[DNS] domain name & governance news - 15 May

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 15 May

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 01:42:16 +1000 (EST)
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The Internet Splits Up: The Web changed the world.
Politics is now changing it back
Sometimes it's tough to remember what life was like
before the Internet. In those long-ago-seeming days,
phone calls were expensive, document-shipping
frequent, and we actually had to troll for random
information in (gasp!) books. The Web made everything
better. Suddenly, we could connect as often as we
liked, for as long as we liked, with anyone and
everything. Data became a commodity. Life was good.
That was Internet 1.0. But consider Internet 2.0,
currently in development. No longer an egalitarian
utopia, it has become much like the rest of
society?divided by class and geography. And its
growing fragmentation threatens the smooth operation
of the global economy.

World Information Society Day Focuses On WSIS
The first World Information Society Day will be
commemorated on 17 May 2006 to mark the inception of
the International Telecommunication Union in 1865,
over 140 years ago.

Gouvernance de l'Internet : l'Europe maintient la
A six mois du premier Forum sur la Gouvernance de
Internet (FGI), l'Europe demande ? ce que cette
gouvernance continue ? ?tre am?lior?e. Une critique ?
peine voil?e de l'ICANN.

au: Watchdog bans miners website names
Two domain names - http://www.brantwebb.com.au and
http://www.toddrussell.com.au - have been deleted by
Australian regulators over fears they were
illegitimately created to cash in on the Beaconsfield
Gold Mine rescue.

Plan for .xxx porn domain dropped
Internet regulators have rejected plans to create a
domain for pornography websites ending with the .xxx

Interference by U.S. seen in vote on .xxx domain
The Internet governing body's decision to reject a
.xxx Internet domain for pornographic sites is a clear
case of U.S. political interference in the Web's
governance, the European Commission charged on

ICANN Board Votes Against .XXX Sponsored Top Level
Domain Agreement
ICANN's Board of Directors voted against a proposed
agreement for a .XXX. Sponsored Top Level Domain
(sTLD). The application was proposed by the ICM

Adult industry welcomes .XXX domain rejection
Creating an Internet red light district goes against
the adult industry's desire to make adult content more
mainstream, says one insider. But the company that
pushed for .XXX insists the idea had support

European Commission slams 'US interference' in .XXX
ICANN's decision not to proceed with a domain for the
porn industry shows why the organisation needs its
independence, according to the EC

Thoughts on ICANN Turning Down .XXX by Veni Markovski
Yesterday, ICANN took a decision to not approve the
.xxx in the top-level domain zone. The application was
proposed by the ICM Registry.

A low point by Susan Crawford
The XXX decision on Wednesday by ICANN's board, which
voted 9-5 to reject the XXX contract, represents a low
point for ICANN.  I am a member of ICANN's board, and
I voted in favor of the agreement.

au: Coonan welcomes second derailment of .xxx domain
The Minister for Communications, Information
Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan has
welcomed the decision by the Internet's governing body
ICANN to scrap plans for an adult-orientated top level

us: CWA Cheers Defeat of .XXX Domain
Concerned Women for America applauds the vote by the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) rejecting a special .xxx domain for
pornography on the World Wide Web. The 9-5 decision by
the private agency that oversees Internet operation
reverses its preliminary approval last June of a
domain name for voluntary use by the adult
entertainment industry.

Why ICANN was right to reject .xxx
EDITORIAL: The internet's domain naming body has
rejected a plan for a .xxx domain, a red light
district for the internet. It was the right decision,
but not for reasons suggested by the religious right
in the US. It was right because the plan was flawed.

The XXX Podcast by Bret Fausett
The first podcast in a long time. Blame it on
baseball. I talk through the .XXX debacle, review the
news and the blog statements from the blogging

Reality missing from the porn domain fight
Regardless of where your personal opinions fall on the
subject, a key bit of reality seems to have escaped
those arguing for and against the creation of an .xxx
domain system. No matter what the technology is called
or how it's designed, pornography will always find its
way to unauthorized computer screens.

ICANN Rejects .xxx, Approves .tel
Beleaguered Internet governing body ICANN has rejected
plans for a ".xxx" adult content domain, while
approving a .tel domain for exchanging contact

au: auDA Foundation grants to beef up Australia's
.au Domain Administration (auDA), the .au Domain Name
Administrator, today announced the establishment of
the auDA Foundation and called for submissions from
eligible Internet-related projects for grants.

cn: Challenge to US control of website names
Fed up with the lack of an international system for
internet addresses using non-western scripts, many
countries are joining China in creating their own.

Task Force on the Internet and IT Services: Issues
Paper on Internationalized Domain Names
This paper examines a number of the issues surrounding
IDNs, such as the need for their introduction, the
technical challenges, and the risks to the current
domain name system. It also addresses their impact on
business, including the ability of companies to
protect their intellectual property. Finally, it
outlines policy issues such as the impact on IDN?s on
current policies governing the domain name system.

Eurostar.eu case: Second round
Frequent readers may remember the first case ever over
a European domain name. The holder of the trademark
"EUROSTAR", launched a lawsuit before a French court
against the Belgian owner of the same trademark, who
managed to register eurostar.eu a few minutes before
the plaintiff. Because there was a coexistence
agreement between the parties, the complainant alleged
the name registration was a violation of the contract.
The French court [Paris commercial court, January 10,
2006] remarked that the contract did not include a
provision on domain name registrations, and dismissed
the complainant.

Fragmented Domain Names Could Destabilize Internet -
ICC Warns
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) warned
that designs by China and other countries to create
their own domain name systems for locating data on the
Internet exposes the Internet to new risks that could
destabilize it if technical and logistical issues are
not urgently addressed.

The Cooperative Domain Service (CoDoNS)
The Cooperative Domain Service (CoDoNS) by Venugopalan
Ramasubramanian and Emin G?n Sirer.

Second decision of the Arbitration Center for .eu
disputes, over vitana.eu
Commplainant has a Czech trademark since 1963, and the
person who was granted vitana.eu has a French
trademark since 1999.

The American dream makes domain names big business
No matter how much time you spend surfing when you
should be working, it's unlikely you've ever come
across http://www.nav.no. Even if you had accidentally
stumbled into this little corner of Norway, it's
unlikely that you'd spend any time there. It offers
little in the way of internet shopping, entertainment
or even porn, unless the "projection of architecture
as the representation of enduring values" is what does
it for you. Yet that little collection of letters and
dots was this week judged to be worth $717,000, the
largest-known sum for any domain name so far this

Chechen web site shut down in Sweden
After many complaints from Russia, the Swedish
authorities closed up on 5 May, Kavkazcenter.com, a
Chechen separatist Web site that allegedly encouraged
terrorism. The police arrived at PRQ Web hosting
company in Stockholm with a search warrant and
confiscated two servers.

Cricket Liu Interviewed: DNS and BIND, 5th Edition By
Cricket Liu, Paul Albitz
In follow-up to recent announcement on the release of
the latest edition of the very popular DNS and BIND
book?often referred to as the bible of DNS?CircleID
has caught up with Cricket Liu, co-author and a world
renowned authority on the Domain Name System.

ec: CALL FOR TENDERS: Study "Impact assessment of IPv6
on vertical markets"
This assessment study is aiming at identifying the
impact of a wider adoption of IPv6 on the EU
industries, service providers, users and citizens in
different markets and ultimately its impact on EU
competitiveness in line with the Lisbon Agenda. The
Study will also provide recommendations guidance for
further policy action.

Cyberspace Running Out Of Room: Is IPv6 The Answer?
The growing popularity of smartphones, IPTV and other
gadgets connecting to the Internet is eating up real
estate on the net, and soon techies can expect
cyberspace to run out of room, according to a Frost &
Sullivan analyst briefing.

Search Engines and Registrars Getting Creative with
Whois Database? By William Slawski
One of the best sources of information about sites on
the web is the Whois database. A trio of patent
applications from Go Daddy, published last week at the
US Patent and Trademark Office, explores whether
adding additional information to the Whois database
might help reduce spam, phishing, and other fraudulent
practices and improve search engine results. The
patent filings from Go Daddy would add reputation
information to the published Whois data to let others
use it for a number of reasons, including enabling
search engines incorporate it into their ranking
mechanisms. ...The patent application from Google
focuses upon fighting web spam using a wide range of
data, including that associated with domain names.
...We can't really be certain that Google is presently
using this information, but there are some indications
that they may be

Netcraft May 2006 Web Server Survey
In the May 2006 survey Netcraft received responses
from 81,565,877 sites, an increase of 909K sites from
the April survey. The Internet has grown by 7.2
million hostnames thus far in 2006, and continued
growth at this rate would result in an increase of 17
million hostnames this year. That's close to the
record pace from 2005, when the Web added 17.5 million

Six New At-Large Structures Accredited!
According to the vote called by the Chair on 28th of
April 2006, the At-Large  Advisory Committee has
APPROVED the following six requests of accreditation
as At-Large Structures

Massive downtime for the official .EU web site
The web site of EURid, the official .EU registry, was
down most of the weekend and beginning of this Monday.
It has been down more than 36 hours since Saturday

Why the .mobi domain will conquer the Internet
With Internet-enabled mobile phones outnumbering PCs
four to one, .mobi, the new top level domain specific
for mobile phones, has enormous potential. It is
backed not only by the entire mobile industry, but
also by Internet giants such as Microsoft and Google.

Largest Live Domain Name Auction Produces Nearly $2.1
Million in Sales (news release)
The largest live Internet domain name auction ever
held produced nearly $2.1 million in sales in just 3
hours Thursday, May 4, in the main event at the
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. WEST Conference at the Venetian Hotel
in Las Vegas, Nevada. Another piece of domain history
was made during the auction when SEX.NET sold for
$450,000 in the largest .net sale ever reported.

us: Domain names become premium Web real estate
For six months, she resisted selling the domain name
Blue.com for $200,000. Using a formula she devised to
fetch the highest market value for domain names,
Schrier eventually convinced a private party that
Blue.com was worth $500,000. Since the name was sold
in March, its site now includes links to sexual
material and airfare ads.

TOM CRUISE is taking on an internet entrepreneur in a
bid to win back TomCruise.com - almost ten years after
it was registered.

au: Net users to be given anti-porn software
Australia's 6 million internet subscribers will be
given software to filter out porn for free under a
government plan to toughen controls on internet
(sub req'd)

au: No certainty for ISPs on filters
THE federal Government has given the internet industry
mixed signals over a report card on the performance of
its online content regulation laws.

au: ACMA releases safety guide for providers of mobile
chat services (news release)
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has
released a guide for mobile chat providers on how to
make their services safer for children.

au: ACMA encourages consumers to report on lack of
internet safety measures (news release)
The Australian Communications and Media Authority is
encouraging consumers to double check that their
internet service provider is offering information on
how to keep families safe online.

uk: Birmingham tops web porn search
Web surfers in Birmingham are more likely than those
in any other city to search for pornography, according
to internet search engine Google.

Google reveals what the world is searching for
Google lifted the veil this week on one of its
best-kept secrets: which nations search for what?

au: Cutting crime as easy as MP3
Downloading music from CDs onto iPods and MP3 players
will no longer be illegal after the federal cabinet
agreed to changes to copyright laws.

French iPod bill moves forward
Despite pressure from businesses, a Senate vote has
brought France within months of enforcing a
controversial copyright law that would have
wide-ranging effects on those selling or listening to
digital music.

Fuzzy maths
In a few short years, Google has turned from a simple
and popular company into a complicated and
controversial one

The enzyme that won: If it's cool, it's probably Web
IN 2003, towards the end of the dotcom depression,
Dale Dougherty and Tim O'Reilly, the founders of
O'Reilly Media, a book publisher and conference firm,
were brainstorming, and Mr Dougherty dropped the term
?Web 2.0?. It was an allusion to the nomenclature for
software upgrades, and Mr Dougherty was applying it to
what he hoped would be a second generation of the
internet. ?We think of ourselves as an enzyme,? says
Mr O'Reilly. ?When we see something coalescing, we
give it a name.?

Online auction site eBay rules that New Zealand not
for sale
New Zealand is not for sale, despite somebody in
neighboring Australia trying to offload the nation of
4 million to the highest online bidder.

nz: PM's bad-news call for telecoms commissioner
The writing's on the wall for Telecommunications
Commissioner Douglas Webb as the government seizes
control of telecoms regulation.

nz: InternetNZ cautiously welcomes Telecom (news
"InternetNZ welcomes Telecom's comments today in
response to last week?s Telecommunications regulatory
reform announcements, but we do so with some caution,"
said InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson.

Telecom NZ review operations
TELECOM New Zealand has embarked on a new strategic
review of its operations, this time to set out a plan
to tackle a tougher regulatory regime.

nz: More bad news for Telecom
Telecom received another piece of unwelcome news
today, with the Commerce Commission announcing it will
look at reasons for the lack of new entrants in the
mobile market, with an eye to more regulation.

nz: Telcos brace for mobile inquiry
The mobile phone market is the next to go under the

au: Beazley reveals broadband plan
A LABOR government would invest taxpayer funds in a
joint venture with telephone companies to build a
next-generation computer network capable of "real


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BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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