows near end of its run?
Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft, has his hands full. The next version of the Windows operating system, Vista, is finally about to arrive--years late and clouded by doubts that it might violate antitrust rules in Europe.

A Loopy Deal That Actually Makes Sense
IS Google?s $1.65 billion acquisition of the video Web site YouTube another milestone in the annals of the Internet? Or is it evidence of a second silly season? The answer to both questions: Yep, you?d better believe it.

Google helps media giants see things YouTube's way
The search giant's ad skills offer hope that rights owners can get paid for 'stolen' web video.


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