[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 28 November

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 28 November

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 22:58:50 +1100 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business Melbourne
time on 1 December, a more recent edition of the news
should be posted to the auDA web site.

The domain name news is supported by auDA.

au: auDA signs new Registry Licence Agreement with
AusRegistry (news release)
Future profits from org.au and asn.au sales to fund
Australian Internet user organisations

At last, Iraq finds a Web designation: Domain name .iq
is set for Internet
It was a tiny electronic victory after years of
frustration and defeat. Yesterday, Iraqi officials
announced the launch of .iq, Iraq's identity on the
World Wide Web.


cn: BOOC Says It Will Punish Domain Name Squatters
The Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee has
announced on its website that the China Internet
Network Information Center (CNNIC) will retain the
domain names for the Friendlies, the new Beijing 2008
Olympics mascots, and those who violate the rule to
register or sell the domain names will be
administratively punished or face legal quandries.



ICANN creates advisory committee for foreign-language
ICANN has created a new advisory group to cover the
complex and controversial of internationalised domain
names (IDNs) - domain names in foreign languages.



ICANN President's Advisory Committee for IDNs
ICANN is pleased to announce the launch of the
President's Advisory Committee for IDNs. The committee
will provide the Board and the ICANN community with
advice on issues that relate to IDN policies. The
first tasks of the committee will include analyzing
various issues and implementation opportunities for
internationalized top level domains.


ICANN ALAC Statement on the Introduction of
Internationalized Domain Names
This document represents a proposal by ICANN?s
At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) for global policies
to be introduced regarding internationalized domain
names (IDNs). It does not, however, represent the
unanimous views of the ALAC members. The ALAC will
continue to discuss the principles enumerated below,
and will provide additional comments and statements on


The Coalition for ICANN Transparency
The Coalition for ICANN Transparency (CFIT; pronounced
See-Fit) is a group of individuals, organizations and
companies concerned about the lack of visibility into
the activities and operations of the internet
governing body. Without such a renewed commitment to
transparent operations, ICANN risks undermining its
internet governance role. It is our belief that this
commitment can be encouraged best by the internet
community itself.

The ''?uf de Colomb'' in the internet (news release)
On 1 December 2005 at 8.00, the character '?' will be
making its debut in the internet ? or, to be more
precise, SWITCH will be permitting the use of this
character in domain names ending in .ch and .li too.

ICANN still rules the Internet roost
US agrees to an Internet governance compromise at
WSIS, leaving ICANN free to manage domain names for
another five years


Peace reigns between net authorities
It's business as usual for the international and local
organisations that manage the internet domain name
system as ICANN meets in Vancouver, Canada, to thrash
out a range of technical issues.



Dutch tech firm wants to rid the Web of the .com
A Dutch technology company has breathed life into a
project to rid the Internet of suffixes such as .com,
and instead offer single names which can be countries,
company names or fantasy words.


uk: Scots join the dots online
For those Scots internet users who grit their teeth
while having to type out the suffix .uk, help may soon
be at hand.

Use of ".US" Domain Name Extension Rises Sharply
"Many organizations, especially those based overseas,
are strengthening their identity in American markets
with a .US domain," said Christian Zouzas, one of the
largest .US domain holders. "As the extension grows in
popularity, the value of owning a .US domain increases

uk: Battle for iTunes.co.uk is over
Ben Cohen, former teenage dot-com millionaire, has
given up his fight to regain the itunes.co.uk domain,
according to .uk registry Nominet.



First dispute resolution case under the  .PS  
For all of the foregoing reasons, the Panel decides
that the domain name registered <ilea.ps> by
respondent is identical to the trademark and service
mark in which the complainant has rights, and that the
respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in
respect of the domain name.

eu: Why you should register a .eu domain name
EDITORIAL: You probably know that .eu domain names
will be available soon. If you have a collection of
domain names already but use only one or two of them,
it may seem pointless to register another one. But
there are good reasons why you should.

DNS Root Name Servers Explained For Non-Experts - ISOC
Dear non-Experts, This is for you who always wanted to
know what the DNS root name servers actually do and
how they are operated. These servers are a small but
esential part of the Internet Domain Name System
(DNS), a part that is often talked about these days
but little understood and sometimes even mysticised.
After reading this briefing DNS root name servers will
be no mystery to you any more and you will also
understand what these servers are not involved in.

This is Daniel Karrenberg's personal FAQ about the
root name server system. It is based on questions he
had to answer over the past few years of "Internet
Governance" debate.

es: Instruction from the Director General establishing
the Regulations for the out-of-court conflict
resolution procedure
Instruction from the Director General of the Red.es
public business entity establishing the Regulations
for the out-of-court conflict resolution procedure for
domain names under the country code for Spain (?.es?)


eu: Domain Name Registration in the New .eu Top Level
Domain (reg req'd)
Beginning December 7, 2005, certain holders of rights
in trademarks registered in nations within the
European Union will be able to file applications for
domain names in the new .eu top level domain


Internet governance: A tale of community structure and
individual initiative by David Allen.
On one side, the Internet community argues for the
informality and flexibility necessary for innovation ?
that is, for individual initiative ? to flourish. On
the other side, some governments call for more
formality and the stable base ? that is, for community
structure ? upon which ongoing operations and change
can both occur.


An Assessment of the WSIS-2/Tunis ?05 Outcomes"
The outcomes of WSIS are significant -- and rather
surprising. ICANN emerges from the summit both
unchanged and significantly different. After WSIS it
has a stronger claim to legitimacy.


Voice of innovation at net summit
At WSIS, international diplomats turned their
attention to the most important question yet to face
the net: who should control it?


Eleventh hour Internet deal paves way for summit focus
on digital divide
A potentially damaging rift over US control of the
Internet has been averted hours before a key summit
beginning on Wednesday in Tunis tries to spread the IT
revolution to poor countries.


Internet Society welcomes WSIS proposal to build on
existing Internet governance mechanisms (news release)
Delegates meeting at WSIS in Tunis have affirmed their
commitment to build on the governance mechanisms that
have enabled the Internet's incredibly successful

Civil Society Statement on WSIS
The WSIS Civil Society Plenary on 15th November
decided to draft a statement which would assess the
summit outcomes, based on the alternative declaration
civil society had produced during the first summit in
Geneva in 2003. During the three days of WSIS an
open-ended drafting group met in the NGO space at the
summit. The first draft of the statement was presented
to the last Civil Society Plenary on 18 November,
which decided that the work should continue online for
w few weeks. If you wish to make contributions, send
your "tracked changes" on the document to
cs-dec&#167;wsis-cs.org by 27 November. We are also looking
for voluntary translators to produce French and other
versions soon.

Civil Society Best Practices to bridge the digital
Now that the World Summit on the Information Society
has come to an end in Tunis, civil society
organisations evaluate their involvement in the
process to learn from the experiences made. Several
side events of WSIS addressed examples of best
practices of civil society participation. In sharing
good experiences, while not neglecting challenges,
civil society organisations may improve their
performance in the future. WSIS is not the end, but
the starting point for the implementation process in
which civil society is supposed to play a crucial role
as partner to governments and the private sector.
Putting for once aside debates on the lack of
influence and experiences of repression, some positive
vibes seem to be appropriate, to shape this future
process in an effective and fruitful way.

us: Sen. Coleman at front of WSIS fight
... I must give kudos once again to Senator Norm
Coleman. He is leading the fight to limit the
authority WSIS will have. ... I applaud Senator
Coleman's fight to stand up to the WSIS and not allow
control of the single most important invention of
humankind to fall into the hands of tyrannical
dictators and repressive regimes through the guise of
United Nation. Allowing countries like China, Vietnam,
Saudi Arabia, Iran, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Eritrea and
Syria to take control of the Internet would be as
silly as having these same countries sit on the United
Nations Coun-cil on Human Rights.


The Winners and Losers of the Internet Break-Up | By
Naseem Javed
Why should Internet break and how ridiculous is this
issue? Imagine if a few printers around the globe got
together and jointly decided to replace all our
current currencies and their value and choose brand
new colors, designs and new values all own their own.


WSIS - Net governance: Will anything change?
Let's call it a clash of cultures: engineers who know
the Internet inside out on the one side and government
policy makers grappling to understand it on the other.


Internet anytime, anywhere, by anyone -- except
Something quite quaint happened in Tunis last week. It
was triggered by an alliance of freedom of expression
groups withdrawing from WSIS.


Mocking the Knowledge Society
The second WSIS concluded in Tunis last week.
Thousands of participants descended on Tunis from
around the world - to the confusion of airline and
baggage handling companies and the delight of local
hotels and restaurants.

Social Movements Gained Much At WSIS
The WSIS was important for social movements to help
them develop a better understanding of communication
issues and it allowed different groups and different
struggles to network. Terra Viva asked Sally Burch
from the Communication Rights in the Information
Society campaign to comment on how the summit helped
social movements to mobilise around communications.

Keep U.N.'s mitts off the Internet
They came, they saw, they coveted. But since delegates
to last week's World Summit on the Information Society
in Tunisia couldn't agree on how to wrest control of
the Internet from a U.S.- based private group, they
put off further discussion until next year.


Summit in Tunis rejects blockade and radio/TV
aggression against Cuba
WSIS rejected unilateral measures that violate
international law by impeding the development of
countries and damaging the well-being of their
citizens, reported PL.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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