[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 17 January

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 17 January

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 02:39:22 +1100 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business Melbourne
time on 20 January, a more recent edition of the news
should be posted to the auDA web site.

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au/us: Ugg: How a minnow put the boot into a fashion
giant (free for ~3 days, till ~20 January)


ASO Call for Nominations for ICANN Board Seat

What It's Like (attending an ICANN board meeting) by
Susan Crawford (new ICANN board member)


Sovereignty in cyberspace: Two legal scholars puncture
the myth of the borderless, lawless Internet


Domain Names for the Asian Markets by Gary Soo
An Asian presence is the norm for international
businesses.  For this, domain names are surely
powerful and effective business identifiers for the
Asian markets.   With the Internet as a global medium
for local users, the commercial values of domain names
are a potential that must not be overlooked.   Indeed,
since the launch of UDRP(1) by ICANN(2), the use of
the Internet has kept improving and growing to suit
demands and needs of businesses worldwide, with a much
wider and more diversified spectrum of users.  
Through reviewing and comparing recent case examples,
this article examines, from an Asian perspective, the
salient features of the rationale and operation of the
UDRP process in the evolving Internet.  Additionally,
it also highlights the list of factors that those
involved in domain name disputes under the UDRP should
be alerted to in dealing with such disputes.

au/us: Ugg: How a minnow put the boot into a fashion
giant (free for ~3 days, till ~20 January)
The classic Australian sheepskin boot is a favourite
with film stars and pop divas. Now its manufacturers
have won a David and Goliath-style battle with an
American corporation to call their footwear by the
name it is known worldwide. ... In early 2004, in the
middle of the European winter, Deckers sent letters to
20 Australian firms, informing them that it owned all
rights to Ugg and ordering them to stop using it. Tony
Mortel "just laughed... I thought they were crazy. I
threw it in the bin". But soon afterwards, at the
instigation of Deckers, Mortels Sheepskin Factory was
ejected from eBay, the internet auction site where it
had been selling uggs to American shoppers. It was
ordered by Icann, the internet regulatory body, to
stop using ugg in its domain name.


ASO Call for Nominations for ICANN Board Seat
In compliance with the ASO MoU and ICANN bylaws the
Address Council hereby calls for nominations to the
ICANN Board to fill the ASO seat currently held by
Mouhamet Diop, whose term expires in June of 2006.

at/ch/de: Domain pulse 2006
Together and alternate the registries of Germany
(DENIC), Switzerland (SWITCH) and Austria (nic.at)
perform the Domain Pulse symposium every year. The
next Domain pulse will be organized by DENIC and will
take place in Berlin on February, 9th and 10th 2006.


eu: The deadline for documentary evidence is
Those of you who have applied for a .eu domain name
during Sunrise (phased registration) should also send
in documentary evidence proving your right to the


Submission On GTLDs Policy Extended
SUBMISSION of papers for the proposed introduction of
new gTLDs names called by the ICANN and GNSO council
has been extended till January 31, 2006.

What It's Like by Susan Crawford (new ICANN board
I just participated in my first conference call as an
ICANN board member. It's clear to me that the Board
members are all dedicated, trying to do the right
thing, and struggling mightily with a host of
imponderables.  (One of the imponderables was the
phone connection -- it's hard to get a call going all
around the world without hurricane sounds in the


Wal-Mart Wins Back Chinese Domain Names
A Beijing court has ordered Nanjing Zhongtie
Technology Development Company to return to the global
retailing giant four Chinese domain names Zhongtie had
earlier registered. The purchased domain names were
special Chinese character representations of many of
Wal-Marts trademarked brands.


uk: Campbell bought internet names weeks in advance
Sir Menzies Campbell's supporters last night admitted
buying two internet domain names for him several weeks
before Charles Kennedy resigned, but insisted there
had been no plot to oust the former leader.

Finnish Company & Town Join Forces in UDRP Win (from
In a WIPO decision issued December 14, Raisio PLC and
the Finnish Town of Raisio joined forces in a UDRP
victory issued against the Korean registrant of
Raisio.com. The case is a departure from other UDRP
decisions involving city names.


be: 2005: an exceptional year for the registration of
the ?.be ? domain names (news release)
Leuven, 9 January 2006. The registration of the domain
names has seen another exceptional year. From the 2005
results it appears that DNS BE, the official Belgian
registry of all domain names ending with a ?.be?, has
ended the year with a total of 873,362 domain names,
which is more than the double compared with the
situation on 31 December 2004.

jp: JPRS Takes Measures to Mitigate Risks Caused by
Improper Management of DNS Servers Associated with JP
Domain Names (news release)
JPRS announced in its press release of 5 December 2005
that it would implement a measure to reduce risks
caused by improper management of DNS servers in
association with registered JP domain names. In
January 2006, JPRS will start deleting concerned DNS
server registrations in the JP domain name space.

Go Daddy Releases myBitTorrent.com Domain
The myBitTorrent.com domain has been fully restored
after the account was suspended by registrar Go Daddy
for alleged violation of their Abuse Policy.

Google's Most Popular and Least Popular Top-Level
What are the most popularly used TLDs, or at least,
which are the ones that show up on pages indexed in


Parents snap up domain names for babies
Dispatch from the future: FROM: Carter Kohl, 34
inches, 13.6kg, 17 months. TO: Friends and family.
MESSAGE: Feel free to contact me. Even though I cannot
read just yet, you can still send me e-mail. My
parents will read it to me and will help me respond to
all your messages. In advance, thanks for getting in
touch. I'll be reading and replying back to you before
you know it!


Domain Roundtable Conference Announced for April 2006
>From Name Intelligence, the innovators of the popular
Whois.sc domain search technology, comes an
unparalleled domain name industry event, The Domain


Twitty?s heirs want domain name back
Some heirs of the late singing star Conway Twitty have
sued the former owner of a fan Web site in Arkansas to
gain control of the Conwaytwitty.com domain name.


UN prepares to set up net group
The UN has begun setting up the body that will debate
the internet's most pressing problems.




Sovereignty in cyberspace: Two legal scholars puncture
the myth of the borderless, lawless Internet
LESS THAN a decade ago, in his famous ''Declaration of
the Independence of Cyberspace," the Internet theorist
John Perry Barlow wrote, ''Governments of the
Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and
steel....You have no sovereignty where we gather."


Networking the Networked/Closing the Loop By Michael
Those who did attend the WSIS Summits in Geneva and
Tunis indicated that the major and lasting benefit
that they saw arising from their attendance was the
networking opportunities that it afforded. Michael
Gurstein takes a critical look at who is being
networked to whom and for what purpose.
Creating Spaces for Civil Society in the WSIS: A Reply
to Michael Gurstein by Willie Currie
A look at civil society participation in WSIS must not
assume that everyone was only there just to network.
Willie Currie points out that civil society groups had
sufficient strategic sense to understand the power
dynamics, and that their interventions made a material
difference to the outcomes of WSIS. This text is a
reply to a critical look at the ?networking of the
networked? by Michael Gurstein.

?Much more could have been achieved?
Exactly one month after the closure of the second
phase of the World Summit on the Information Society,
the civil society groups active in the summit process
have issued a comprehensive statement that evaluates
the official outcomes and process. The assessment
builds on the 2003 Civil Society Summit Declaration
?Shaping Information Societies for Human Needs?, and
it was developed in a global online consultation
process after initial drafting during the summit in
Tunis. It is presented as Civil Society?s official
contribution to the Summit outcomes and will be
submitted to the WSIS executive secretariat.

WSIS and the Internet Governance Forum
The World Summit on the Information Society, aimed at
tackling the problem of the "digital divide" and
harnessing the potential of information and
communication technologies to drive economic and
social development, concluded in Tunis on 18 November
2005. Cyber-survey #20 is designed to 1) gauge how
Internet Society members view the results of the World
Summit on the Information Society and 2) to help us
shape our Summit follow-up efforts, with a particular
focus on the Internet Governance Forum. This survey
will be open through January 31st, 2006.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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