[DNS] local lunacy Re: open challenge

[DNS] local lunacy Re: open challenge

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 21:47:46 +1000
Darryl (Dassa) Lynch [dassa&#167;dhs.org] wrote:

and another one.  why do you justify sending a dollar overseas to create
jobs in the US but argue against keeping that dollar here to create
australian jobs? why are you not using .org.au? let me guess you dont

even this mailling list is &#167;dotau.org why is not under .au? how ironic
is that?????

where is the brand value at work? nowhere because it doesnt bloody exist!!!!

its burried under a ton of bureaucratic dung.

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> |> here is an open challenge, perhaps the supports of the 
> |> current policy can justify why its acceptable to 
> |> disenfranchise about a million (and possibly much higher 
> |> number of) australian with the current policy?
> |> 
> |> why is that fair? people keep saying the policy exist for 
> |> the benefit of all australians yet an enourmous percentage 
> |> have been barred from access. why? why? why?
> The first thing to understand for everyone is although you say a million
> Australians have been disenfranchised it is a figure you have plucked from the
> air and doesn't have any substance. 

one million and 2 so far. you are one of them. you deny your own

>Anyone can apply and get a domain name
> providing they follow the policies and rules.  They may not be able to get the
> name they want but that occurs in every namespace.  Under the current rules
> and policies they certainly have a better chance of getting a meaningful
> hostname under a domain that is relevent.  
> Allowing a number of people the ability to claim any hostname they want under
> any namespace they want doesn't equate to providing a good service for the
> majority even if there is demand for it.

yours is an incoherent argument, its akin to the ford line of you can have
any colour as long as its black.

on one hand you say people may not get the name they want but then you
say they are more likely to get the name they want. which is it?

the facts are you have no idea. you just want to inflict your astethic
vision on others even though yourself choose to do what I say
happens on mass. australians disenfranchised by the rules take their
money offshore on mass. its a disgrace. its a bloody disgrace.

and you and this very list are the very evidence of what I am talking about.

even one of the private registrar lists is under .au.com because there is no place for
it to go under .au. even the bloody registrars cant find a spot to hang off in .au.

why is it so hard for some people here to see that there is something
seriously wrong with the name space??? am I the only sane person here?????!?!?!?!?!

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