[DNS] domain name & governance news - 24 April

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 24 April

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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 22:03:16 +1000 (EST)
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ICANN Chooses Privacy for Whois

ph: Not a money settlement, PLDT says on domain name

de: D?sseldorf edges ahead of Munich in Domain Numbers
(news release)

au: TLDs to be released on 21 May 2006

au: Cable cut may hamper Net traffic

AfriSPA Releases Position Paper

eu: First .EU Dispute Decision

Working with IP Addresses by Russ White, Cisco Systems
IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6, appear to be
complicated when you first encounter them, but in
reality they are simple constructions, and a using a
few basic rules will allow you to find the important
information for any situation very quickly?and with
minimal math. In this article, we review some of the
basics of IPv4 address layout, and then consider a
technique to make working with IPv4 addresses easier.
Although this is not the ?conventional? method you
might have been taught to work with in IP address
space, you will find it is very easy and fast. We
conclude with a discussion of applying those
techniques to the IPv6 address space.

Online Dispute Resolution and Bargaining by YANNICK
Abstract: The automated negotiation process seems to
be a powerful mechanism to resolve disputes arising
from Internet-based transactions. Automated
negotiation is an online blind-bidding process in
which an automated algorithm evaluates bids from the
parties and settles the case if the offers are within
a prescribed range. Following the arguments of the
dispute resolution professionals, the main advantage
of this procedure is to promote natural agreements by
restoring the parties' right to negotiate on their
own, without the presence of a third party in the
shadow of negotiations. Our purpose is to investigate
this issue by modelling the automated negotiation
process as a two-person bargaining game under
incomplete information. A first result states that,
given incomplete information, not all mutually
beneficial agreements can be attained via the
procedure. Furthermore, the settlement rule has a
drastic effect on the players' strategies, which
induces that the automated negotiation process does
not significantly increase the likelihood of a
settlement. The ability of the procedure to generate
efficiency is only due to the costs imposed on parties
if a disagreement occurs, that is the combination of
player' risk aversion and uncertainty.

General Assembly endorses outcome of WSIS, welcomes
Digital Solidarity Fund (news release)
The General Assembly this afternoon endorsed the
outcomes of the World Summit for the Information
Society, which concluded in Tunisia last November,
welcoming their strong development orientation and the
progress achieved towards a multi-stakeholder approach
to building a people-centred, inclusive and
development-oriented information society.

ICANN Chooses Privacy for Whois
ICANN has voted to adopt a policy protecting the
privacy of domain holders' personal information.

ICANN ALAC Announcement
Members of the ALAC created a new website --
www.icannalac.org -- for the At-Large community. It is
intended to help inform and encourage a dialogue among
members of ICANN's At-Large community about domain
name system issues that affect the world's Internet
users. At-Large community members are encouraged to
register and share thoughts, announcements, news and
commentary relating to ICANN and the interests of
individual Internet users. (Note: this website is not
part of www.icann.org and is not operated by ICANN. It
is run by members of the ALAC.

ph: Not a money settlement, PLDT says on domain name
THE PHILIPPINE Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) said
it has decided to drop its six-year domain and trade
name dispute against Gerry Kaimo, owner of the
"pldt.com" domain name, in exchange for the latter's
agreement to turn over several domain names he owns.

de: D?sseldorf edges ahead of Munich in Domain Numbers
(news release)
DENIC's domain statistics for 2005: Statistically one
in ten of Germany's inhabitants now has a domain
registered ? Big cities in the western part of Germany
remain domain strongholds

au: TLDs to be released on 21 May 2006
Under auDA's Reserved List Policy (2002-30), it is not
possible to register a domain name that matches an
existing gTLD (eg. net.com.au or com.net.au) or ccTLD
(eg. au.com.au or uk.net.au).

au: Cable cut may hamper Net traffic
A major Internet link between Australia and the United
States has been cut, potentially causing slow
international speeds for local customers.

AfriSPA Releases Position Paper
The African Internet Service Providers Association has
launched their first position paper in a series
focused on strategies for increased Internet growth.

Have you ever paid for sex.com?
Some people have, and it doesn't come cheap. Inflated
domain prices are the second horse of the online
apocalypse, the first, of course, being startups
getting huge cash inflows.

88 Percent of Phishing E-mails Use the Target's Domain
New Study From Leading Anti-Phishing Firm Internet
Identity Reveals That Most Remaining Messages Use
Related Domains

Chinese newspaper gets mobile domain
Cgogo Technology Co. Ltd. launched Thursday the Mobile
Beijing Technology Newspaper, a mobile newspaper with
its own independent domain name on a WAP network.

ISOC and The IPv6 Portal organize a half day IPv6
workshop in Istanbul - 28 April 2006
The goal of the workshop will be to introduce IPv6
from a theoretical point of view, and make some
hands-on practices with Windows XP. Information about
other operating systems will be also provided. The
workshop will also give some basic ideas about how to
enable IPv6 in ISP and enterprise networks. As a
practical exercise, the participants will be able to
present their own network cases and work on possible
transition paths for those cases.

Vint Cerf's Keynote at Domain Roundtable
I had the pleasure of eating breakfast with Vint Cerf,
chairman of ICANN?s board and Chief Internet
Evangelist at Google, prior to his keynote address
this morning. It was great to discuss some of the
issues domainers are facing with regards to registrar
practices, expiring domains, etc. directly with Cerf.

ICM Registry Submits Revised Proposed .XXX Registry
Agreement to ICANN; New Comment Period Commences
A revised proposed .XXX Registry Agreement was
submitted to ICANN by ICM Registry yesterday, for
consideration by the Board of Directors in a meeting
May 10.

ICANN to Respond to Government Advisory Committee
Regarding New TLDs and .XXX
ICANN confirmed today that it will be formally
responding to the ICANN Governmental Advisory
Committee's "GAC Meeting XXIV Communiqu?" dated 28
March 2006 and in particular relating to the GAC's
questions and concerns on New TLD's and .XXX. ICANN's
response to the GAC is expected to be provided within
the next week.

JPRS Expands CO.JP Eligibility Coverage (news release)
JPRS will modify JP Domain Name regisrtration
services, expanding CO.JP eligibility coverage to
include a new form of Japanese company, "Godo Gaisya"
which is defined in the new Japanese Corporate Law.
The new service will become effective on May 1, 2006,
in line with enforcement of the law on the same date.

JPRS Implemented Shortening of Processing Time for JP
DNS Updates (news release)
As announced in February, JPRS implemented shortening
of processing time for JP DNS updates from April 3,

Revised Supplemental Rules Prevent Single Filing
Against Multiple Registrants (reg req'd)
The National Arbitration Forum?s (NAF) revised Uniform
Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)
Supplemental Rules became effective on January 1 2006.
While most of the revisions do not have a material
effect on the filing of complaints under the UDRP (eg,
increased filing fees and the limitation for each
party to a single additional submission), the new
definitions section has a significant impact on a
fairly common type of domain dispute.

eu: First .EU Dispute Decision
The Trademark Blog briefly reports on the first .eu
dispute resolution claim on the rights to the name

eu: Politicians find .eu website addresses gone to
A number of politicians and political parties have
become the latest victims of "cyber squatting", writes
John Collins.

.EU domain name becomes a reality for all (news
Welcoming the news that the European Union will now be
widespread as a high level domain name for all of
Europe's citizens, Graham Watson MEP, leader of the
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe said:

ca: Gaybar domain name auctioned to fund advocacy
A web marketing company is collaborating with two
major gay and lesbian equality organisations to raise
money for programmes in the US and Canada.

Wireless World: 'Black hole' of convergence
For decades, it seems, esteemed techno-sages have been
touting the coming of "convergence." Personal
computers were said to be poised to merge with home
stereo systems -- back in the 1980s. Then set-top
boxes were said to be ready to overtake PCs at home.
None of that has ever, even remotely, come close to

Digital convergence? What's that?
We all know that in a matter of years, if not months,
there will be a myriad ways of accessing (and
delivering) voice, video and data. However, will this
change what we watch, listen or read specially in
terms of media and entertainment? The answer is yes!

Go Daddy.com is Top Domain Exchange Service, Says
GoDaddy.com, the No. 1 registrar of domain names
worldwide, has sold more than 12,000 domain names
through the Domain Name Aftermarket in the past 30
days and more than 68,000 since the site's inception.

Sellers of Internet Addresses Get Big Payoffs
"The domain name is 21st century real estate," says
Warren Adelman, president of GoDaddy.com, the world's
largest domain name registrar, with 12.9 million. "The
economy is being increasingly driven by the Internet

".eu" enters cyberspace...
The launch of the "eu" domain name and its first steps
into cyberspace seem to have been a success. Over
700,000 Europeans raced to register their new .eu
internet domain name in the four hours after it opened
to the public on 7 April according to EURid, the
non-profit body charged with overseeing registration.
As of today that total had shot up to 1.5 million
domain names registered, with the Germans, British and
Dutch being the most enthusiastic new users.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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