[DNS] domain name & governance news - 4 May

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 4 May

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 20:56:20 +1000 (EST)
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ICANN Nominating Committee Formal Call for Statements
of Interest

A Survey of DNS Security: Most Vulnerable and Valuable
Assets - a study by the Computer Science Department at
Cornell University

au: Virtual visions of real estate

Even misspelled address will send you somewhere

WSIS implementation mechanism: World Information
Society Day
On 27 March 2006, the General Assembly adopted
Resolution A/RES/60/252 proclaiming 17 May as annual
World Information Society Day. This Day will help
raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of
the Internet and other Information and Communications
Technologies (ICTs) can bring to societies and
economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital
This year, by coincidence, the World Information
Society Day falls into the same week as the Annual
Meeting of the Commission of Science and Technology
for Development. This Commission may have, in future,
an important role in WSIS follow-up. The coincidence
encouraged ITU and a good number of other
International Organizations and UN organs to organize
a cluster of WSIS-related events from 9-19 May 2006 in
Geneva, in the CICG, in ITU and in the Palais des

ec: Commission seeks global partnership on Internet
governance, freedom of expression and the combat
against cyber-repression
To keep up the momentum of the successful World Summit
on Information Society (Tunis, 16-18 November 2005),
the European Commission has set out today its
priorities for implementing the international policy
commitments made at the Summit. These priorities
include safeguarding and strengthening human rights,
in particular the freedom to receive and access
information. Information and communication
technologies (ICTs) should be used to contribute to
open democratic societies and to economic and social
progress worldwide. The Commission calls for
continuing international talks to improve Internet
governance through the two new processes created by
the Summit: the multi-stakeholder Internet Governance
Forum and the mechanism of enhanced cooperation that
will involve all governments on an equal footing.

EC Highlights Priorities On Internet Governance, by
Ulrika Lomas
To keep up the momentum of the successful WSIS, which
was held last November in Tunis, the European
Commission on Thursday outlined its priorities for
implementing the international policy commitments made
at the Summit.

conference: The Internet: Governance and the Law
The conference will be held from 25-27 April 2007 in
the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum
and at the Clinton School of Public Service. It is
anticipated that President Clinton will participate on
the first day of the conference. The first morning of
the conference (Thursday) will offer a private tour of
the Presidential Library. Following a luncheon at the
Presidential Library, an afternoon working session,
focusing on public policy issues, will be held at the
Library. Legal issues will be treated during full day
sessions on Friday and Saturday at the adjacent
Clinton School of Public Service. More information by
emailing cils&#167;cils.org or

ICANN Nominating Committee Formal Call for Statements
of Interest
The ICANN Nominating Committee has posted a call for
statements of interest for leadership positions on its
Board of Directors and Supporting Organizations.
Deadline for submissions in July 16, 2006.

A Survey of DNS Security: Most Vulnerable and Valuable
Assets - a study by the Computer Science Department at
Cornell University
It is well-known that nameservers in the Domain Name
System are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks. We
recently performed a large scale survey to answer some
basic questions about the legacy DNS: Which domain
names are the most vulnerable?; Which servers control
the largest portion of the namespace and are thus
likely to be attacked?; Are there any servers with
known security holes, and which domain names do they
affect? We present the results from this survey below
in the hope of identifying problem spots in the
Internet and thus improving the security of our common
cyberinfrastructure. This study is based entirely on
public data - all information available on these pages
is also available to others with less-than-honorable

Critical comments on the above study questioning the
motives of the study from a mailing list are at:

au: Virtual visions of real estate
The founders of Zillow, a popular new US property
website, won't need one of the company's 3-D
interactive maps to find a Sydney real-estate agent
who has laid claim to its .au domain name.

es: Barcelona wins back its name
Champions League finalist Barcelona has won control of
two Internet domain names under a ruling issued by a
United Nations panel on Monday.

uk: Red card for 'cyber-squatters' who used England
star Michael Owen's name
REMEMBER the dart into the penalty box, the despairing
lunge by the defender, and the effortless chip over
the keeper?

For These Sites, Their Best Asset Is a Good Name
The web site www.flashgames.com has no staff, spends
no money on marketing and despite its name, offers no
games. All it offers is a list of links to other game
sites. Yet it earns revenue of more than $150,000 a
year selling online ads.

us: Typosquatting Allegations at Yahoo
A class-action lawsuit accuses Yahoo! Inc. and a group
of unnamed third-parties of engaging in "syndication
fraud" against advertisers who pay Yahoo to display
their ads on search results and partner Web sites.

EU Domain Sees Fanfare, Fiasco
The recent rollout of the new European .eu domain name
and the land rush for registration has been described
as both a screaming success, and a scandalous sham.

Even misspelled address will send you somewhere
Google Inc., which runs the largest ad network on the
Internet, is making millions of dollars a year by
filling otherwise unused Web sites with ads. In many
instances, these ad-filled pages appear when users
mistype an Internet address, such as "BistBuy.com."

In Bad Taste by John Levine
So-called domain tasting is one of the more unpleasant
developments in the domain business in the past year.
Domain speculators are registering millions of domains
without paying for them, in a business model not
unlike running a condiment business by visiting every
fast food restaurant in town and scooping up all of
the ketchup packets.

Innovation Launches Domain Monetization Service
Online performance marketing firm Innovation
Interactive is expected to debut a domain management
and monetization service today called SiteParker.

WhyPark Offers New Domain Parking
WhyPark announced it has taken a new approach to
traditional domain parking. The company will now
target frequently updated and ever-evolving content
based on user-defined keywords.

bz: Afilias Successfully Transitions .BZ Domain
Afilias Limited announced that it has expanded its
existing agreement with University Management
Ltd.(UML) to provide a full suite of advanced registry
services to support the .BZ Internet domain for the
country of Belize.

eNom Bought by Start-Up Led by Former MySpace CEO
A start-up headed by former MySpace.com chairman
Richard Rosenblatt has bought domain registrar eNom,
Inc., and is preparing a major push into domain-based
advertising and commerce.

Asian governments among the worst enemies of Internet
Governments in Asia are considered among the world's
worst "enemies" of Internet freedom, as they
increasingly censor websites and jail people who
express views deemed dangerous online.

uk: UK computer crime laws 'ridiculous'
A British man labelled one of the world's most
dangerous hackers railed against the UK's computer
crime laws.

European Court of Justice confirms legality of the
establishment of the European Network and Information
Security Agency
The European Court of Justice confirmed on 2 May that
the European Network and Information Security Agency
(ENISA), established in 2004 with its seat now in
Heraklion (Greece), was correctly established on the
basis of the single market clause in Article 95 of the
EC Treaty. The Court thereby rejected a legal
challenge made by the United Kingdom.

au: Digital focus to federal budget
Digital TV and radio, faster internet and a world of
new services delivered to your mobile phone - get
ready for the high-tech budget. The federal budget is
expected to include new measures to prepare the way
for Australia's digital future.

Ofcom publishes report on children?s media literacy in
the UK (news release)
Ofcom today published the results of detailed research
to assess the extent of children?s media literacy in
the UK. Ofcom defines media literacy as the ability to
access, understand and create communications in a
variety of contexts. The audit focuses on the four
main digital media platforms ? digital television,
digital radio, the internet and mobile phones. Over
1,500 children aged 8 to 15 plus their parents were
interviewed for the research.

Media Literacy Audit: Report on media literacy amongst
children - the report

Media holds its own in trust poll
People worldwide trust the media more than
governments, a poll suggests, while the young
increasingly go online for news.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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