[DNS] domain name & governance news - 3 Apr

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 3 Apr

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 17:50:27 +1000 (EST)
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Put Free Expression on the Internet Governance Forum
Agenda by Milton Mueller

Debating Internet Governance

The End User: Adults only? Not so fast

Unlikely bedfellows block internet porn

xxx porn domain name has a quiet burial

The Web: Arabic-language Internet

Put Free Expression on the Internet Governance Forum
Agenda by Milton Mueller
The Internet Governance Project has joined
free-expression advocacy organizations Reporters
Without Borders and Article 19 to push for including
Internet censorship and filtering problems on the
agenda of the first meeting of the new Internet
Governance Forum, a multistakeholder deliberation body
created by the World Summit on the Information

Debating Internet Governance
Yesterday on Slate Glenn Reynolds, Tim Wu, and Jack
Goldsmith discussed their respective books on internet
governance as part of Slate's Book Club. Glenn
Reynolds authored "An Army of Davids" and Tim Wu and
Jack Goldsmith recently published "Who Controls the

The End User: Adults only? Not so fast
When asked, my 6-year-old daughter strongly endorsed
the idea of a separate space on the Internet for

Unlikely bedfellows block internet porn
A bid to create a virtual red light district on the
internet has been blocked by a "coalition of the
unwilling" consisting of unlikely bedfellows the
United States, Australia and Iran.

xxx porn domain name has a quiet burial
Its tough going for ICANN which meets in Wellington
this week. The two major issues that are set to
dominate the agenda are DOS attacks and the creation
of a red light zone for porn material on the Internet.
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Its tough going for ICANN,
which meets in Wellington this week. The two major
issues that are set to dominate the agenda are the
denial of service attacks and the creation of a red
light zone for porn material on the Internet.

.xxx domain could be canned
A SPECIAL domain for sex websites has bitten the dust
at an international meeting in New Zealand today, with
Australia, the US and the European Union moving to
kill off a proposal for ICANN to create a ".xxx"
domain for pornography.

Another delay for .xxx domain
Plans to approve the creation of a controversial .xxx
TLD at an ongoing meeting of ICANN in New Zealand have
been dashed, according to reports.

More NeXXXotiation by Bret Fausett
The Board has approved a resolution authorizing ICANN
Staff to continue negotiations with ICM Registry in
accord with the advice received from the public (aka
the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Government
Advisory Committee). By the time these negotiations
conclude, it will be about a year since the Board
first authorized negotiations to begin. While the
Board says that this does not mean that it will
approve .XXX when a final agreement it presented, I
find it hard to believe that they would expend such
serious staff resources on a project that ultimately
was going nowhere. My understanding is that .XXX
already has the votes on the Board necessary to
approve it. The end game is satisfying the critics
that their concerns are being addressed.

Web address row headed for court
The global internet naming body ICANN met in
Wellington on Thursday and rejected a request to
reconsider its decision to award monopoly rights to an
American company.

Identity, ICANN, and Public Meetings By Bill Manning
Ok, so I had a day in Wellington that was not busy
with other things so I thought I'd wander over to the
ICANN venue and sit in on the PUBLIC Forum... I saw
friends on the walk over and we entered the venue,
chatting about several different things. They pulled
out their badges. I didn't have one. They were
admitted, I was denied entrance.

ICANN Tackles Future of Internet
Amid brewing controversies, ICANN's 25th International
meeting officially opened on Monday in Wellington, New

ICANN Posts Final Version of Strategic Plan after
Wellington Consultation
Revisions to the Strategic Plan recommended as a
result of consultations at the ICANN Wellington
meeting have been incorporated into the plan
previously posted on 18 March 2006 (the previous
version of the plan can be read at
The entire consultation process can be reviewed at
It has been posted today with a view to having the
plan adopted at the Wellington meeting. The document
will be translated into French and Spanish and posted
in the near future. 

ICANN: SSAC Releases Report on Alternative TLD Name
Systems and Root Name Services
In this report, SSAC considers conditions and factors
that could accelerate fragmentation, destabilize root
name service and alter the existing name system
management framework to a much greater degree than
pure for-profit initiatives. We present a rudimentary
classification of alternative root name server systems
and alternative TLD name system administrators. For
each class, we attempt to identify the stated or
implied incentives for operating an alternative root
name service and managing alternative TLDs. We
describe the operational models and the technical
mechanisms each class of operators employs to provide
name resolution and registration services. We then
consider the impact on Internet users and service
providers, domain name registrants, and registries
that operate under agreements with ICANN.

ICANN: SSAC Releases Security Advisory for DNS
Distributed Denial of Service Amplification Attacks
In early February 2006, name servers hosting Top Level
Domain zones were the repeated recipients of
extraordinary heavy traffic loads. Analysis of traffic
by TLD name server operators and security experts at
large confirmed that DNS packets comprising the attack
traffic exhibited characteristics associated with
previously attempted DDoS attacks collectively known
as amplification attacks. This advisory describes
representative incidents, identifies the impacts, and
recommends countermeasures that TLD name server
operators can employ for immediate and long-term
relief from the harmful effects of these attacks.

ICANN Publishes Third Annual Update on the InterNIC
Whois Data Problem Report System
This Report summarizes ICANN's experience with the
operation of the Whois Data Problem Report System
(WDPRS) during a 12-month reporting period that ended
28 February 2006. ICANN developed this system to
receive and track complaints about inaccurate or
incomplete Whois data entries. Individuals who
encounter such entries may notify ICANN by completing
an online form, which is then forwarded to the
registrar of record for appropriate action. The WDPRS
is one of the tools that ICANN uses to improve the
accuracy of Whois data.

ICANN Posts Approved Resolutions from Wellington Board

The Board Wave by Bret Fausett
We had a really wonderful moment in the Board meeting
just now. Susan Crawford tabled a thoughtful
resolution providing the community with advance notice
of a new gTLD process (look for applications on or
about January 1, 2007), and the Board approved it
unanimously by a wave. They stood up, in serial
fashion, to show their agreement with the resolution.
Nice to know they haven't lost their sense of humor
after a long week of meetings.

Vint Cerf/ICANN Pacific Ministers Meeting
Three photos from Thursday's forum of 16 Pacific
Communications Ministers, chaired by David Cunliffe.
Thursday saw a visit to the Pacific forum by ICANN
chair Dr Vint Cerf and ICANN CEO/President Dr Paul

Firms Kick-Start Secure Internet Domains Rollout
The Internet Systems Consortium and UltraDNS Corp are
hoping to kick-start the worldwide deployment of
DNSSec, the domain name system security spec,
following a 12-year standards process and in the face
of political uncertainties.

The Web: Arabic-language Internet
The Egyptian Tourist Authority this week launched a
new Website, but the domain name, www.Egypt.travel,
like all others in the Arab world, is in English, not
Arabic. That may change in the coming years, however,
experts tell United Press International's The Web
column, as interest in Internet usage is growing in
the Arab world, and authorities consider the creation
of Internet addresses made up of Arabic alphabet
characters, not just ones from the English language.

A few parallel Internets
A few months ago I had written a column on the
"ownership" of the Internet. The issue is becoming
active once again.  People's Daily, regarded as the
most influential newspaper in China, published an
article announcing changes to the country's domain
name system. China's moves to create its own domain
system (a possible prelude to a new, country-specific,
alternate root system). There was also buzz that
Google might be looking to create its own Internet.

Major website blackout blamed on massive attack
Some of the world's most popular internet sites
suffered blackouts on Tuesday following a co-ordinated
and distributed online attack.

Company websites hit by DNS DoS attacks
Thousands of companies? websites have been hit as a
result of denial of service attacks on their domain
name registrar.

ICANN frets over security threats
ICANN has put security at the top of its discussion
list for its latest gathering in New Zealand.

A 'Grown-Up' Google Hires Lobbyists
"It's sad," said Esther Dyson, editor of the
technology newsletter Release 1.0 and former
chairwoman of ICANN. "The kids are growing up. They've
lost youth and innocence. Now they have to start being
grown-ups and playing at least to some extent by
grown-up rules."

nu: On a tiny island, catchy Web name sparks a battle
The arrival of the Internet brought a rare bit of good
fortune to Niue, a tiny, impoverished island in the
South Pacific. Its national Internet suffix, dot-nu,
has become a big hit in Sweden, as "nu" means "now" in
Swedish. An entrepreneur in Medfield, Mass., named
Bill Semich, who acquired the rights to operate and
sell the dot-nu domain name in the late 1990s, has
plowed some of the profits from Sweden into making
Niue (pronounced New-Ay) the world's first nation with
free wireless Internet for all of its citizens, about
1,200 people.

VeriSign Gets Boost From Domain Name Registration
VeriSign's fiscal first quarter is tracking slightly
better than expected, driven by an increase in domain
name registrations that will contribute to revenue
going forward, according to a report from research
firm Piper Jaffray.

uk: Don't lose domain name in the great internet
TIME is rapidly running out for Yorkshire firms to
avoid paying "exorbitant" prices to register their own
internet domain names, a Leeds-based lawyer has

us: Domain name gifts: Dot-com boon for charities
When Tom Bird started receiving six-figure offers for
his domain name, farm.com, the Massachusetts- based
entrepreneur this month made an unlikely move: he
donated the Internet address to the Boston Foundation.

us: There's plenty in a domain name, RTA-related sites
It's a coincidence. Really. The owner of a marketing
company hired to persuade county residents to vote for
the Regional Transportation Authority's plan says he
didn't intend to divert people from the opposition's
Web site when he bought the rights to a nearly
identical domain name. 

500.000ste ".at"-Domain vergeben
Insgesamt 500.000 Domains mit der ?sterreichischen
Endung ".at" gibt es derzeit. N?chste Woche beginnt
der gro?e Run auf die ".eu"-Domains.

ICANN schmettert Antr?ge auf ?berpr?fung des
.com-Vertrags ab
Die Diskussion um die Frage, ob f?r pornografische
Inhalte ein eigener Adressraum geschaffen werden
sollte, um den Jugendschutz zu erleichtern, l?uft seit
fast zehn Jahren. Fast schon schien sie ausgemacht -
und droht nun wieder am Widerstand der USA zu

ICANN schmettert Antr?ge auf ?berpr?fung des
.com-Vertrags ab
Eine erneute interne ?berpr?fung der Vergabe der
.com-Domain an VeriSign durch die ICANN wird es nicht
geben. Das f?r solche internen ?berpr?fungen
zust?ndige "Reconsideration"-Komitee des
ICANN-Vorstands hat den Antrag der Registrare und eine
Eingabe des fr?heren Chefs der ICANN General Assembly,
Danny Younger, rundheraus abgeschmettert. Es wird
erwartet dass der ICANN-Vorstand in seiner Sitzung am
Freitag der Ablehnung folgt. Sobald das
US-Handelsministerium zugestimmt hat, ist der Weg f?r
VeriSign als Dauerbetreiber von .com frei.

ICANN: Spam-Bek?mpfung und neue Top Level Domains
Ein Abkommen internationaler Regierungen im Kampf
gegen Spam h?lt der Neuseel?ndische Minister f?r
Informationstechnologie, David Cunliffe, f?r
notwendig. Cunliffe nannte zum Auftakt des Treffens
der ICANN in der neuseel?ndischen Hauptstadt
Wellington ein solches multilaterales Abkommen ein
Beispiel f?r eine verbesserte multilaterale
Zusammenarbeit in Fragen globaler Internetpolitik
(Internet Governance). Neuseeland bereite
augenblicklich ein Anti-Spam-Gesetz vor. "Wenn wir
dieses Gesetz verabschiedet haben, werden wir uns f?r
bilaterale, wechselseitige Ma?nahmen mit anderen
L?ndern verst?ndigen", k?ndigte Cunliffe an. Ein
multilaterales Abkommen gegen Spammer k?nnte die
Ma?nahmen effektiver machen.

ICANN testet internationale Top-Level-Domains
Bereits seit geraumer Zeit k?nnen so genannte
Second-Level-Domains auch international Sonderzeichen
wie "?" oder "?" enthalten. Nun sollen auch die
Top-Level-Domains international werden, so dass
beispielsweise chinesische Domains komplett in
Landessprache eingegeben werden k?nnen.

Regierungsbeirat der Internet-Verwaltung zieht von
Br?ssel nach New Delhi
Das Sekretariat des Regierungsbeirats (Government
Advisory Committee, GAC) der ICANN zieht bereits Ende
Juni von Br?ssel nach New Delhi um. Das best?tigte
sowohl das Br?sseler GAC-Sekretariat als auch das GAC
selbst in einem Kommuniqu?, das heise online vorliegt.
In der neuseel?ndischen Hauptstadt Wellington findet
noch bis zum 31. M?rz das 25. ICANN-Treffen statt.
Zwar berichten GAC-Mitglieder jetzt, dass die EU
bereits 2005 angek?ndigt habe, die Sekretariatsaufgabe
abgeben zu wollen, doch wirkt der nun bekannt gegebene
?bergabetermin ?berhastet.

Offener Test f?r nicht-englische DNS-Adresszonen
Die ICANN will einen offenen Test f?r verschiedene
Konzepte starten, um chinesische, japanische,
arabische oder andere nicht-englische Top Level
Domains (TLD) umzusetzen, also vollst?ndig
nicht-englischsprachige Adresszonen im Domain Name
System zu erm?glichen. ICANNs Pr?sident Paul Twomey
betonte in einem Pressegespr?ch beim ICANN-Treffen im
neuseel?ndischen Wellington, die verschiedenen
getesteten Konzepte w?rden auf keinen Fall im
Anschluss direkt umgesetzt. Vielmehr sollen die
testweise in die Rootzone des DNS eingetragenen
nicht-englischen Adresszonen nach dem Test allesamt
wieder gel?scht werden.

ICANN schmettert Kritik an VeriSign-Vertrag ab
Die ICANN h?lt an ihrer Entscheidung, die Verwaltung
der Top-Level-Domain erneut an VeriSign zu vergeben,
fest. Einige Registrare hatten den geplanten Vertrag
scharf kritisiert, doch die ICANN schmetterte diese
Kritik nun ab.

ICANN-Chef w?hlt sich Schattenkabinett
Ein hochrangiges Komitee soll k?nftig den Pr?sidenten
der ICANN beraten. Beim Treffen der Internetverwaltung
im neuseel?ndischen Wellington benannte Paul Twomey,
CEO und Pr?sident der ICANN, die ersten Mitglieder
dieses als "Strategie-Ausschuss des Pr?sidenten" vom
ICANN-Vorstand im vergangenen Dezember bewilligten
neuen Gremiums. Mit von der Partie sind Carl Bildt,
ehemaliger schwedischer Premierminister und bereits
fr?her als ICANN-Gutachter berufen, der ehemalige
Bildungsminister von Mali, Adama Samassekou, und der
lettische Diplomat Janis Karklins.

Neue DNS-Adressen kommen im n?chsten Jahr
Die ICANN will in K?rze eine Vorank?ndigung zur
Einf?hrung neuer TLD ver?ffentlichen. Sp?testens am 1.
Januar 2007 soll der Prozess f?r weitere neue
Adresszonen starten. Die Vorank?ndigung soll
interessierten Unternehmen ausreichend Zeit geben,
konzeptionelle und finanzielle Vorbereitungen zu
treffen, sagte ICANN-Mitglied Susan Crawford, die die
Vorank?ndigung vorgeschlagen hatte und beim
Wellingtoner Treffen des Vorstands am Freitag morgen

La chronique de Wellington - III
La premi?re r?union ICANN de l'ann?e 2006 c'est cette
semaine ? Wellington, en Nouvelle Z?lande. Pr?sent ?
cette r?union aux antipodes, S?bastien Bachollet,
pr?sident de l'Internet SOCiety France, nous en
raconte les points forts.

La chronique de Wellington - IV
La premi?re r?union ICANN de l'ann?e 2006 c'est cette
semaine ? Wellington, en Nouvelle Z?lande. Pr?sent ?
cette r?union aux antipodes, S?bastien Bachollet,
pr?sident de l'Internet SOCiety France, nous en
raconte les points forts.

Un soutien s?natorial pour le .XXX
Deux s?nateurs am?ricains proposent une loi pour
obliger les professionnels de la pornographie ?
s'afficher en .XXX.

Internet : une nouvelle croix sur le .XXX
Les Etats-Unis viennent ? nouveau de faire pression
sur l?Icann lors d?un sommet organis? par le
gestionnaire des noms de domaine ? Wellington. C?est
maintenant la troisi?me fois que le projet est report?
? une date ult?rieure, au grand d?sespoir de la firme
canadienne ICM Registry ? qui l?ICANN avait confi?
cette extension. La soci?t? a d?j? d?pens? 2,5
millions de dollars sur ce projet, ? fonds perdus,
depuis cinq ans maintenant. Elle esp?re toujours
pouvoir vendre 60 dollars chacune de ces extensions.
C?est le d?partement du commerce qui aura eu une
nouvelle fois raison du triple X, pouss?, estiment les
critiques, par les lobbies ultraconservateurs
am?ricains. ? Plusieurs gouvernements sont oppos?s ?
la perspective de voir introduire le .XXX ? a d?clar?
laconiquement l?ICANN.

Dieci sfide per l'Icann
Iniziati in Nuova Zelanda i lavori dai quali dovrebbe
nascere il piano triennale dell'organizzazione. Molti
i temi sul tavolo, incluso il supporto agli alfabeti

Crescimento da Internet gera disputa por registro de
Com o uso de Internet explodindo, governos mundo
afora, principalmente de pa?ses em desenvolvimento,
est?o descobrindo o poder dos c?digos de seus pa?ses
nos nomes de dom?nio, como s?o chamados os endere?os
da Internet. Come?am a ver tais nomes como fonte de
receita, uma forma de aumentar sua presen?a no
ciberespa?o e como parte de sua soberania nacional -
tal qual o sistema rodovi?rio ou a empresa de correios
- que deve ser administrada como eles acharem melhor.

Domain XXX Ditangguhkan
Domaian .xxx yang ditujukan untuk melokalisasi situs
porno kemungkinan besar tidak disetujui.
Anggota-anggota komite penasehat dari pemerintah tidak
menyetujui usulan tersebut pada pertemuan
internasional ICANN di Selandia Baru.

Tov?bb cs?szik az .xxx cs?cs?domain bevezet?se
Kedvencekhez ad
Az ICANN ?j-Z?landon megtartott legut?bbi
konferenci?j?n sem sz?letett d?nt?s az erotikus
tartalmakat elk?l?n?to cs?csdom?n ?gy?ben, amely
ez?ttal is az Egyes?lt ?llamok ellen?ll?s?n bukott

Story on .xxx in Russian


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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