[DNS] domain name & governance news - 22 May

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 22 May

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 23:48:34 +1000 (EST)
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Secretary-General establishes advisory group to assist
him in convening Internet Governance Forum (news

.xxx registry sues US government

XXX Litigation Looms by Milton Mueller

Why ICANN Nominating Committee Has Difficulty Finding
Directors by Veni Markovski

au: TLD release - policy clarification (news release)

cn: Registration of .cn domain name ranks the sixth in
the world

U.S. Renews Contract for Oversight Of Internet

Secretary-General establishes advisory group to assist
him in convening Internet Governance Forum (news
United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today
established an Advisory Group to assist him in
convening the Internet Governance Forum, a new forum
for a multi-stakeholder dialogue on Internet
governance. The Group includes 47 members from
Government, the private sector and civil society,
including the academic and technical communities, who
represent all regions of the world. It is chaired by
Nitin Desai, the Secretary-General?s Special Adviser
for WSIS, who may also select special advisers to
assist him.

NRO Represented in Internet Governance Forum Advisory

Bret Fausset on the UN Advisory Group and the ICANN-UN

The Distributed Secretariat: Making the Internet
Governance Forum Work
The Internet Governance Forum is an innovative
approach to international policy deliberation. If it
is to work, equally innovative support mechanisms must
be developed. This paper explains why international
policy discussions are heavily dependent on the
substantive preparatory activities of a Secretariat.
And yet the Internet Governance Forum lacks the staff
and resources needed to provide those services on its

Google's Goal: A Worldwide Web of Books
It's odd to hear Vinton Cerf, regarded as one of the
founding fathers of the Internet, to gush over
ink-on-paper books. The electronic pioneer and
computer scientist, who now works as Google's chief
Internet evangelist, is also a bibliophile who has a
collection of about 10,000 hard-copy volumes lining
shelves at his home in McLean.

ICANN ber?t UN-Generalsekret?r
Das B?ro des UN-Generalsekret?rs Kofi Annan gibt
bekannt, dass dieser einen Beraterkreis gebildet hat,
der ihn bei der Einberufung des "Internet Governance
Forum" unterst?tzen soll. Dieses Forum ist das
(einzige) Ergebnis des Weltgipfels in Tunis, bei dem
USA erfolgreich alle Versuche abgewehrt haben, die
Kontrolle ?ber das Internet zu internationalisieren

.xxx registry sues US government
The company behind the unsuccessful bid for a new .xxx
domain for internet pornography, ICM Registry, has
embarked on a legal fight-back.

XXX Litigation Looms by Milton Mueller
The XXX drama isn?t over. Today ICM Registry announced
that it would file a reconsideration request with
ICANN and a judicial appeal to challenge redactions
and omissions from the internal US government
documents released to it under a Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) request. These could prove to
be opening moves in a more extended round of

Backer of .xxx adult domain tries again
ICM Registry said Friday that it was going to ask
ICANN to reconsider. In addition, ICM Registry
released 88 pages of documents that it obtained under
the Freedom of Information Act--and that show how
politicized the debate over .xxx had become inside the
Bush administration last summer.

Why can't I find .xxx on the net?
According to Icann, thank (or blame) notorious
pornographer Larry Flynt and his somewhat unlikely
bedfellow, the British government. But not the US
government kowtowing to an influential right-wing
Christian, oh no.

Why ICANN Nominating Committee Has Difficulty Finding
Directors by Veni Markovski
The amount of time one spends actually working for
ICANN is enormous. And that limits the people who can
actually work for ICANN as directors. I say ?work?,
but you should know that this is not a paid work.
Nope. It?s being performed for free?we dedicate our
time and skills to ICANN free of charge.

U.S. Renews Contract for Oversight Of Internet
The Bush administration plans to renew its exclusive
contract with ICANN. The intention to give ICANN a
sole-source contract, disclosed on a federal
government contracting Web site Thursday, reflects the
Commerce Department's belief that the group, based in
Marina del Rey, Calif., is the only entity capable of
the unglamorous but necessary responsibility of
managing the Internet's basic plumbing.

au: TLD release - policy clarification (news release)
auDA is aware that some people have submitted, or
intend to submit, applications for multiple TLDs under
the close and substantial connection rule.

cn: Registration of .cn domain name ranks the sixth in
the world
According to the report on China's Internet
information and resources published by the State
Council Informatization Office on Tuesday, . cn domain
name registration ranks the sixth in the world.

us: Commerce Department publishes notice of intent to
award contract for management of key internet
functions to ICANN
The Commerce Department?s National Telecommunications
and Information Administration today published a
notice of its intent to award a sole source contract
to ICANN to perform key technical functions supporting
the Internet Domain Name System. 

EURid?s first quarterly report is now available
EURid reports to the European Commission every quarter
on the progress of .eu and on financial matters. The
report from the first quarter has now been published
includes the launch of general registration that took
place on April 7 although that happened in the
beginning of the second quarter.

ca: 'Dot-ca' speculators get $2.5M payday
In a little-noticed market where Internet addresses
are routinely bought and sold, Peter Maxymych has been
dubbed The Registration Machine. Maxymych and business
partner Harold Simpkins have spent the past decade
registering more than 1,000 Canadian or "dot-ca" Web
addresses in hopes that the properties ? mostly
generic addresses such as taxis.ca, doctors.ca and
drugs-.ca ? would pay off down the line.

in: Domain Name Similar To Broadcast Channel's Name
Not Registrable (reg req'd)
The absence of policy whereby registered owners of
trade mark are entitled to register its mark with
ICANN on payment of fee with the stipulation that in
case any person seeks to register a domain name
consisting of the registered mark, no objection would
be required to be obtained from the owner of the
registered mark, similar to the one as in force in
India by National Informatics Centre, was pointed by
the Delhi High Court in Zee Telefilms Ltd & Ors. v.
Zee, Kathmandu & Ors. (2006 (32) PTC 470(Del.)).
ICANN, located in California, USA is the entity which
oversees domain name registrations.

in: Courts and the market for IP services
Intellectual property rights policies and precedents
have substantially changed in the past decade both in
the context of the environment in which they operate
and in their impact on society. The total IP services
market in India is currently estimated at about Rs 350
crore annually.

at/eu: conference: Convergence: New Opportunities for
Accelerating the IPv6 Momentum - June 06
The objective of the conference is to accelerate the
IPv6 adoption in Europe. One of the highlights of the
event will be the presentation of concrete IPv6
applications in the Automotive, Aeronautics, Defence,
Research Networks, Media, and Consumer sectors.
Experts from industry will comment on the impact of
the convergence process on IPv6 deployments. This
conference will also be an occasion to learn about
successful experiences in IPv6 convergence in China,
Japan, South Africa, South Korea and the US. The event
is organised by the European Commission and Telekom
Austria under the auspices of the Austrian Presidency
and with the support of the European IPv6 Task Force.

ICANN: Policy for IPv6 ? Background Report
The development of Global Internet Number Resource
Policies is the subject of an MoU between ASO/NRO and
ICANN. There are also specific ICANN Board Procedures,
adopted by the Board on 15 July 2005 at the ICANN
meeting in Luxemburg, for handling global policy
proposals in this context.

ICANN Posts Proposed 2006-07 Budget
ICANN today posted its proposed budget for the
upcoming fiscal year. This year's budget includes the
Annual Operating Plan that describes projects targeted
at accomplishing the objectives in ICANN's Strategic
Plan. The Operating Plan projects are individually
planned and budgeted to provide appropriate level of
detail and to facilitate project management.

ICANN Violating Free Enterprise? by Chris McElroy
Message to ICANN: Let those who want to create a TLD,
simply register it with ICANN. If the TLD is not
already taken, if they have the technical capability
to mange the TLD, and they have the desire to market
domain names on that TLD, then let them do so.

Diamond.com Shines Bright After Selling for $7.5
Million in One of the Biggest Domain Deals Ever
NAV.no's unlikely stay at the top of our Year-To-Date
sales chart was short-lived. The Norwegian domain
soared past all of the 2006 competition after going
for $717,978 last week, but just seven days later a
new king has ascended the throne. Selling for more
than ten times the amount NAV.no brought, Diamond.com
attracted $7.5 million in a private sale that ranks
among the biggest domain deals of all time.

ICANN, Public Interest Registry, Worldwide Advisory
Council Members Appointed
Seven new Worldwide Advisory Council members and a new
representative from the ICANN Non-Commercial Users
Constituency (NCUC) have been appointed to the Public
Interest Registry (PIR) to fill expiring term open

Network Solutions Recognized for Best Improvement
Honored with the Name Intelligence Users' Choice Award
for best improvement in customer service during Domain
Roundtable Conference.

us: Internet REIT acquires Netster.com
Internet REIT has acquired the Netster.com Web portal
and portions of the Netster domain name portfolio for
undisclosed terms.

Yes, Appealing Domain Names Are Still Available, Says
Naming Expert, Offering 5 Ways to Think Up a Novel,
Untaken Domain Name
Despite the pervasive groaning and head-scratching
when it comes to trying to think up ?.com? domain
names that remain available, it?s still possible to
find great domain names by using creative naming

How Kiters and Snappers Suck the Air Out of ICANN
Business ICANN's five day money-back period for domain
name buyers has created a new, highly profitable
industry. Some investors collude with registrars to
continually buy blocks of domain names, publish
pay-per-click advertising pages, return the blocks for
a refund, then buy them again.

au: Web predator warning
POLICE and education authorities in Western Australia
have launched the nation's first joint effort to
educate children about cyber predators.

This presentation is informed by my six-year term from
2000-2005 as the first independent Chair of the
Internet Watch Foundation, a body which exists to
combat illegal content on the Net in the UK. However,
it does not represent the policy of the IWF and indeed
its scope goes well beyond the remit of that
organisation. The presentation is prompted by the
growing debate about whether existing controls on
Internet content adequately meet the concerns of users
and what happens when the heavily regulated world of
broadcasting collides with the virtually unregulated
world of the Internet.

au: Perth schools to play Cybersmart Detectives (news
To coincide with National Safe Schools Week, over two
hundred Perth school children will tomorrow
participate in the Australian Communications and Media
Authority?s online safety activity Cybersmart

EU Internet proposals to protect society
EU proposals to regulate content on the Internet are
aimed at protecting society not undermining free
speech, European Union Media Commissioner Viviane
Reding said on Thursday.

EU regulation attacked as censorship
Libertarians have got a bee in their bonnet over
European Commission proposals to regulate commercial
audio and video broadcasts over the internet and
mobile phones.

au: MySpace to beef up local service
MySpace, the biggest name behind the global social
networking phenomenon, is planning to ramp up services
for its Australian members in coming weeks with
reports that it will be that it will be providing
local content for members.

More people are logging on around the world
More than one billion people around the world have
access to the Internet, with a quarter of them using
high-speed connections, according to the results of a
survey released this week.

Scientific papers on internet making impact: study
Scientific papers freely available on the internet
make a bigger impact than many people realise,
according to a new study available on the online
Science and Development Network. The findings will
strengthen calls for more online scientific journals
to switch to the open-access model and make research
freely available.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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